JetBlue Airlines Flight Change – Policy & Fees

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Last updated on March 1st, 2024 at 10:45 am

You have arrived at the right place if you want to know in detail about the Jetblue Airlines Flight Change policy and process! It’s common to make changes during an emergency or modify plans at the last minute, but the pandemic has changed everything. Flight cancellations and delays have grown frequent. Keep in mind that the whole Jetblue airline ensures to assist and guide travelers with easy, flexible, and convenient flight changes.

When changing flights with JetBlue Airlines, you must abide by specific rules. The airline enables customers to make changes to tickets and flights. This blog explains everything you need to know about Jetblue Airlines flight changes.

Jetblue Airlines Flight Change Policy

  • Tickets that have been left in an open status are valid for one year from the day they were issued.
  • MCOs are only valid for one year from the date of issuance.
  • The airlines will apply the charges when swapping the original ticket.
  • MCOs and open tickets are entirely transferable.
  • Tickets that are canceled before their intended departure should remain OPEN and can be used within one year of the day they were issued.
  • If the open ticket credit is reissued before the expiration date, travel can be arranged beyond the expiration date.
  • The swapped ticket will not change once the original ticket has passed its expiration date.

JetBlue Flight Change Policy for Standard Tickets

If you book your ticket on or after June 8, 2021:

JetBlue Airlines Flight Change
  • If you modify your Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, or Mint fare at least before one day of departure, there will be no change cost.
  • Changes to Blue, Blue Plus, and Mint flights will incur a $75 same-day change fee, while Blue Extra prices will be free.


When you change your flight’s departure date or destination:

  • If your replacement ticket is more expensive, you will just have to pay the fare difference.
  • If your replacement ticket is less expensive, your account will reimburse the difference.
  • Changes may be made online through Manage Trips or by calling JetBlue.
  • The fee for changing via phone is $25 per traveler.
  • You can apply for a JetBlue Travel Bank Credit if you have a non-refundable ticket and are unclear when you are flying again.
  • Most Travel Bank Credits are valid for 12 months from the issue date.

Jetblue Airlines Flight Same-day Switch & Standby

Same-day switch

  • Firstly, only on the day of departure, commencing at midnight in the time zone of your leaving aircraft, is a same-day shift feasible.
  • Secondly, only cities with many flights each day can exchange flights on the same day.
  • Thirdly, the same-day switch is available for all fare options.
  • Furthermore, a same-day exchange cost is not charged to travelers who purchase refundable tickets.
  • Moreover, for the TrueBlue redemption flight bookings, same-day swaps are allowed.


  • Firstly, Standby travel is not assured, is subject to seat availability, and may incur an additional $75 fee depending on your cost (no fare difference applies). This cost is refundable if your standby flight is not confirmed.
  • Secondly, passengers must have already booked a seat on JetBlue to go standby.
  • Thirdly, you may list as a standby on any sold-out ticket between the same cities on the same calendar day as your scheduled departure.
  • Furthermore, passengers may list on standby at the airport before their scheduled flight.
  • In addition, Standby travel cannot be booked online or by phone.
  • Customers having a Mosaic fare or a refundable fare will not be charged a price to list standby.

Jetblue Airlines Flight Change/Cancel Fee

Fare ClassChanges / Cancellations, per person
Blue BasicBookings on Jun 8, 2021, or later permitted with a fee: of $100 for the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America $200 for other routes
BlueDifference in airfare
Blue PlusDifference in airfare
Blue ExtraDifference in airfare
Blue RefundableDifference in airfare
Blue Plus RefundableDifference in airfare
Blue Extra RefundableDifference in airfare
MintDifference in airfare
Mint RefundableDifference in airfare

Exceptions to JetBlue Airlines Flight Change & Cancellation Fees

Below are exceptions to the cancellation and change policy:

1.   Death

  • In the case of the ticketed customer’s death, a refund to the original mode of payment can be performed for the dead and any traveling companions (s).
  • The airline asks for a copy of a death certificate that must be submitted within 14 days after the flight’s cancellation.
  • Provided a ticketed customer’s direct family member dies, JetBlue may consider a cost waiver if the Customer produces a copy of a death certificate, funeral program, or obituary.
  • If a ticketed client rebooks his or her tickets later, they may submit paperwork for change costs to be reimbursed back to TravelBank for use on a future journey.
  • Please note any rise in airfare will be applied.
  • If this is a third-party booking, JetBlue must assume responsibility for the ticket in this case.
  • For assistance with these PNRs, please contact JetBlue.

2.   Mosaic Members

  • When changing or canceling a nonrefundable Blue Basic ticket, Mosaic members are liable to change/cancel costs, except same-day switch fees, which are waived for Mosaics on all tickets.
  • Nonrefundable tickets cannot be reimbursed to the original mode of payment. Any extras you paid, such as pets, will be returned if you cancel before your trip.
  • Except for Blue Basic rates, Mosaic members do not incur the change/cancel cost when changing or canceling a nonrefundable ticket.

