Air France Airlines Baggage Policy

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Last updated on October 11th, 2022 at 06:12 am

Air France recommends that hand baggage and personal item belongings are not heavier than 12kg/26.4lb in the economy cabin. For more information about Air France Airlines Baggage Policy, read the information given below. The information about the cabin is included on the ticket. In the premium economy, La premiere, or business cabins, hand baggage should not weigh more than 18 kg/40lb.

What is the Baggage Policy of Air France?

Different Airlines offer different baggage capacities. The same is with Air France. The airline has other policies for carry-on as well as checked-in baggage. The allowance for the baggage also depends on the fare type purchased by the customer. To get the details, read the policies mentioned below.

Carry-On baggage

The carry-on baggage/hand baggage allowance entirely depends on the fare of the class customer has booked. Every airline has specific dimensions and weights given for the carry-on luggage that should not exceed.

  • Air France allows the customer to carry hand luggage for the economy cabin weighing 12kg/26.4 lb.
  • The dimension of the luggage should not exceed: 55 x 35 x 25 cm/21.6 x 13.7 x 9.8
  • Air France allows their premium economy customers to carry hand luggage weighing 18kg/40 lb.
Cabin classWeightNumber of baggage
Economy12kg/26.4 lb1
Premium economy/business18kg/40 lb1
  • As per The Air France Airlines Baggage Policy, if any of the hand luggage is not able to get stored under the respective seat of the passenger or the overhead bins will be hold.

Checked in baggage

As per Air France Airlines, a particular free checked-in baggage weight is given to the traveler; however, it can be different for the individual depending on the cabin class the customer chooses.

Basically, There Are Four Different Cabin Classes On The Air France

  • Economy cabin
  • Premium economy cabin
  • Business cabin
  • La premiere cabin
Cabin classweightNumber of baggage
Economy cabin23kg/50 lb2
Premium economy cabin23kg/50 lb2
Business Economy cabin32kg/70 lb2
La premiere cabin32kg/70 lb3

Air France Excess Baggage Policy

As per Air France the customer can carry a bag measuring 158 cm/62.2. If the baggage exceeds the dimensions, the customer will have to pay extra for the baggage. The extra amount depends on the cabin class.

Oversized baggage option

If the size of the baggage exceeds 158 cm/62.2, but the baggage is under the dimensions of 300 cm/118. The passenger has to pay an extra charge to carry the baggage

if the size of the baggage exceeds the dimensions of 300 cm/118, the baggage will be shifted to the oversized baggage counter at the airport

Overweight baggage option

As per the Air France Airlines Baggage Policy, if the weight of the baggage exceeds the limit given according to the cabin class the customer bought, the customer has to pay the extra charges, and the overweight baggage fee depends on the trip.

Weight included free of charge as part of the passenger’s ticket

The passenger’s maximum baggage weight can be 23kg/50 lb. if the ticket purchased by the passenger is of the economy or premium economy class cabin and 32kg/70 lb. for the passengers bought business or La premiere class cabin

Prohibited baggage and wrapping types

As per the Air France Airlines, plastic bags soft in nature are prohibited on the flight, and the stuff packed with household stretch films, also known as rudimentary, are also prohibited on Air France Airlines as these types of baggage can damage airport facilities and disrupts baggage transit.

Note; the baggage is not in good condition or damaged. Else not packed properly or poorly packed will be refused.

Frequently Asked Questions

As per the policy of Air France, the passenger traveling in the economy class cabin can take only one hand baggage and one personal item, but if the passenger is traveling in premium economy, business class cabin, or La premiere cabin, then the passenger can carry two hand baggage and two personal items.

As per the policy of Air France baggage policy, passengers can take two bags as hand luggage if the cabin booked by the passenger is a premium economy business class cabin or La premiere cabin. The passenger traveling in these cabins can take two bags and one personal item as hand luggage.

The passenger travelling in the economy class cabin can only travel with a single bag as hand baggage and cannot take any personal item.

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