Air China Baggage Allowance: Domestic and International Flights

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Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 09:51 am

Travelers prefer Air China as it offers a standard baggage quota to their passengers along with the purchase of the ticket. Air China baggage allowance depends on the cabin class and travel route. While traveling, passengers can carry baggage on their flight, including the carry-on and checked baggage on Air China. Yet, there are some restrictions over the baggage weight and size. Air China Baggage Policy, explains all the rules and regulations that travelers must know before packing their luggage. Otherwise, an additional charge will be applied for overweight or oversized baggage. 

Carry On Baggage

  • First/Business Class: 2 pieces
  • Super Economy/Economy: 1 piece.
  • Also, one personal item.
  • Maximum size of Carry-on bags: 22*16*8 inches.

Checked Baggage for International Flights

  • Maximum size of Checked baggage: 39*24*16 inches.
  • First/Business Class: 2 bags, 32 kg each.
  • Premium Economy Class: 2 bags, 23 kg each.
  • Economy Class: 1 to 2 bags depending on the route. 

Checked Baggage for Domestic Flights

The domestic baggage quota is according to the weight concept. 

  • First Class: 40 kg.
  • Business Class: 30 kg.
  • Economy Class: 20 kg.

Passengers should remember the following:

  • Carry-on and personal items, including a laptop, bag, tote bag, or garment bag can be carried in the cabin.
  • There is a limitation for the weight and size of the baggage per the fare and class type. 
  • An additional charge will be applicable for overweight and oversized baggage. 
  • Passengers can bring special baggage, like musical or sports equipment. 
  • Air China has put baggage allowance fees on international and regional flights, according to the baggage policy. 
  • In case of lost or damaged baggage, passengers will receive compensation from Air China. 
  • Travelers can bring liquids within the limits under the Air China baggage allowance policy.

Air China Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Video Guide for Air China Baggage Policy
  • The Air China Baggage Policy for carry-on allows flyers with a standard ticket to bring one personal item, like a suitcase, small backpack, or purse free of charge and it must fit under the seat in front of the passenger. 
  • For carry-on baggage, passengers can bring one carry-on bag, like a garment bag, tote bag, or a roll-aboard that fits in the overhead bin. However, the weight and size will depend on the fare type of the passengers. 
  • Flyers traveling with infants can carry infant food and diapers with a baby foldable stroller that should not exceed 22*16*8 inches. 
  • According to Air China Baggage Allowance policy, passengers with disabilities can bring crutches, wheelchairs, visual aids, or hearing aids inside the cabin for free.

Economy and Super Economy Class 

Travelers can carry one carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 5 kg. 

Business and First Class  

In Air China, passengers can bring two pieces of carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 8 kg per bag. 

Checked Baggage Allowance on International Air China Flights

With every ticket purchased, travelers will get a standard baggage allowance on Air China. 

Moreover, passengers can add extra baggage while booking through the official website, or at the airport. 

  • The baggage should be locked properly.
  • Air China baggage allowance is according to the piece concept for international flights. 
  • Two pieces of baggage cannot be tied together and counted as one piece.
  • No items should be attached outside of the baggage.
  • One should attach an information tag regarding the passenger’s contact details.
  • The maximum weight of checked baggage must not exceed 32 kg.
  • On Air China, checked baggage size on international flights should not be more than 39*24*16 inches.   
  • If the mentioned weight and size exceed, passengers must pay Air China an extra baggage price. 
  • Flyers can book their baggage at least 6 hours before departure. 

Business and First Class 

  • Air China allows travelers to bring up to two pieces of checked baggage.
  • The baggage weight for Air China Business and First Class should not exceed 32 kg for a single bag. 

Economy and Premium Economy Class 

Travelers can bring one checked baggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg. Air China applies the following baggage allowance based on routes:

RoutesChecked Baggage Allowance
Flight between Hawaii and the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Southwest Pacific.
Routes between Europe, Africa, and Asia.
Flights within Asia.
1 bag, 23 kg
Flights to/from America and the Caribbean (except Hawaii) and Europe,  the Southwest Pacific, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.
Routes between the Middle East and Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Southwest Pacific Ocean.
Routes between Japan, Africa, Pakistan, Kazakhstan,  Europe, the Southwest Pacific Ocean, Singapore, and Asia.
2 bags, 23 kg each 
Chart for Air China Checked Baggage Allowance as per Routes

Air China Checked Baggage Policy Infants 

  • The infant passengers also get to bring checked baggage on Air China.
  • Air China permits one checked baggage for free for an infant.
  • The rule applies to all cabin classes irrespective of the fare class. 
  • However, the weight of the bag should not exceed 23 kg.
  • Also, infant passengers get a free allowance for a baby cot, stroller, or cradle. 

International Baggage Allowance for PhoenixMiles Member

Air China offers extra baggage allowance to PhoenixMiles members in addition to the standard allowance.

