Qatar Airways Name Change – Correction Policy and Fees

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Last updated on March 22nd, 2024 at 03:31 pm

If the travelers have misspelled their first, middle, or last name on their Qatar Airways ticket, and they want to change it then this could be a big hassle for them. Qatar Airways does not allow the passenger to change the whole name on the ticket. However, Qatar Airways Name Change Policy permits to make certain corrections. 

  • You can only change up to 3 characters in the whole name first middle and last and this is permitted only one time.
  • These 3 characters include space characters in the count 
  • According to Qatar Airways Name Change Policy, flyers can also change their name due to legal reasons like divorce or marriage. Travelers will have to provide some valid legal documents like marriage certificates, passports, or driver’s licenses.
  • You also can not transfer your ticket ownership to another person.
  • Flyers cannot make name corrections on codeshare flights or interline segments.
  • Also, travelers cannot change their name after check-in. 
  • It is not mandatory to enter the middle name on Qatar Airways.
  • Qatar Airways requests passengers to enter their name exactly as on their ID proof. 
  • If you have booked your ticket under the FFP Privilege club then Qatar Airlines does not allow you to correct your misspelled words.

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy Before Ticket is Issued

Video Guide on Qatar Airways Name Change Policy
  • According to Qatar Airways, passengers can make corrections in their first and middle names only up to 3 characters by QR or Travel Agents, and these characters are combined as a total. This shall not be understood as 3 characters for first and middle names separately.
  • Also, the title and the space character are included in the total count of three characters. 
  •  If the passenger wants any addition, deletion, or change of PTC, DOB, or infant that can be processed by the booking source and shall not be counted as 3 characters.
  • Passengers can contact QR offices for assistance for any excess count of 3 characters or request to modify their surname or family name.
  •  Passengers will have to submit their official certificate (legal certificates) to change their surname (family name), first name, middle name, title, or any/all combination of them. 

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy After Ticket is Issued

Travelers can follow some instructions to change their name when the ticket is issued :

  • If the ticket has been issued already and the traveler wants to make name corrections as well as addition deletion or modification of an infant in ticketed PNRs booked exclusively on QR operating flights, they can easily contact QR offices for any assistance.
  • Official certification (legal document) is a must to make any corrections in the surname (family name), first name, middle name, title, or any /all combination of them.

Eligible Name Corrections/Changes on Qatar Airways Flight Bookings

Qatar Airways considers the correction in the name as amendments in the traveler’s first, last, or middle name. It also implies the corrections in the title or PTC (Passenger Type Code).

Here are the eligible name corrections travelers can make:

  • When the name is entered incorrectly
  • Changing the nickname to the first name
  • Adding middle name
  • Also, removing prefixes like Dr, Er, Lt, etc. 
  • Correction due to the transposition of the name, Ex-Bush/George to George/Bush
  • Also, changing the first name entered as initial under the condition that the name begins with the same letter.

Qatar Airways does not allow travelers to transfer the ticket to another person. Thus, passengers cannot change the whole name on the ticket.

But under a few circumstances, Qatar Airways allows travelers to change the name on the booking. The legal reasons permit travelers to change their name. 

  • Due to marriage
  • Also, due to divorce
  • Adoption

Travelers have to provide proof to support the changes. Qatar Airways will verify the changes by checking the DOB in the original and new documents. 

Conditions Under Which Name Change/Correction is Restricted 

Qatar Airlines imposes the following restrictions on the name change/correction which passengers must know:

  • If a passenger’s itinerary includes interline factors and/or code share airline, they could be restricted.
  • In case the passenger has swapped with another new name. 
  • If the passenger’s PNR is partially flown.
  • And if passengers want to make a change after check-in.

Besides this, Qatar Airways does not allow name correction and change procedures in these events : 

  • Passengers are not eligible to change their name if Qatar Airways is unable to verify the date of birth.
  • If the passenger has already begun their travel (partially utilized ticket).
  • On codeshare, and /or interline reservations. 
  • Passengers who want to travel with two different names and passports shall purchase two separate tickets. 
  • In case of PNR is created from the FFP privilege Club Profiles are restricted at all times.
  • After the check-in. 

