Spirit Airlines 2024 Name Change Policy: Ticket, Marriage & Fee

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Last updated on April 9th, 2024 at 10:54 am

Spirit Airlines name change policy

Passengers make mistakes in the spelling of their names while making a flight reservation. In such a situation, if they are unaware of the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy, then they might feel stressed.

So, if you are also someone who has made a mistake in their name, then this guide is for you. Here, you’ll get all the essential details regarding the name change. In this guide, we have included:

  • Important points of the Spirit Airlines name change policy
  • Types of name change permitted by the airline
  • Methods for changing the name on travel ticket
  • Fees charged by the airline for the name correction
  • Some important FAQs as well

Now, let’s begin with the Spirit Airlines name change policy first.

Table of Contents

Overview of Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Spirit Airlines does not permit passengers to board the flight if their name is incorrect. Therefore, before you board the flight, you must change your name to avoid any inconvenience. Here are a few key highlights of Spirit Airlines name change policy:

  • As per the name change policy of Spirit Airlines, you can change your name on your travel ticket for free if you make the corrections within 24 hours of purchasing the travel tickets.
  • Moreover, you can still make changes to your name after 24 hours, but the airline will charge a name change fee from you.
  • According to the rules set by Spirit Airlines, you can only change your name up to 2 characters, including your first, middle, and last name.
  • In addition, reserving a travel ticket that requires a minor name change or misspelling corrections or aformal name change is free of cost. It includes changing the name of the whole trip section not the part of the trip.
  • Furthermore, transferable tickets do not permit others to board the flight until the name change process is completed at the airport.
  • On Spirit Airlines, the name correction of the travel ticket is applicable for the entire trip it is not a part of it.
  • While making a name change, you must ensure that you are submitting all the required legal documents that are necessary for the name modification.
  • With the help of the name change facility, you can make corrections in your contact, sex, birthdate, and passports only with the production of government-verified documents.
  • Additionally, the name of the ticket should be similar as in the government documents. Therefore, if there is any prefix or suffix in your name in the government ID, it must included in your travel ticket.

Spirit Airlines Change Name Different Types of Methods

The name change policy of Spirit Airlines incldues different types of adjustments like spelling mistakes, changes in passenger’s details and legal name change. These are the main types of name changes on Spirit Airlines.

document for Spirit Airlines change name on ticket

Misspelled Name

As per the Spirit Airlines name change policy, you can easily make any minor adjustments to your name. The minor mistake in the name might arisen due to a spelling mistake in your travel ticket. You can make any minor name changes without paying any fees.  However, it is essential to connect with the airline regarding the name change at least 7 days before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Legal Name Change

Spirit Airlines also permits the flyers to change their name on the travel ticket if they have legal reasons for the name change. The reason for changing the name can be marriage, divorce, and court cases. In such a situation, the flyer must provide their supporting documents for the modifications.

In addition, as per the orders by the court, passengers can go for a complete name change on their travel ticket if the reason is a legal name change.

Correct Passengers Information

If the traveler wants to make modifications or any other corrections to their details, then they can connect with the airline executive via a phone call or submit their request on the official website. The amendments a flyer can make to their details include date of birth, contact information, gender, passport, etc. However, it is essential to provide the supporting details to make correction to your information.

Documents Required for Name Change on Spirit Airlines

You can easily change your name on Spirit Airlines. However, you must provide the required details to the airline for a smooth name change process. Here is a list of the documents that are essential to carry for a name change:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Court  Orders
  • Divorce judgment
  • Legal name change proof

How to Change Name On Spirit Airlines Ticket?

If you are traveling on Spirit Airlines, then it is essential to reserve your flight ticket with the correct name. However, if you have made a mistake in your name’s spelling, then issues. You can utilize the Spirit Airlines misspelled name change policy to make adjustments. The airline offers several ways through which you can make changes to your name, including:

  • Through official website
  • Via a phone call
  • At the airport

Below are all the steps that you can follow to change your name on Spirit Airlines.

Steps to Change Name On Spirit Airlines Ticket Through the Official Website

One of the easiest options that you can opt for changing your name on Spirit Airlines travel tickets is through their official website. Here are the quick steps to change your name online:

  • Begin the process by visiting Spirit Airlines official website.
  • Next, go to the “My Trip” section.
  • After that, enter your credentials, including your flight reservation number and last name.
  • Also, enter the confirmed flight reservation number that you received from the airline in the confirmation mail.
  • Now, tap on the “Edit Booking” option on the ‘Upcoming Travels’ tab.
  • Next, enter your modified name and details using the name change option.
  • Once you complete all these steps, the changes or corrections will be revised on the official website of the airline.
  • Now, refresh the page, and you’ll get the modified details on the page.

