Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy and Change Fees

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Last updated on April 11th, 2024 at 03:53 pm

Lufthansa’s name change policy is simple and easy to follow. You can update your personal information at any time. Furthermore, Lufthansa Airlines streamlines the process by offering a variety of online and offline options. Thus, you may be confident that Lufthansa Airlines’ name change will meet your needs. Furthermore, Lufthansa Airlines name change policy takes pride in meeting the needs of various passengers.

This blog will educate you about Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy and the steps to take to make changes.

Guidelines For Changing The Name of Lufthansa Airlines

You must adhere to the defined guidelines before accessing the Lufthansa change name feature on the booking feature. You will have an easier time initiating the name change process when you follow the terms & conditions as a passenger. The airline determines these conditions, keeping the customers’ best interests in view. Hence, they can help you in achieving a successful change. The following are the main conditions under the Lufthansa Airlines name change policy:

  • Holders of the tickets bought officially via this airline will be eligible for any kind of alterations, including name changes and corrections.
  • The airline will not consider any requests for the detailed changes made on the day of departure of your flight.
  • On the same day as buying tickets, only travelers with non-refundable and fares with discounts will be eligible to change their names.
  • You will not be eligible to modify your information if you have bought the ticket on the day of your flight’s departure.
  • The airline permits minor & major changes depending on the nature & reason for the change.
  • You may submit specific legal documentation as proof to use the name change marriage feature.

Note: You can check the airline’s official site for further instructions and regulations on initiating a successful name change.

What is the Procedure to Change the Name on a Flight Ticket?

Lufthansa Airlines ticket name change requests can be made online, over the phone & or at the airport. But, first, let’s read in detail.

Travellers’ Tickets Name Change Online
Here’s what you need to do –

  • Firstly, visit the official Lufthansa website at
  • Secondly, click ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Thirdly, enter the 6-digit confirmation code & the last name of the passenger to view your flight booking.
  • In addition, click the ‘name change’ button.
  • Furthermore, because travelers can only replace up to 2 letters in their first name, middle name, or last name, the website can only execute name corrections on the flight ticket requests.
  • Fill in your name exactly as it looks on your official travel documentation.
  • Then, to continue, press the ‘Save’ button.
  • Travelers should pay the misspelled name charge & the related ticket difference at the checkout page to continue with the request.
  • If available, the flight ticket will be reissued in the same or the lower class.
  • Finally, you will get a name change confirmation email to your registered email ID after completing the procedure.

Note – If you encounter difficulties using web technologies, call the customer care helpline at (800) 645-3880.

Lufthansa Name Change Via On-Call

Lufthansa offers physical means of assistance for travelers who are unfamiliar with web technology.

  • Passengers may reach the airline’s representatives by calling (800) 645-3880.
  • The airline staff will want your booking reference number &  last name of the passenger.
  • This method is relatively simple since you simply communicate your needs to the officials in your chosen language.
  • If you cannot use the Lufthansa ticket name change online alternatives, it may also come in handy.
  • Remember to bring your government-issued ID with you for verification.

Lufthansa Name Change Through Travel Agent

Lufthansa’s Official helpline number can have long wait periods . If you want to Modify the traveler’s name on the ticket, For Instant name Change On a Lufthansa ticket, Contact Our travel expert at the Name Change / Correction Helpline Number +1-888-906-0667 (Available 24/7).

Lufthansa Airlines Name Change At the Airport

The airport’s assistance desk is the easiest way to seek any type of update under the Lufthansa name change policy. You will be able to contact the officials in person using this way. This is also the most trusted alternative because you can directly supervise your changes. Furthermore, changes might be made at the airport at the last minute or just before boarding.

  • The airline’s assistance desks not only permit name corrections/changes but also allow for other adjustments in seats and flights, as well as check-in.
  • Visit the nearest customer support center to ensure a successful flight ticket name change at the airport.
  • Inform the official person there of your concerns about the name change.
  • Request the necessary change while mentioning the reason for the change, such as adoption, divorce, legal change, or a simple error in the characters.
  • Give your flight number, ticket code, and booking number if prompted.
  • The data will then be matched to your planned flight by the official person.
  • The airport staff will accomplish your name change as soon as they initiate it.
  • To validate your correct name, request a new boarding pass with the updated information.
  • If the officials demand it, you should pay any additional fees.

Note: The airline assistance desks may occasionally be closed for various reasons. Similarly, agents may not be able to change your travel details at the last minute. As a result, arriving at the airport far before the flight’s departure might be beneficial during the Lufthansa Airlines name change on the flight ticket.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Change – Necessary Documents Required

The legal provisions justify some of Lufthansa’s name change requests. These are the requirements –

  • Divorce decree.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Document – Legal name change.
  • A picture ID or passport issued by the government includes a suffix or prefix in the name.

Name Corrections permitted

  • Legal Name Change and Correction- A name change has occurred due to marriage, divorce, gender identity Changes, legal action, and/or new passport/ID. The name update occurred between the booking and the first outbound flight.
    In order to correct the name, Lufthansa Group Agency Support will require proof (e.g. marriage certificate, decree absolute, divorce certificate) that the person traveling is the same person.
  • Misspelled Name Correction – Please note that not all requests for name corrections can be accepted. The following corrections can be made once per passenger:
  • You can correct up to two (2) letters in the first, middle, or last name.
  • A correction of nicknames by Lufthansa Group Agency Support.
  • A correction was made by the Lufthansa Group Agency Support to first names/surnames in inverted sequences.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Correction Fee

Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Correction Fee
  • Lufthansa Airlines is exceptionally conscientious about its pricing to give optimum convenience to its consumers.
  • As a result, it does not charge any fees for name changes throughout the Risk-Free Period.
  • This is when travelers are not required to pay any Lufthansa name change fees. It is normally within 24 hours after your ticket purchase.
  • You will also be able to avoid paying the name change cost if your tickets have not yet been issued.
  • Once they are provided, or you cross the Risk-Free Period, you will have to make an extra payment for any sort of changes.
  • This cost is generally minor and includes the difference in fares.
  • It varies based on the kind of modification and the flight’s destination.
  • You may also call the customer support number (800) 645-3880 to get the most up-to-date cost information for name changes.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before the tickets are issued, you can quickly change your name free of charge.
  • However, after the tickets have been issued, name changes are only available for a fee if it's not done within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket.

Passengers may speak to Lufthansa customer care by calling (800) 645-3880.

Airlines have rules in place to fix any problems as long as you are going to be traveling.

  • The passenger's official paperwork must match the name on the airline ticket perfectly with the passport or government-issued ID card.
  • Passengers should always double-check their names on the flight ticket, including their first name, middle name, and last name, while making a reservation.

This is impossible to request a "Lufthansa airlines name change on the flight ticket" once the flight ticket number has been issued to the relevant flight booking.

  • As per Lufthansa's name change policy, travelers can seek name modifications for the valid legal reasons.
  • The legal document is necessary to process a name change request, which allows a traveler to change their first name, middle name, or the last name legally, or all/any of them.
  • Passengers on Lufthansa can change, add, or remove their names.
  • When these situations arise, the airline will consider re-issuing tickets and rebooking flights in the same class or a lower or higher class.
  • Name change costs and any fare variations will be the responsibility of travelers.

  • As per Lufthansa's name change policy, travelers may seek name modifications for the valid legal reasons.
  • To start the correction of the name process, you'll need a legal document.
  • When these situations arise, the airline will consider re-issuing tickets and rebooking flights in the same class or a lower or higher class.
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