Spirit Airlines Name Change And Correction Policy

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Last updated on October 20th, 2023 at 07:25 am

Travelers have been wondering about Spirit Airlines’ name-change policy and what they should do if the spelling of a passenger’s name is incorrect. For various reasons, passengers may need to alter their names on the tickets. In light of these Spirit Airlines name change policy offers plenty of room for corrections if the information provided on the ticket is misspelled. However, restrictions and costs are associated with changing the name on the ticket.

For example, according to the established guidelines, passengers may change their first, last, and middle names. However, the changes will be verified once you pay the change fee. Here, you will learn more about the Spirit Airlines name change on tickets.

How to Change Name On Spirit Airlines Ticket?

It’s crucial to book the correct name on your ticket if you’re flying with Spirit Airlines. You can utilize the policy and make modifications if you notice any mistakes in your name. You can correct or change your name through various methods like online, at the airport, or over the phone. Read below to learn about these methods in detail.

How to Change Name On Spirit Airlines Ticket Through the Official Site?

Follow the given steps to make modifications or corrections to your name online.

  1. First, visit the official site of Spirit Airlines on your device.
  2. Then, visit the homepage and locate the Manage My Travel section in the right corner.
  3. After clicking on the manage travel option, provide details, such as your last name and reservation number.
  4. Also, add the confirmed flight booking number you received from the airline in the confirmation email.
  5. You can click the “Edit Booking” tab on the Upcoming Travels tab at this step.
  6. Next, enter the modified name and details in the change name options.
  7. Changes/corrections related to the Spirit Airlines name on the Ticket will be revised on our website. Refresh the page, and you should see the modified details.

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How to Change Name On Spirit Airlines Ticket At the Airport?

  • As a Spirit Airlines customer, you have additional offline options to change your first, last, and middle names.
  • This option includes a name change at the airport. This will allow you to visit the airport and contact the authorities.
  • Passengers can clarify the reason for the correction.
  • Then, ask them to change the name on your ticket. Finally, authorities advised you on how to change your name on Spirit Airlines tickets.
  • It may take some time to change your personal information at the airport. This depends on the issues the airport authorities have to deal with. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the airport before departure.

How to Change Name On Spirit Airlines Ticket Over Phone?

Sometimes, you can quickly resolve the issue by contacting experienced airline staff directly. To do this, you can call a toll-free or customer service number to get the airline’s agents.

Therefore, even if you want to change the details, they will help you understand how to change your name on Spirit Airlines Ticket. The numbers given by Spirit Airlines to contact agents are:

  1. When contacting airport staff, you must provide your booking details such as PNR and e-ticket number.
  2. These are essential for name change and name correction on the ticket. Finally, the agent asks about any modifications you want to make to the name.
  3. You can then tell the reason for the name change.
  4. Government documents, including passports, should also be mailed if necessary.
  5. After providing the agent with legal details and legal documentation, the agent goes through the Spirit Airlines name change on the ticket.
  6. Once the airline confirms the process or changes, you will receive a confirmation email.

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

  • According to the US Department of Transportation instructions, all passengers can change their flight reservation for free within 24 hours of booking the ticket.
  • This included changing and canceling flights, altering names, and modifying flight reservations.
  • Passengers can change only names up to 3 characters in their middle, first, or last name.
  • Spirit Airlines’ Change Name Policy also follows the rules and imposes a Change Name fee on passenger flight reservations after a 24-hour booking.
  • The sale of non-transferable tickets restricts anyone other than the passenger with the name on which the reservation was made from boarding the flight.
  • Booking a flight that requires a minor name change (including misspelling corrections) or a formal name change is free. This includes changing the name for the entire trip section, not part of the trip.
  • Transferable tickets do not allow others to board the plane until the required procedures have been completed at the airport.

Types of the Name Changes Included By Spirit Airlines

Southwest Name Change Fee

Misspelled Name:

If passengers need to make minor changes in their name, Spirit Airlines allows those changes for free. However, passengers are recommended to contact about changing their name at least seven days before the flight’s scheduled departure.

In addition, you need to email the reason for changing your legal name along with the mentioned documents.

Legal Name Change

Spirit Airlines also allowed change in their legal name, but passengers must provide supporting documents.

Correct Passengers Information

If you want to make modifications or any other corrections to your details, you can request at the phone number or submit your request at www.spirit.com/help. The amendments include contact details, date of birth, gender, passport, etc. However, you must provide the supporting documents to make corrections to your details.

Documents Required for Name Change

 If a traveler’s name is changed in connection with the above information, in some cases, it can be changed online without providing any documentation.

 However, there may be times when passengers need to submit Spirit Airlines name change documents to their tickets. Here’s what to carry as needed:

  •  Marriage Certificate
  • Court  Orders
  •  Divorce judgment
  •  Legal name change proof

Name Change on Spirit Airlines Ticket

Spirit Airlines might not even charge a fee for the name change in particular circumstances. For example, this is when the revision includes typographical errors and legal amendments.

There could not be a set framework for Spirit Airlines’ change name request cost whenever it applies a charge. However, for minor changes to the traveler’s information, it can typically impose a fee of $120. Therefore, getting in touch with Spirit Airlines’ reservation department is always best to learn more about the current costs.

You should also be aware that there are several restrictions on the Spirit Airlines change charge.

  • Spirit Airlines charges a fee of $225 for name changes if passengers purchase tickets directly from the airline.
  • Price for rebooking after the request process is complete: $250
  • The cost to change three letters in the ticket’s name is $225.
  • A name update from various airline sections of a flight will cost you $225.
  • Fee when the airline must give special authorization for a name change: $175
  • Transferring possession of a ticket will cost you: $200
  • Spirit Airlines charges $150 for name changes due to typing errors.
  • The charge for changing flights from those headed to Europe: is $250
  • The airlines’ fee varies on many factors. The traveler must be aware of the cost schedule and submit a change name request as soon as possible.
Frequently Asked Questions

Spirit will charge $120 as a name change fee on your tickets. However, the change fee varies on various factors. Furthermore, you can contact the Spirit’s reservation team to learn more about it.

If you have changed your name, it does not reflect in your passport or government-issued IDs. Do not fret! You can still fly; however, you must present the supporting document for proof.

According to the TSA's guidelines, the airline will not accept the marriage certificate. So you have to bring your driver’s license.

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