Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance – Weight, Policy and Restrictions

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Last updated on February 1st, 2024 at 07:13 am

If you’re planning to travel with just a carry-on, you need to be familiar with airline carry-on policies. You need to know what is allowed and what is not allowed to carry on to the plane. There are different rules for each airline, so don’t assume one rule will be the same for all. Here are the Qatar Airways carry-on rules you should be aware of regarding size, weight, fees, liquids, etc.

A Comprehensive Guide to Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance Guidelines

Video Guide to Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance

During your journey, you’ll be able to carry the following baggage allowance using Qatar Airways-

  • A passenger’s checked bag cannot contain fragile or perishable items such as money, jewelry, or personal electronic devices.
  • A Qatar Airways baggage identification tag is issued once baggage is checked with the airline.
  • The checked baggage of Qatar Airways will be kept in the same aircraft as yours.
  • Qatar Airways will deliver your checked baggage on the next flight if space is available or on another available aircraft if the airline decides the bag cannot be carried on the same aircraft as you.
  • In accordance with the Qatar Airways booking conditions, you may carry Qatar Airways baggage for free.
  • Qatar Airways may refuse to carry excess baggage that exceeds its free allowance based on its excess baggage policy.
  • In addition to their free baggage allowance, passengers must pay Qatar Airways excess baggage fees as stated on their tickets.
  • Qatar Airways requires passengers to collect their checked baggage upon arrival at their destination or stopover as soon as possible.

Qatar Carry-On Size & Weight Limit & Restrictions

For economy class passengers, Qatar Airways allows one carry-on bag and one personal item onboard free of charge, while for business and first-class passengers, two carry-on bags and a personal item are allowed.

Personal items must fit under the seat before you, and carry-on bags must go in the overhead compartments.

Qatar Airways Carry-On Size Dimensions

Carry-on luggage Dimensions: maximum 50 x 37 x 25 cm

You can check your carry-on’s size by visiting Qatar’s ticketing counters, departure gates, or at their ticketing counters. But if you wait until you reach either of these locations, it’s too late.

If your bag is too large or too heavy, you will have to pay a fee, so it is always best to know your bag size and limitations before leaving.

Qatar Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

Qatar Airways does not impose a baggage limit on the number of pieces for travel routes where the weight concept will apply, as long as the weight allowance for the total number of pieces does not exceed.

  • In accordance with Qatar Airways’ checked baggage allowance, each piece of luggage cannot exceed 158 cm
  • When calculating weight, a checked bag must not be larger than 300 cm in length, width, and height.
  • Checked bags cannot exceed 32 kilograms in weight
  • If the passenger exceeds the weight and/or piece allowance on their ticket, Qatar Airways will charge a baggage fee.

Qatar Airways Carry-On Weight Limits, Baggage Allowance

  • In accordance with Qatar Airways’ carry-on baggage allowance, First Class and Business Class passengers can bring two pieces of luggage on board, with a combined weight of no more than 15 kilograms.
  • Laptop bags and laptops must be considered carry-on baggage by Qatar Airways.
  • As per Qatar Airways’ carry-on baggage dimensions policy, each piece of hand luggage cannot exceed 50 x 37 x 25 cm.
  • In their cabin bags, passengers are permitted to carry liquid gels and paste up to 100 ml in containers. Containers larger than 100 ml cannot be accepted, even if partially filled.
  • Each 100 ml container must be carried in a transparent, resealable bag.

Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Policy

The extra baggage policy of Qatar Airways varies depending on the travel destination and the fare rules attached to the reservation. Here are some important highlights:

  • Qatar Airways’ baggage policy prohibits checked bags over 126 linear inches or 320 cm.
  • The excess baggage weight for Qatar Airways flights cannot exceed 45 kilograms.
  • Guests in Qatar Airways’ Business and First classes can take up to three bags up to 32 kilograms each without extra charges.
  • There may be different baggage rules if the Qatar Airways booking itinerary includes a flight from another airline.
  • According to Qatar Airways’ excess baggage policy, excess baggage and overweight baggage fees vary by region.
  • Qatar Airways’ extra baggage buy offer gives passengers a 20% discount on additional baggage if they purchase it three hours before departure

Qatar Airways Tracking & mishandled baggage

Please know that if your baggage does not arrive at your destination, we will do the best we can to retrieve it. Check your baggage, and file a claim if it was mishandled or delayed.

Track Your Bag- Your baggage will be delivered safely and on time upon arrival to your destination.

The following options will allow you to track its status.

  • To follow your bag’s journey, enter your bag tag number (assigned to you during check-in) the booking reference number (the six-digit alphanumeric code on your booking confirmation), and your last name.
  • You can track the status of your luggage if you have filed a claim for mishandled baggage. Enter your file reference number and last name below.

Delayed Baggage – If you arrive at your destination without a checked suitcase, passengers’ delayed baggage will be received within 24 hours and delivered to your home, office, or hotel.

Damaged Baggage – Qatar Airways’ damaged baggage should be reported immediately upon arrival before leaving the terminal.

Missing Baggage from Qatar Airways – You can also trace your baggage through the Qatar Airways lost baggage tracer link on the airline’s website in case of baggage issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your route, overweight baggage fees can range from USD 25 - 55 per kilo if you pay online and USD 25 - 75 per kilo if you pay at the airport.

As a student member, you must provide the Student Club digital card when you check in to receive the extra baggage allowance. After you enroll in the Student Club, you must fly at least one (1) round trip journey per year. A redemption ticket cannot be used on this one round trip journey.

There is a weight limit of 32kg (70lb) for checked baggage. You will be charged for excess baggage if you exceed your ticket's allowance for weight and/or piece size.

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