  • PhoenixMiles Lifetime Platinum, Platinum, Gold, and Silver members will get one complimentary checked baggage weighing up to 32 kg while traveling on Business/First class.
  • On the other hand, PhoenixMiles Lifetime Platinum, Platinum, Gold, and Silver members flying in Economy Class can bring one free baggage weighing up to 23 kg.  

Air China Checked Baggage Policy for Domestic Flights

  • Air China follows the weight concept for domestic flights.
  • According to the Air China Checked Baggage Allowance policy, checked baggage dimensions on domestic routes should not exceed 100 cm in length, 60 cm in width, and 40 cm in height.

Air China checked baggage allowance for domestic transportation in case of adult tickets:

  • First Class: 40 kg.
  • Business Class: 30 kg.
  • Economy Class: 20 kg.

However, infant passengers traveling on Air China domestic flights get a checked baggage allowance of 10 kg (22 lbs).

Domestic Baggage Allowance for PhoenixMiles Members

The PhoenixMiles members also get complimentary baggage on domestic routes in addition to their standard baggage weight allowance. 

  • PhoenixMiles Lifetime Platinum and Platinum members: One extra bag not weighing more than 30 kg.
  • Gold, and Silver members: One additional bag not weighing more than 20 kg. 

How to Add Extra Baggage on Air China?

Travelers can add their baggage through the Manage My Booking feature or at the airport. However, a specific charge is applicable for adding extra bags, or overweight or oversized baggage. 

Book the Baggage Through Manage My Booking Feature 

  • Travelers must visit the official website of Air China. 
  • From the main menu go to the manage my booking option.
  • Now, one can mention the flight and passenger’s details.
  • After that, select the option to Add Baggage.
  • Here, passengers can mention the number of bags with weight and size.
  • Now, pay for the overweight or oversized baggage fee.
  • Hence, a confirmation mail will be sent to the mail address. 

Add Baggage at the Airport

Flyers can add their baggage when they reach the airport for their flight. While at check-in, passengers can ask an executive to add their baggage. The executive will check the baggage’s weight and size; accordingly, passengers must pay. 

Overweight or Oversized Baggage Allowance on Air China

The baggage that is more than a weight as instructed by the airline baggage policy is called overweight baggage. In Air China, the maximum weight for checked baggage is 32 kg, and when it exceeds the limit it is overweight. 

Luggage that exceeds the limit related to the exterior dimensions including pockets, wheels, and handles according to the Air China baggage policy, is oversized baggage. The airline has a limitation of 62 inches and more than it will be counted as oversized baggage and an extra fee will be chargeable. Baggage with more than 80 inches dimensions will not be allowed by Air China.  

Air China Baggage Fees

Air China provides the flexibility of bringing extra bags. It also gives the privilege of carrying any overweight or oversized item. However, passengers have to pay additional baggage fees to Air China. 

Fees for Overweight and Oversized Items

Air China applies the following fees for overweight and oversized bags on international destinations.

Baggage Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
Overweight (23-28kg)USD 60USD 40USD 75USD 100USD 30
Overweight or oversized (28-32 kg or 158-203cm)USD 150USD 100USD 75USD 150USD 75
Overweight or oversized (23-32 kg or 158-203cm)USD 220USD 160USD 75USD 300USD 120
Air China fees chart for overweight and oversized bags on international destinations.

On the other hand, Air China domestic flights charge overweight baggage fees per kilo basis. It is applied at a 1.5% rate of adult economy class fare. 

Zone 1: 

  • Travel between America /Caribbean (excluding the U.S. and Canada) and Europe,/Africa,/Middle East/ Asia/Southwest Pacific.

Zone 2: 

  • Travel between Europe/Middle East and Africa/Asia/ Southwest Pacific. 
  • Travel between Japan and the Southwest Pacific. 
  • Flights between Japan/Southwest Pacific and Asia (excluding Japan/Southwest Pacific)/ Africa. 

Zone 3: 

  • Travel between Canada and America.

Zone 4:

  • Travel between the U.S. (Hawaii includes) and America / Caribbean.

Zone 5:

  • Travel between Africa and Asia(excluding Japan ). 
  • Flights between Europe and the Middle East; 
  • Travel within Asia(excluding Japan). 
  • Flights within America (excluding the U.S./Canada) and the Caribbean.   

Air China Extra Baggage Cost

Baggage Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
First Extra BagUSD 220USD 140USD 225USD 200USD 120
Second Extra BagUSD 310USD 140USD 225USD 200USD 160
Third and Subsequent Extra BagUSD 460USD 200USD 300USD 230USD 230
Chart for Air China Extra Baggage Cost

Air China Special Baggage Allowance: Sports and Musical Instruments 

Sports Equipment

Equipment like golf, kayaks, water skis, surfboards, windsurfing, bowling, paragliders, archery, hockey, diving, and ice-skating can be carried in the flight with some of the restrictions. 

