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What Kind of Information do we Provide?

Baggage Policy

Even though the aviation industry has been around for more than a century, it is by no means perfect. For instance, there are stringent limitations around the weight an aircraft can fly with. And that is why there are such strict rules regarding the size & weight of your baggage. Learn about all that with just one click.

Flight Cancelation

Firstly, operating an aircraft is very expensive. Therefore, airlines need as many passengers as possible on each plane. That is why they charge the passengers fees to cover the operating cost even if they are not traveling. Therefore, there are a ton of policies regarding cancelation, depending on various factors.

Manage Booking

In the case of passengers that fly regularly or in large groups, managing one’s booking can be an arduous task. Moreover, the passengers need freedom rather than depending on the airline officials. Therefore, airlines provide passengers with the means to interact with their booking directly.

Name Change

Although almost everyone knows how to write their name, sometimes you get it wrong. And maybe it’s because of a hurry, a system error, or maybe your name changed legally. In any case, getting your name changed on a ticket can be a lengthy & irritating process. Unless you know all the technicalities & rules, and that is where we come in.

Flight Change

Although airlines are pretty strict, there are times when circumstances force people to alter their plans. Thus, airlines allow passengers to change their flight dates & even locations. However, this process is heavily regulated by the airlines due to security reasons. Therefore, you better read about these regulations & rules before you fly.

Lost & Found

So, you lost an item on the aircraft or maybe left it somewhere at the airport. Luckily, airlines are very strict when it comes to security & safety. Although you most certainly will find what you’re looking for. However, you may have to abide by strict guidelines, and we will help you learn all that.

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