3.   Illness

  • If a passenger seeks a refund due to serious illness, JetBlue’s policy is that all non-refundable tickets are nonrefundable.
  • If a client decides to cancel their flights, the ticket can be kept in ‘OPEN’ status and used at a later date, at which point the applicable change cost will be levied.
  • Tickets are good for one year from the date of purchase.

4.   Non-refundable tickets in case of military orders

  • JetBlue will waive change/cancel costs for active military personnel and members of their immediate families flying on the same itinerary who must alter or cancel their travel arrangements due to military deployment or transfer.
  • For assistance with these PNRs, please contact JetBlue.
  • The military deployment/transfer must be validated by supplying JetBlue with a faxed verification. Once verified, the credit will be preserved in the original ticket and can be used for future travel.

Jetblue Airlines Flight Nonrefundable & Refundable Fares

Non-refundable Fares

  • JetBlue’s non-refundable fares can be changed or canceled up to 48 hours before departure for a per-person cancel/change fee plus any applicable price difference.
  • Any remaining balance will be issued as a JetBlue travel credit, which may be used for future JetBlue flights.
  • Logging into your Travel Bank account will reveal the credit expiration dates.

Refundable Fares

  • Before the scheduled departure, JetBlue refundable tickets can be changed or canceled for a full refund.
  • Any modifications are contingent on availability and any resulting airfare adjustments.
  • If the refundable flight segment is not changed or canceled before its planned departure time, the whole amount will be given as a JetBlue travel credit that may be used on future JetBlue flights.
  • Logging into your Travel Bank account will reveal the credit expiration dates.

How to Change JetBlue Flight Ticket Booking

Jetblue Airlines Flight Change is possible in the following ways.:

Passengers can change their flight ticket if they bought it directly from JetBlue’s official website.Online through Manage Trips by retrieving your flight and following the steps to change it.And over the call by calling
If you want to change an award ticket, you mustFirstly cancel the ticket online. Secondly, contact customer care directly.
If you bought your ticket via a travel agency,Make direct contact with the airline.

Note –

  • If you cancel an award ticket, your TrueBlue points will be refunded to your TrueBlue account.
  • Any payment made by cash, cheque, or credit card will be put into your JetBlue Travel Bank account for future use before the expiration date, which is usually 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Keep in mind that redemption rates for incentive flights fluctuate with prices.
  • As a result, if airfares rise after you rebook, you’ll have to spend more TrueBlue points than you did before.

Jetblue Airlines Flight Change Online – Steps To Follow

If you purchased your ticket directly from JetBlue, you might be able to change your travel date, time, and destination using Manage Trips. Please follow these instructions to change your Jetblue Airlines flight online:

  1. Go to the official website of
  2. Click Manage Trips.
  3. Type your last name & Confirmation code to retrieve details.
  4. Click the Find Flight option.
  5. Choose the flight booking you want to change.
  6. Make desired flight changes.
  7. Once you make the changes and the request is processed, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email ID.

You may also change your JetBlue ticket booking using the official mobile app.

Jetblue Airlines Flight Cancellations within 24 hours

  • Firstly, you have 24 hours from the moment you made the reservation to cancel it without being charged a cancellation fee if you booked your trip seven days or more before the scheduled departure date.
  • Secondly, the full reservation must be canceled to be eligible (and not applicable for JetBlue Vacations reservations).
  • Furthermore, refunds to the original mode of payment are not available for changed reservations.
  • Regardless of whether they cancel within 24 hours of the original booking, they may be charged a per-person cancellation cost depending on the rate booked.

Jetblue Airlines Flight No-show Policy

  • Firstly, passengers can use our same-day change options if they request a flight change before the planned departure time and on the same calendar day.
  • Secondly, all money associated with a JetBlue non-refundable flight ticket segment is lost if it is not modified or canceled before scheduled departure.
  • Furthermore, this covers any additional or optional purchases, such as extra bag fees, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers of JetBlue can make a verified same-day move for a fixed charge of $75, and no fare difference applies. Only on the day of departure, commencing at midnight in your leaving flight time zone, may you make a same-day move. The ability to swap flights on the same day is only accessible in cities having many flights per day. So yes, Jetblue airlines flight change is possible.

Passengers can connect with JetBlue customer care by calling 800-538-2583 or through alternate channels like email, Facebook, Twitter, and SMS or live chat via the JetBlue mobile app.

JetBlue is available through live chat. Passengers may now contact JetBlue customer service via their in-app chat for help.

Suppose the flight was booked seven days or more before the departure date. Customers will have 24 hrs from the time of their original booking to cancel their flight booking without incurring a cancellation cost in such a scenario.

Once you have checked in, you can't alter your reservation online. For assistance, please contact Reservations. If you are unable to make your flights, contact Reservations before the departure of your flight to preserve the value of your ticket. Depending on the fare paid for the ticket, charges or fines may apply for adjustments. So Jetblue airlines flight change is not possible once you checked in.

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