  • Air China may deny carrying equipment that depends on the suitability of the aircraft.
  • Passengers must inform the airline while booking the flight tickets. 
  • All equipment must be packed appropriately, locked, and fastened. 
  • Travelers should personally check in with their sports equipment at least 2 hours before departure. 

Musical Instruments 

However, passengers can bring instruments either as checked or as carry-on baggage if they meet all the baggage requirements. Overweight or oversized instruments, such as pianos, or harps cannot be carried as checked baggage, they will be transported as cargo. Meanwhile, Air China asks passengers to agree and sign a Risk notice form when they check in with a musical instrument. However, in case of any loss or damage, Air China is not responsible for these instruments. 

Travelers can buy an extra seat for their musical instruments. 

  • They must inform the airline in advance and book an extra seat. 
  • The instrument should be properly packed according to the airline’s packing requirements. 
  • According to Air China Baggage Allowance Policy, the total weight for seat baggage is up to 75 kg.
  • Passengers cannot book emergency seats or exit rows for extra seat baggage. 

Restricted Items for Baggage on Air China 

According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation, some dangerous goods are not allowed to be brought on the flight or as checked baggage. 

Restricted Baggage Items Air China 
  • Explosives or combustible substances

Ammunition like bombs, grenades, smoke bombs, signal flares, tear gas, and bullets. 

  • Firearms

Pistols, rifles, machine guns, prop firearms, BB guns, air guns.

  • Dangerous goods

Compressed and liquified gas, like hydrogen, methane, ethane, natural gas, kerosene, diesel, oxidizing agents, poisons, and radioactive substances. 

  • Other items like

Live animals (except small dogs and cats), perishable items with a strong smell, items prohibited by the law of China, self-heating food, and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

Air China Delayed, Lost, or Damaged Baggage Policy

In case of a situation where because of any circumstance the airline delays or damages the baggage of the passenger. However, in these cases, passengers must visit the airline counter at the airport and explain their problems to the executive. A team member will give passengers a form of Record of Baggage Transport Irregularities to fill out and submit it. 

Here one has to fill in the details:

  • A valid identity. 
  • Baggage claim tag for the baggage in question.
  • Boarding pass.
  • Passenger copy of the excess baggage, if any.
  • Also, the passenger copy of the flight ticket.

Air China states that if a passenger’s baggage does not arrive on the same flight, they will track the baggage and keep it updated.

  • Moreover, flyers can also track their baggage status through the form filled out or by lost and found baggage service. 
  • If the baggage is not found within 72 hours of making a report, travelers can claim lost baggage to Air China.
  • When the baggage is damaged, Air China’s team members will contact the traveler after they complete their report. 
  • Thus, the airline will incur all the charges for the passenger’s checked baggage. 
  • In case of damaged baggage, one should inform the airline within 7 days of receiving the baggage.
  • For delayed baggage, passengers can claim compensation from Air China, if baggage is delivered within 21 days of the date of checked baggage. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the size of carry-on baggage on Air China?

According to Air China Baggage Policy, the size of the carry-on item must not exceed 22*16*8 inches. If the size exceeds, it will be transported as checked baggage.

How much checked baggage is allowed on international Air China flights?

Passengers traveling in economy and premium economy class can bring one to two bags with a weight of 23 kg per bag depending on the route. On the other hand, Business and first class can bring up to 2 pieces of bags each weighing 32 kg. 

How can I purchase more baggage on Air China after flight booking? 

If you have not purchased extra baggage while booking an Air China flight, then you can do it later. You can add extra baggage via the self-service tool –  Manage Booking. Also, you can visit the airport counter and ask the executive to add additional baggage to their itinerary.

What happens to damaged baggage on Air China?

Because of reason, if the passenger’s baggage is damaged by the airline, they should immediately inform the airline support team and fill out the baggage report form. After that baggage team checks and compensates the passengers for their loss.

What is the baggage allowance for domestic routes on Air China?

Passengers can bring a carry-on and checked baggage while traveling on domestic routes with a maximum size of 22*16*8 inches and 39*24*16 inches respectively. The baggage allowance on domestic flights is according to the weight concept. 

  • First Class: 40 kg.
  • Business Class: 30 kg.
  • Economy Class: 20 kg.

Can I bring guns on Air China?

No, you cannot bring any kind of guns, or explosives while traveling on Air China. The security personnel will not allow guns or you to travel on the flight. 

What is the fee for overweight baggage on Air China?

For overweight checked baggage, Air China applies an additional fee that passengers must pay while checking in or can pay through the official website. The price depends on the route which can vary between USD 60 and USD 220. 

Does Air China allow personal items?

Yes, Air China allows personal items to be carried in the cabin. Travelers can bring one personal item that can be stowed under the seat in front of the traveler. 

What is the domestic baggage allowance for PhoenixMiles members?

Air China PhoenixMiles members get the following complimentary baggage allowance.

  • Gold, and Silver members: One additional bag not weighing more than 20 kg. 
  • PhoenixMiles Lifetime Platinum and Platinum members: One extra bag not weighing more than 30 kg.

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