Instructions on Modifying the Name on Spirit Airlines Ticket At the Airport

If you don’t want to go with the online method for changing your name, then no issues. Spirit Airlines also offers an offline method through which you can change your name by visiting the airport. So, here are the easy instructions that you can follow to correct your name:

  • Firstly, dial the correct phone number of the Spirit Airlines representative.
  • Once you are connected with the agent, clarify the reason for the name correction.
  • Now, ask them to change your name on the air ticket.
  • The airline executive will share the process of modifying the name on your tickets.
  • Once you understand the procedure, ask them to make the required adjustments.
  • So, that’s how you can make modifications to your name by visiting your nearest airport.

Note—If you have selected this method, completing the name change procedure might take longer than usual. Therefore, it is suggested that you visit the airport before your flight departs.

Steps to Change/Correct Name on the Travel Ticket over a Phone Call

Another easy method through which you can quickly change your name n your Spirit flight ticket is by contacting the airline executive over a phone call. So, here are the simple steps to connect with the airline agent on a phone call regarding the name correction issue:

  • First, dial the toll-free number of Spirit Airlines to start the name change process.
  • Once you are connected with the executive, share your reason for the name correction.
  • The agent will ask you to share your booking details, including the PNR and e-ticket number, along with your last name.
  • After that, the agent will ask you to share your government-issued documents, including your passport.
  • After providing all the legal details and documentation to the executive, he/she will modify your name as per your instructions.
  • Once the name change procedure is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email from the airline.

Does Spirit Airlines charge name change fees for travelers?

According to the name change/correction policy of Spirit Airlines, the name change fee depends on multiple factors. Generally, the airline does not charge the name change penalty for slight name corrections. Therefore, there is no specific fee structure for the name changes.

In addition, if you change your name on your travel ticket within 24 hours of purchasing the travel ticket. In such a case, the airline will not charge any name change penalty or fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can change the name on your Spirit Airlines flight ticket in multiple ways. You can make adjustments through the official website or by calling the airline. However, it is essential to provide the supporting documents for a smooth name change process.

No, you cannot transfer your Spirit Airlines ticket to another person. The airline does not allow this to be done for the safety of other passengers traveling on the same flight. Also, this step ensures that there is no ticket scalping or fraud.

Yes, you can change or correct your name on an already booked flight. The airline permits the passengers to make slight misspellings or legal changes without any penalty. However, if the passenger needs assistance with name adjustments, then they can seek help from the airline executive.

No, Spirit Airlines does not charge any fees for slight misspellings. So, you can make the corrections without paying Spirit Airlines the name change fees. Also, you can connect with the airline executive to seek help in case of name change.

The tickets on Spirit Airlines are not transferable, that’s why you cannot transfer them to someone else. Moreover, it is not allowed to transer the ticket for another passenger because it helps the airline to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity is taking place.

The airlines do not allow passengers to travel without the name changes due to safety purposes. Therefore, passengers must ensure that they correct or change their name before the departure of their flight.

Yes, your ID must match exactly your plane ticket. Flyers need to ensure that the name of the boarding pass is exactly similar to the government-issued ID as it needs to be presented at the security checkpoint.

Yes, your first as well as last name needs to be there on your flight ticket. However, it is not essential to mention your middle name on the flight ticket.

You don’t have to worry if you have spelled your name wrong on Spirit Airlines. The airline permits you to make minor name corrections for free. So, you can easily change or correct your name on your travel ticket.

You can change the spelling of your name on Spirit Airlines in different ways. You can make adjustments by visiting the official website, calling the airline representative, or going to the airport.

If your name on the airline ticket does not match with your passport, then the airline might not permit you to board the flight. Also, if your name on the travel ticket  and passport is different, then it can lead to unnecessary confusion and delays. So, to avoid the inconvenience, you must change or correct your name before your flight’s departure.

No, it is not OK to have a spelling mistake on your flight ticket. As per the TSA rules, your name on the boarding pass must match with your government issues ID. If both of them are not matching with each other, then the airline might not allow you to travel on that flight.

No, Spirit Airlines does not require a middle name on the travel ticket. However, it is essential to have the correct first and last name which is exactly similar to your government-issued ID.

If you are traveling with Spirit Airlines, then the airline allows you to make name changes due to misspellings, legal name changes and traveler’s details. Also, the minor or slight name changes can be corrected without any name change fees.

No, you cannot make any changes to their name after the departure of the flight departs. Hence, you must ensure that you are making all teh adjustments in your name before your flight departs to its destination.

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