Swiss Air Baggage Policy: Carry-On Weight Allowance, Size, and Fee

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Swiss Air offers a very generous baggage allowance to their passengers. Travelers flying on Swiss Air also get the privilege of bringing sports items with them. However, the Swiss Air Baggage Policy indicates certain restrictions on the weight and size of the baggage.

Swiss Air Baggage Allowance for Carry-On Items

  • One personal item for all cabin classes
  • Economy- 1 bag, 8 kg (55*40*23 cm)
  • Business/First – 2 bags, 8 kg each (55*40*23 cm)

Swiss Air Checked Baggage Allowance for Flights to USA

  • Economy Class – 1 bag, 23 kg
  • Premium Economy – 2 bags up to 23 kg each
  • Business Class-  2 bags up to 32 kg each
  • First Class – 3 bags up to 32 kg each

The maximum size of checked baggage should be 158 cm

  • According to the Swiss Air Baggage Policy, travelers can claim compensation for damaged bags by filing the report within 7 days of arrival. 
  • Flyers should file the Delayed Baggage report online or at the airport counter if their baggage is missing. If Swiss Air is unable to find it in 21 days, then travelers can seek compensation for their lost baggage.

Swiss Air Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Video Guide on Swiss Air Baggage Policy

While traveling on Swiss Air, passengers can bring a handbag in the cabin. The carry-on bag must fit in the overhead bin space or under the seat in front of the passenger.  Swiss Air carry-on baggage allowance depends on the cabin class. 

Irrespective of the cabin class, passengers can bring a personal item, like a laptop bag or shoulder bag, according to the Swiss Air Baggage Policy. The maximum dimension of the personal item should be 40*30*10 cm. 

Economy class

In Swiss Air, passengers traveling in economy class get an allowance of one piece of hand baggage with a weight limit of 8 kg and a size of 55*40*23 cm in the cabin. 

Business and First Class 

On the other hand, travelers of Business and First class can bring up to two handbags with a weight of 8 kg each and dimensions of 55*40*23 cm in the cabin. 

For HON Circle Members

For members of the HON circle, frequent flyer status, senators, and star alliance gold or silver status passengers are allowed to bring handbags depending on their travel class. 

  • The foldable garment baggage with a maximum dimension of 57*54*15 cm is allowed to be brought as carry-on baggage. 
  • If the bag has more weight and size than allowed, it can be removed at the gate and will be considered as checked baggage. Moreover, a certain fee will be chargeable that travelers must pay. 
  • However, Swiss Air also allows passengers to bring a child seat or medical devices. When it is properly packed, it can be taken as a handbag.  

Exceptional Things for Carry-on Baggage on Swiss Air

  • If the aircraft is small and is fully booked, the airline might check the bags at the gate. 
  • While traveling to the USA in business or first class, Swiss Air checks the second carry-on baggage of passengers at the gate.
  • For flights from and within South Africa, passengers can bring one handbag with a weight of 7 kg and one thin laptop bag. 
  • Meanwhile, in business and first class, passengers can carry up to 2 bags with a weight of 7 kg along with one thin laptop bag. 

Allowance of Liquids Under Carry-on Baggage 

  • Liquids carried in carry-on baggage involve special regulations.
  • Travelers can bring up to 100 ml of liquid in a container.
  • Moreover, these containers should be kept in a resealable transparent bag with a maximum capacity of 1 liter.
  • One bag is allowed to carry per passenger.
  • Moreover, passengers having a connecting flight within the USA must store the liquid duty-free item in their checked baggage and register baggage while landing in the USA. 

Prohibited Items in Carry-on Baggage on Swiss Air

For safety issues, Swiss Air does not allow particular items to be carried in the cabin. If any passenger has any of the items, they will be removed at the security check, with no exceptions. 

  • Weapons, including imitations and toys, signal flares, starting pistols, and bows and arrows.
  • Stun guns, tasers, animal stunners, and killers.
  • Pointed sharp objects, such as ice axes, ice picks, razor blades, box cutters, knives with larger blades, and swords. 
  • Tools, like drills, blowtorches, bolts, and nails.
  • Also, blunt instruments, baseball, and softball bats. 

Checked Baggage Allowance on Swiss Air

According to Swiss Air baggage policy, travelers can bring checked baggage with a maximum weight 

  • 23 kg in economy class.
  • 32 kg in business class. 

The maximum dimension of checked baggage on Swiss Air is 62 inches or 158 cm. However, not all fares get complimentary checked baggage allowance. If the mentioned baggage allowance weight or size exceeds, Swiss Air will charge a certain fee according to the route. 