Types of Name Changes

There are two types of name changes on Qatar Airways – Minor and Major. 

Minor Name Changes

It includes corrections in 

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Addition or removal of middle name
  • Also, the removal of suffixes or title

Major Name Changes 

All the name changes due to legal reasons fall under the major name change category. It includes name changes due to:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Court Orders

How to Change the Name on the Qatar Airways Tickets Online?

Passengers can correct their names online and offline by both methods. Here are some directions you can apply and correct it easily.

  • Go to the and click on the Manage Booking link on the home page.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and six-digit booking PNR then click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Now select the name correction tab and click on the Checkbox next to the passenger’s name for whose name adjustments are required.
  • As per Qatar Airways’ regulation, the passengers can only correct the first and last three characters of the name. 
  • Passengers must pay a name correction charge on the checkout page. It would be better to make corrections within 24 hours of booking. Otherwise, the fare will be increased.
  • After completing the process, the passenger will receive a confirmation message of correction on the registered email ID.

How to Change the Name on the Ticket Offline? 

  • If the passenger is not comfortable with the online process, they can access the toll-free number to continue the process.
  • Once you get connected on a call, just give your six-digit booking reference number or your ticket number of 13 digits.
  • Now request the name correction as per the Qatar Airlines policy. 
  • Now pay the Qatar Airways name correction fee. 
  • The Airline will reissue your ticket. 
  • Travelers will have to provide documents at the time of check-in in case of major changes. 

How to Change the Name on a Qatar Airways Ticket After Marriage/Divorce?

The steps to change the name due to any legal reasons are almost similar as discussed above. 

  • Passengers have to retrieve their flight booking and select the “Edit Name” option. 
  • Choose the Legal Name Change option.
  • Enter the new name and submit.
  • Qatar Airways will reissue the ticket.

At the time of check-in, passengers have to provide the original ID and new ID along with the marriage/divorce certificate for verification.

All changes must be made 24 hours before depart

Qatar Airways Name Change Fee

Qatar Name Change Fee

Every airline has its own policy regarding fees and charges. As per the name correction policy of Qatar Airways, passengers are allowed to make some specific changes in their name by paying some fee. 

It will always be better to correct your name within 24 hours from the date of booking because it will cost you less. Qatar Airways Name Change fee is 150 USD if you request for the correction within 24 hours but if it goes beyond the 24 hours passengers would be charged 250 USD.

Flyers with the wrong name on the ticket have to cancel their reservation if they are not willing to travel. Otherwise, Qatar Airways will mark it as a no-show. To avoid a no-show and get a refund, travelers must cancel it before departure and provide an e-ticket for the refund.

More about Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, as per the Qatar Airways Name Change, it doesn’t permit a complete name change on an existing ticket or PNR. However, if the name change is necessary, you must cancel the current ticket and book a new one.

A Qatar Airways reservation needs the flyer’s first and surname, the same as the passport. However, you can write your middle name as it is optional, not mandatory.

Yes, you can fix the spelling mistake on your air ticket by calling the airline’s phone number and asking the experts to amend the minor error in your name. Moreover, it only allows name corrections up to 3 characters in your name. However, you need to pay the airline some amount to fix spelling mistakes in your name.

As per the TSA’s guidelines, the names on tickets should be the same as those on government-issued IDs such as passports. Moreover, it is recommended to get in touch with the airline you have your reservation with and ask them to fix the mismatched name and assist you through the name change procedure.

Once you realize the mistake in your name, the first thing to do is contact a Qatar Airways representative. Qatar airways do not allow any name changes after checking in for your flight.

As per the Qatar Airways Name Change policy, travelers should pay the $150 as a name amendment fee if modifying within the first 24 hours of booking the tickets. At the same time, if changing the name beyond 24 hours, customers need to pay the $250 fee.

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