Etihad Baggage Allowance – International Policy

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Last updated on December 4th, 2023 at 11:09 am

Before you travel to any destination with Etihad, it is essential to check the airline’s baggage allowance policy. Most passengers aren’t aware of the airline’s current luggage system. Thus, you can greatly reduce the extra costs of carrying the items on the flight by knowing the Etihad Baggage Policy. There are a few restrictions surrounding Etihad’s baggage rules, including size, weight, or prohibited items.

This includes all the rules and regulations each airline has about what you can and cannot “carry on” to the plane. Each airline has its own rules, so don’t assume that what works for one will work for all. These restrictions can be quite simple to follow.

About Etihad Airlines Baggage Allowance/Policy

Video Guide to Etihad Airways Baggage Policy

You will need to follow several rules and regulations while checking in your bags with this airline These regulations are based on TSA and FAA guidelines. If you the follow Etihad baggage size allowance and weight limits, you can rest assured that your journey will be safe. Additionally, you will avoid the hassle of overloading. Therefore, following these basic guidelines is of utmost importance.

  • You can bring three types of luggage to Etihad Airlines: checked baggage, carry-on items, and additional bags.
Etihad Baggage Policy
  • As your luggage will not reach the end destination directly if your journey requires connecting flights, you will need to check it in again at the connecting airport.
  • Baggage allowances are normally not transferable from one passenger to another.
  • Etihad charges extra baggage fees if you exceed the standard weight and size allowances.
  • Infants and pets will be covered by separate policies.
  • There are different rules for accepting special baggage, such as sports equipment and musical instruments.
  • It depends on your itinerary and destination and what baggage rules apply to you.

Etihad Carry-on Baggage Allowance

One personal item is allowed onboard for free by Etihad, but carry-on and checked bags are charged. The personal item must fit under the seat before you, and the carry-on bag must be stowed in the overhead bin.

Etihad Carry-On Size Dimensions

  • Max width 56 cm, height 36 cm, and depth 23 cm for cabin baggage. Max weight 7 kg
  • A personal item can only have a max width of 23cm, a maximum height of 39cm, and a maximum depth of 19cm. It can only weigh 5kg.
  • The airline will ask you to check in your cabin baggage if your luggage exceeds the weight and dimension limits. Excess baggage charges may apply.

Etihad Checked Baggage Allowance

Etihad’s checked baggage allowance policy specifies how items can be packed in the aircraft’s hold. All baggage must be deposited at the airport before boarding. It will be moved into the aircraft’s storage space away from passengers. When you reach your destination, you can pick it up. This kind of luggage is called a hold or check-in bag.

Etihad Checked Baggage Size & Dimensions

If your check-in baggage adheres to the specified Etihad dimensions for check-in baggage, you will not have to pay additional fees. Since your check-in luggage is transported, it must comply with certain weight and size limits.

Etihad Extra Baggage Allowance

By paying an additional fee, Etihad allows passengers to carry additional baggage. You can pay Etihad baggage fees online, or at the airport. The best part of flying with Etihad is that you can use your guest points to cover these costs.

This operator may allow you to receive all of your Etihad Guest Points if you are already an Etihad Guest Member. If you already have this status, you can call and reserve your extra checked luggage allowance.

Etihad Oversized Baggage Allowance?

  • A fee for oversized baggage applies if your items exceed our maximum size. For flights within the Middle East, between the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent, or between Beijing and Nagoya, it costs US $40 each way. All other flights cost US $60.
  • More about your baggage allowance. Oversized TVs larger than 32 inches will incur a fee on US flights and 40 inches on international flights.
  • A bicycle, a scuba diving set, skis, poles, ski boots, surfboards, golf bags, and scuba diving equipment are exempt from oversized baggage fees.
  • There will be a charge for any item that weighs more than 32kg or measures more than 300cm.

Etihad Excess Baggage Fees

As per the Etihad, excess baggage is calculated at 1.5% of the highest normal direct adult one-way IATA Coral Economy class fare per extra kilogram, unless otherwise specified.

  • Flights to Canada: There is an excess baggage surcharge of 500 AED 137 CAD per piece of additional baggage from the allowance applicable to all classes (up to 70 lbs/ 32 kg
  • For flights to the USA, excess baggage charges apply in all classes for guests with more than two pieces of baggage at a charge of AED 500 per piece (up to 70 lb/ 32 kg

You can find “size check templates” at Etihad’s ticket counters and departure gates if you’re not sure what size your carry-on is. However, if you wait until you arrive and run into trouble, it’s too late.

It’s always better to know your bag size and limitations before you go, as there will be a fee if the bag is too big or heavy.

Etihad Baggage Allowance International Policy

Etihad’s baggage allowance can vary based on where you are going. As a result, the luggage size limit on international flights can differ from domestic flights. Additionally, these flights allow passengers to carry excess and overweight baggage easily.

Domestic Baggage Allowance

According to Etihad baggage allowance policy, domestic trips usually have a lower weight limit than international flights, so the fee is generally lower. Other than this, the other rules remain the same for both domestic and international destinations.

Note: You can visit Etihad’s official website periodically to keep up with the latest updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We allow you to carry one cabin bag weighing up to 7kg, with a width of 56cm, height of 36cm, and depth of 23cm.The excess baggage charge will apply if your cabin baggage exceeds our maximum weight or dimension limits.

When you are booked on a hand baggage only fare your ticket is non-refundable. You can change your flight at

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