Everything You Need to know About United Airlines Name Change and Correction Policy

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Last updated on October 18th, 2022 at 07:17 am

Have you booked a flight operated by United Airlines but made a mistake entering the passenger’s name? Depending on the airline, editing a traveler’s name on flight tickets can be a simple or daunting task. Fortunately, most of the ticket changes and modifications can be made conveniently with United Airlines. Read further for details on United Airlines Name Change Policy, Process, and Fee.

Does United Airlines allow Passengers to Correct their Name on Tickets?

United Airlines does offer passengers the option to change or edit/correct their name on flight tickets. However, a name change request must be made well before the flight’s scheduled departure. A complete name change shall only be permitted if the traveler’s name has been changed legally as well. Furthermore, the name change option is not available for passengers who have purchased a non-refundable ticket.

Below we discuss in detail the most convenient ways to edit a traveler’s name on United tickets.

Easiest Ways To Change Traveler’s Name On United Flight Tickets

Both online and offline channels of United Airlines provide the option of a name change. Passengers can easily change or edit their names on tickets from the comfort of their homes or office.

How To Change Name On United Tickets Online?

If you wish to do a quick name correction online, the name change option can be found on United’s website. Steps to do a name change online are listed below:

  • Visit united.com.
  • Click on the My Trips tab.
  • Fill in the confirmation number and last name of the passenger.
  • Click on the Search button to enter the Manage Booking portal.
  • Select the United flight you wish to do a name for.
  • Navigate to the ‘Edit’ option to change the passenger’s information.
  • Make the desired corrections to the passenger’s name.
  • Confirm the name change and pay the name change fee (if applicable).

United shall send you an email with your updated booking details as soon as the name change is confirmed from the airline’s end.

Name Change Request via United’s Helpline

If you want to make a name change request over a phone call, you can dial United’s Reservations Helpline as well. Simply visit the Help Center page on United’s website and click on the ‘Help with a current or upcoming reservation’ option. Once you call United’s number for a name change (800-864-8331), you must Press ‘3’ for help with existing reservations.

Be sure to keep your booking details handy as the live person shall require it to retrieve your booking and complete the name change request.

Change name on United Tickets through Travel Agents

United’s official helpline number can have long wait periods. Passengers may have to wait on the phone line for over 2 to 3 hours to speak to a live representative of the airline. If you wish to edit the traveler’s name on the ticket quickly, contacting a travel agent is recommended. It must be noted that travel agencies charge an additional fee for such changes on flight tickets.

Also, if your flight ticket itself was booked through a travel agent, name change requests must be made through the third-party service only and not through United’s direct contact channels.

Request Name Change Directly at the Airport

If you wish to go the more traditional route for managing your United flight, you can request a name change in person as well. Simply visit United’s ticket counter at your airport and ask the dedicated staff to make corrections to your name on the ticket. Keep in mind that changing your name at the airport itself shall cost you more in comparison to making an online change or change requests via phone call.

Other ways to get in touch with United Airlines for a Name Change

There are a few other less popular ways to get in touch with United for a name change request. You can send a message to United Airlines through its social media channels or send an email.

Contacting an airline via Twitter is always a viable option. You can tweet to United for a name change on a ticket and tag the airline using its Twitter handle (@united). One can also send a direct message to United through Twitter.

If no other contact channels are working for you, send a message to the airline through its Feedback and Complaints form.

About United Name Change Policy

Before the customers proceed with making a name change/correction request with United Airlines, they are recommended to go through the following terms and conditions:

  • A name change request for United’s flight tickets can only be made up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • United Airlines does not allow changing a passenger’s name on non-refundable tickets.
  • Passengers carrying a fully refundable ticket shall be eligible to do a name change.
  • Changing a passenger’s name on United’s tickets completely is not permitted by United Airlines.
  • Last name changes can be done if the traveler’s name has been changed legally (due to marriage, divorce, etc.).
  • Once the passenger’s name on United’s tickets has been changed, the ticket shall be re-issued.
  • A name Change request can be made only if the flight is operated by United Airlines.
  • If your ticket number does not start with ‘016’, it is not a United ticket.
  • If the name correction process cannot be initiated on the current PNR, a fresh six-digit record locator must be created with the corrected traveler’s name.
  • When a name change is done, you won’t be able to change the traveler’s gender, date of birth, and other information simultaneously.
  • All name changes should only be done to match the actual name of the traveler as provided by his/her government-issued ID and Passport.

How many times can I change the name on United’s ticket?

United Airlines clearly states that a name change can only be done once. If you have already exhausted the one name change, no further name changes on that particular ticket shall be permitted.

If you require to make another name change, the last resort is to cancel the booking and use the refunded value to make a fresh reservation.

Simple Name Changes Allowed By United Airlines

A simple name change or minor name change refers to making minor Spelling corrections to the passenger’s name. Following Simple Name Change is permitted on United’s flight tickets:

  • Correction of up to 4 characters in the First, Middle, and Last Name
  • Changing the nickname to the real name of the traveler and vice versa
  • Making corrections to the Prefix or Title
  • Addition or Removal of Middle Name
  • Addition or Removal of Initial Name
  • Correcting inverted name

Significant Name Changes Allowed By United Airlines

A significant name change or major name change refers to changing the First, Middle, and Last Name completely. Such changes usually require the submission of relevant legal documents as proof when making the name change request. Significant name changes are requested solely when your name is legally changed.

United Airlines may ask for any of the following legal documents when a significant name change is requested by the traveler:

  • Court Order
  • Marriage License
  • Divorce Decree
  • Any other relevant Legal Name Change Document

Change Name by Submitting a Name Affidavit

Passengers who cannot arrange any of the above-stated legal documents also have the option of submitting an affidavit. An affidavit that clearly states that the traveler’s name has been legally changed is accepted by United Airlines. Submitting a government-issued ID along with the Name Change Affidavit is mandatory.

How Much Does United Airlines Charge For Name Change? | United Name Change Fee

Name change for a United flight ticket is not free of cost. Even if you are changing the passenger’s name within 24 hours of ticket purchase, the airline shall charge you $75 for a name change fee.

If you are changing your name on the ticket after 24 hours of making the reservation, United will charge a $200 name change fee. You can no longer change the passenger’s name if the flight is departing within 2 hours.

Since upon a name change being done, United shall rebook your flight, you will also be required to pay any possible fare difference (difference between the value of the original ticket and the re-issued ticket).

How To Change Name On United’s MileagePlus Account?

Changing your name on a United MileagePlus account can be done online itself. Simply log in to your account, open your MileagePlus profile, and select the ‘Edit’ option. If you are only making simple changes to your MileagePlus name, it can be done without much hassle. However, for a significant or complete name change, United will ask you to submit supporting documents.

Once you submit the necessary documents, United can take 10-14 days on average to complete the MileagePlus Account Name Change request.

Does United Airlines Allow Changing Name On Ticket To Another Passenger?

United Airlines does not allow the transfer of a ticket to another person. Passengers often confuse the name change option with the transfer of ownership of the ticket. Under no condition can the ownership of the ticket be changed and there is no such thing as a ‘Transferable Ticket’ offered by United Airlines. This is done to avoid the risk of having phony passenger’s on the aircraft and compromising the safety of the other passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

United Airlines allows passengers to both add or remove the middle name on their flight ticket.

The Transportation Security Administration's (T.S.A.) rules state that the passenger’s name on the boarding pass must match the name on the government-issued ID.

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