Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy – Standard Allowance, Weight, & Size 

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When traveling by air, the main concern often occurs regarding the weight of the luggage and extra charges for additional luggage. Austrian Airlines has a straightforward baggage policy, which is passenger-friendly as well. However, if the passenger is not aware of this, they need to pay extra charges. In this guide, we have provided all the details regarding the Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy, including sports equipment. We will also discuss the excess baggage rules and additional charges levied by the airline on it. 

Carry-On Baggage

  • Economy/Premium Economy: One personal item and one carry-on bag.
  • Business: One personal item and two carry-on bags.

Checked Baggage 

For flights to/from the USA, Austrian Airlines applies the piece concept. On the other route, Austrian Airlines Baggage Allowance.

On flights to/from the USA

  • Economy Class:  2 checked baggage with a weight limit of 23kg/each.
  • Business/First Class: 2 checked baggage with a weight limit of 32kg/each.
  • According to Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy, passengers are allowed to bring baggage with a maximum size of 158 cm. 

The travelers must know the size, weight, and number of bags allowed to carry on the flight as per their fare ticket booked by them. If any baggage exceeds this weight and size limit, then the flyer must pay excess baggage fees. 

Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy for Handbags

Video Guide on Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy
  • According to Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy flyers are allowed to carry one personal item for free irrespective of cabin class.
  • Austrian Airlines Carry-on Allowance for
  • Premium/Premium Economy: 1 bag
  • Business:  2 bags
  • The weight of the carry-on baggage on Austrian Airlines should not be more than 8 kg. 
  • However, the personal item that is carried by the passengers should be able to fit in front of the seat.
  • The dimensions of the personal item must not exceed 9x10x17 inches. 
  • Also, the carry-on luggage should be able to fit in the overhead carrier of the passenger, and its size should not be larger than 9*14*22 inches.

Austrian Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

The checked baggage fee entirely depends on which route you are traveling to and whether your flight is to a domestic or international destination.

For flights to/from the USA and Canada:

  • According to the Austrian Airlines baggage policy, economy class travelers are allowed to bring 2 baggage. The weight of each baggage must be under or up to 23kg each.
  • Whereas, business and first-class flyers are allowed to bring 2 baggage. The weight of each baggage must not exceed 32kg.
  • If the traveler is a HON-Circle Member/Senator or a Star Gold Card Holder, then they get an allowance of 3 bags, 32 kg each.

Checked Baggage Allowance for Other Classes

Cabin ClassEconomy Class CabinBusiness Class Cabin
Sale0-44 pounds (0-20 kg)
Value0-88 pounds (0-40 kg)77-88 pounds (35-40 kg)
Choice66-88 pounds (30-40 kg)88-99 pounds (40-45 kg)
ChoicePlus77-110 pounds (35-50 kg)88-110 pounds (40-50 kg)
GuestSeat50-88 pounds (23-40 kg)66-88 pounds (30-40 kg)
Chart for Checked Baggage Allowance for other classes

The size of the checked baggage on an Austrian Airlines flight should not be more than 158 cm (length+width+height). 

Checked Baggage Allowance For Lap Infants

    To/from the U.S.A. and Canada- As per the checked baggage policy for infants, 1 bag, up to 50 pounds (23 kg) is allowed to be carried if traveling from to/from the USA and Canada.

●     To/from all other destinations- However, if you are flying with your infant to/from all other destinations you are allowed to travel with 1 bag, up to 22 pounds (10 kg).

If the pram/stroller that you are carrying with your child is under 22 pounds (10kg), then the passenger can check in the pram for free at the check-in counter or the airport gate. However, if your pram/stroller is heavier than 22 pounds, then you need to check in under the luggage allowance and pay the specified baggage allowance fee.

It is to be noted that children up to the age of 2 get a part of checked luggage in all economy, business, and flex classes. The main purpose of this is to provide the advantage of carrying the pram/stroller with them. However, with Economy Lite, you must check in and purchase additional luggage for the pram.

Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy for Frequent Flyers

If the traveler is a HON-Circle Member/Senator or a Star Gold Alliance member, then they have the perk of traveling with additional baggage allowance. In addition to their standard allowance, members can bring more bags according to the fare. 

RoutesFaresHON-Circle Member/Senator or a Star GoldFTL Card
InternationalEconomy LightNANA
Economy Basic, Basic Plus, and Flex1 bag, 23 kg2 bags up to 23 kg each
Premium Economy Basic, Basic Plus, and Flex1 bag, 23 kg2 bags up to 23 kg each
Business Saver and Flex1 bag, 32 kg2 bags up to 32 kg each
First1 bag, 32 kg3 bags up to 32 kg each
European Economy LightNANA
Economy Classic1 bag, 23 kg2 bags up to 23 kg each
Economy Flex1 bag, 32 kg2 bags up to 32 kg each
Chart for Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy for Frequent Flyers

Item Restricted By Austrian Airlines To Carry Onboard

As per Austrian Airlines baggage policy, passengers are not allowed to bring any articles or substances that can cause harm to health, safety, property, or the environment. Therefore, the airline has made special rules and regulations for the carriage of these items. Below are the following items that are prohibited by the airline and can not be carried by any flyer or in their baggage.