For European Routes 

There are three types of classes while traveling within Europe. The baggage allowance changes according to the fares. 

  • Lightfare does not provide a free baggage allowance. Passengers have to pay a price for baggage on Swiss Air. 
  • Classic and flex class allow travelers to bring one bag with a maximum weight of 23 kg as checked baggage.
  • Business class allows travelers to bring up to two checked bags with a maximum weight of 32 kg each as checked baggage.

International Checked Baggage Allowance on Swiss Air 

While traveling on intercontinental routes, passengers can choose between a wide range of options. 

Economy Class 

In Swiss Air, passengers traveling in economy class get an allowance of one piece of baggage with a weight of 23 kg and a size of 158 cm. 

Premium Economy Class 

Passengers can carry up to two pieces of baggage with a weight of 23 kg each as checked baggage. 

Business class 

However, travelers of business class can bring up to two checked baggage with a weight of 32 kg each and dimensions of 158 cm. 


On the other hand, passengers of the Business Class can bring up to three checked baggage with a weight of 32 kg each and dimensions of 158 cm. 

Higher Baggage Limits on Deviating Rules

On certain routes, passengers get the advantage of more allowance on baggage for the economy class. 

Route Economy class baggage limit 
From the USA/Canada to South Africa 2*23 kg.
From the USA/Canada to east, west, and central Africa 2*23 kg.
From or to Japan 2*23 kg.
Between the USA/Canada, Afghanistan, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, and UAE2*23 kg.
Swiss Air Economy class baggage limit Chart as per Routes

Baggage Allowance for Swiss Air Frequent Flyers

Status To/from the USA and CanadaOther destinations 
HON Circle, senator, star gold+1 baggage item of 23 kg in economy class +1 baggage item of 23 kg in economy class 
+1 baggage item of 32 kg in business and first class +1 baggage item of 32 kg in business and first class +1 set of golf equipment
Frequent traveler+1 baggage item of 23 kg in economy class +1 baggage item of 23 kg in economy class 
Swiss golf traveler +1 set of golf equipment+1 set of golf equipment
Baggage Allowance Chart for Swiss Air Frequent Flyers

Swiss Air Excess Baggage Allowance

When passengers have extra baggage that exceeds the standard baggage allowance on Swiss Air, then it counts as excess baggage.

Any excess baggage that exceeds 32 kg will not be allowed to check-in the baggage and will be transported as cargo. 

Fees for First Baggage in Economy Lite Fare

Passengers traveling on Swiss Air Economy Lite fare have to pay the following baggage fee.

Location Within Switzerland Europe USA/CanadaIntercontinental 
Official website From USD 20 From USD 30 From USD/CAD 75 From USD 70 
At the counter From USD 60 From USD 60 From USD/CAD 75 From USD 105 
Fees Chart for First Baggage in Economy Lite Fare

Swiss Air Additional Baggage Fee

Passengers can buy additional baggage on Swiss Air for other international routes by paying the extra fees. The price of additional baggage on Swiss Air varies from region to region. 

Zones Website (max. 23 kg)Airport counter (max. 23 kg)Overweight/OversizedOversized and  Oversized 
Within Switzerland USD 65USD 80USD 125USD 170
Europe USD 75USD 90USD 150USD 205
North AfricaUSD 90USD 115USD 200USD 285
Short-haul routeUSD 140USD 170USD 285USD 400
Medium-haul USD 185USD 230USD 370USD 505
Long-haul route USD 230USD 285USD 460USD 635
To /from JapanUSD 200USD 200USD 350USD 500
Swiss Air Additional Baggage Fee Chart as per various Regions

How to Add Excess Baggage on Swiss Air?

Passengers get a baggage allowance with their ticket purchase according to the fare type. However, if they want to add baggage after the booking, they can use the Manage Booking option or go to the airport counter of Swiss Air. 

Add Baggage Via Manage Booking

  • Passengers can visit the official website.
  • From the homepage, Navigate to the Fly > Manage Booking option.
  • Herein, mention the details to open the trip. 
  • Now, select the “Add a Baggage” option
  • The next page will show the excess baggage allowance per the fare eligibility. 
  • Mention the number of bags with weight and size to add.
  • Pay the excess baggage fee if required to Swiss Air. 
  • After the payment, travelers can check their mail for updated itineraries. 

At the Airport Counter 

Passengers can visit the Swiss Air airport counter and request to add more baggage to their booking. As per the fare eligibility, an agent will add the bags. Lastly, passengers have to pay the excess baggage fee. Purchasing the bags at the airport is costlier than doing it online. Thus, travelers should prefer buying extra baggage via the official website

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