  • Flammable solids such as hurricane matches, and dry spirits
  • Explosive materials such as explosives, fireworks, and pyrotechnic material
  • Poisonous materials such as pesticides, and insecticides
  • Oxidising materials such as dyes, and bleach
  • Radioactive materials
  • Corrosive materials such as acids, wet batteries, mercury

Medicines, lithium batteries, handheld electronic devices, toiletries, and certain other items may be carried if they meet specific transport regulations.

Austrian Airlines Sports Baggage Allowance

If you like to travel with your sports equipment, then you can choose Austrian Airlines. Austrian Airlines allows passengers to carry their own sports baggage. However, you have to pay some charges for carrying this equipment.

Sports Baggage With No Surcharge

If the weight and size of your free baggage are under the standard limits, then Austrian Airlines will not charge any surcharges for carrying your sports baggage. However, this rule does not apply to hang gliders, longboards, and tandems.

As per the baggage policy of Austrian Airlines, you are allowed to carry one skiing or snowboarding item without any charge. However, this rule is not allowed for the European routes on the Economy Light fare and routes from/to/via the USA.

Sports Baggage With a Surcharge

Austrian Airlines charges fees on Sports Baggage depending on their type. 

  • Passengers will have to pay a fee between EUR 10 and EUR 20. 
  • The airline only allows flyers to bring their previously registered sports baggage at check-in. 
  • The maximum length of the sports baggage must be 3.15 m and the weight must not exceed 32kg.

Austrian Airlines allows passengers to bring these items on board which are listed below:

  • Fishing Equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Golf Equipment
  • Hockey Bags
  • Shortboards
  • Longboards
  • Tandems 

Austrian Airlines Excess Baggage Allowance

According to Austrian Airlines Excess Baggage Policy, if the dimension of the baggage exceeds 158 to 292 cm (height + width + length) or the weight exceeds 24 to 32kg, it is counted as excess baggage. Austrian Airlines will levy excess baggage fees. However, the excess baggage charges vary depending on the flight route.

According to Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy, if the weight of the bag exceeds 32 kg or 292 cm, it will not be accepted. However, travelers can purchase the additional baggage allowance to avoid overweight and oversized baggage charges.           

How To Add Extra Baggage On Austrian Airlines?

The passengers traveling from Austrian Airlines get the facility to prepay the baggage fee and additional add-on baggage fee in two ways- either by visiting the official website or by visiting the mobile app of Austrian Airlines.

  • Visit the official website of Austrian Airlines.
  • Click on the ‘manage my booking’ option.
  • Now, enter your booking reference number and your last name to log into your Manage Booking account.
  • Once you log into your account, tap on the ‘Add Baggage’ option.
  • Select the extra baggage and pay the fee as per charge.

Note-You can also add extra baggage through the Austrian Airlines mobile app. For this, go on the official app- click on the extra baggage, select the baggage, and pay the fees as per charges.

Austrian Airlines Baggage Fees

When traveling with Austrian Airlines, the excess baggage fee entirely depends on the type of travel class and ticket fare that you have purchased for the travel with Austrian Airlines. Also, it baggage price depends on the mode of purchase. 

Baggage Fee for Economy Lite Fare

DomesticEurope – USA/CanadaEuropeOther Routes
At the Check-in Counter€50€60€50€90
Fee Chart for Economy Lite in Austrian Airlines

Additional Baggage Fee for Other Cabin Class

RoutesDomesticEuropeOther Intercontinental Routes
Online€55€65€80 – €200
At the Check-in Counter€70€80€100 – €250
Additional Baggage Fee Chart for Other Cabin Class at Austrian Airlines

Overweight and Oversized Baggage Fee

RoutesDomesticEuropeOther Intercontinental Routes
Overweight Bag€40€50€75 – €150
Oversized Bag€40€50€75 – €150
Chart for Overweight and Oversized Baggage Fee at Austrian Airlines

Note: The baggage fee may be subject to change without any prior notice. Travelers can check the extra baggage charges at the time of booking.

Tips to Avoid Paying Extra Baggage Fees at Austrian Airlines

If you want to travel across the world to different destinations with extra luggage for your trip without paying an extra charge for the baggage fee, then you can follow the given instructions to avoid extra baggage fees.

  • Go for elite membership tickets or book your ticket in premium, first, or business travel class, to get more luggage space and also the permission to carry hand luggage with you.
  • Check the ticket price for the basic and standard economy and compare the baggage fee. If the standard economy ticket allows you to carry more luggage without an extra cost, go for those tickets.
  • Passengers who are premium members are allowed to carry luggage up to 70 pounds for free along with the permission to carry hand luggage and personal items during check-in and boarding the flight.

Austrian Airlines Delayed Baggage Policy 

  • As per the Austrian Airlines Baggage Policy, if your baggage is delayed you can report your delayed baggage either online or at the tracing baggage counter at the airport. Also, you can use your booking reference number to track the current status of your baggage online.
  • Once you report for your delayed baggage, the baggage tracing officers of Austrian Airlines will start their work, And once your baggage is identified, they’ll transport your baggage to its destination to proceed further.
  • In addition. once your baggage is transported to the airport destination, it will take some more time for other internal processes. After that, the baggage tracking officers will share all the details regarding your baggage delivery or collection.
  • After that, your baggage will be delivered to your address. You can also pick up your baggage directly from the airport as well.

Austrian Airlines Policy For Damaged or Missing Baggage

  • If you notice that your baggage is damaged or missing, then you must report in writing within 7 days after receipt of your baggage.
  • Once, Austrian Airlines receives your damaged or missed baggage report, they’ll give you a confirmation in writing along with a reference number as well.
  • Moreover, you must prove that your baggage was missed or damaged while it was under the care of Austrian Airlines.
  • Austrian Airlines provides various options through which a traveler can report their missing or damaged baggage including:
  • Report at the baggage tracing counter at the airport.
  • Via Contact Form.
  • And at the Austrian Airlines service counter at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much baggage is allowed on Austrian Airlines?

As per the Austrian Airlines baggage policy, passengers of the Economy Classic & Flex are allowed to bring one free baggage with a weight of 23kg. Additionally, business class passengers can bring two baggage with a maximum weight of 32kg each.

How strict is Austrian Airlines on carry-on size?

Austrian Airlines is strict when it comes to its carry-on baggage size policy. As per the carry-on baggage rules and regulations, the airline allows passengers to bring their carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 8kg. Also, the dimensions of the carry-on baggage must not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm. 

Is there any compensation available for delayed baggage on Austrian Airlines?

Yes, Austrian Airlines compensates passengers if their baggage is delayed. If the traveler reports their delayed baggage within the reporting deadlines, they are entitled to compensation for the loss of their baggage.

What can be carried on board at Austrian Airlines?

Austrian Airlines allows the flyers to bring their carry-on baggage along with their item. The maximum size of the personal item must be 40 x 30 x 10 cm. The personal item can be a travel pouch, handbag, or laptop bag.

Do you get a free checked bag with Austrian Airlines?

As per Austrian Airlines baggage policy, the free baggage allowance includes the baggage that a passenger can check into without paying any additional charges. However, the weight, number, and size of the free baggage allowance depends upon the fare types of the flyers.

What is the maximum weight for baggage on Austrian Airlines?

As per the Austrian Airlines baggage policy, travelers are allowed to bring their baggage with a maximum weight and size of 32kg and 292cm respectively. However, if the baggage weight and size limit are exceeded, then passengers have to pay some additional baggage fees.

How much does it cost to check a bag on Austrian Airlines?

According to the checked baggage policy of Austrian Airlines, you need to pay EUR30 for checked baggage on domestic routes. Whereas, for the routes between European countries and the USA/Canada you need to pay EUR 60 at the bag check-in area.

Does Austrian Airlines charge for carry-on bags?

Yes, Austrian Airlines charges fees for carry-on baggage. The airline checks the weight and size of your carry-on at the airport. So, if your carry-on baggage exceeds the standard baggage limits you must pay the charges to the airline. So, make sure you pack your baggage as per the weight and size limit to avoid extra charges.

How do I add baggage to Austrian Airlines?

If you want to purchase more baggage in your flight itinerary with Austrian Airlines, then you have two options. The first option to add baggage is through the official website of the airline. On the homepage of the website, you’ll get the manage booking section through which you can add more baggage. Another option is to reach out to the executive at the check-in counter.

Which items are prohibited by Austrian Airlines to carry onboard?

There are several items that Austrian Airlines strictly prohibits carrying onboard. These items are weapons, ammunition, dyes, bleach, radioactive materials, and more.

What happens if your luggage on Austrian Airlines is over 23kg in Economy class?

If you are traveling in the economy class of Austrian Airlines then, you are allowed to bring your checked baggage with a maximum weight limit of 23kg. However, if this weight limit exceeds, you must pay the excess baggage fees.

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