JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy

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Last updated on April 11th, 2024 at 04:15 pm

When you book your flight tickets, you may make mistakes in your name due to a simple misspelling or inverted name. JetBlue Airlines name change policy can assist in several situations where it is important to make changes to this information. There are times, however, when you may need to change your entire name due to factors such as marriage, divorce, or other legal matters. Other times, you might want to add to your name.

Changing The Name of JetBlue Airlines: Rules and Regulations

The airlines may have different policies to connect with their customers. This airline has a definite policy for changing names on JetBlue flights. This policy specifies various conditions that you must adhere to when changing your name. Aside from this, it provides instructions on how to alter your name on the ticket in a variety of ways. It also facilitates name corrections. Customers can correct spelling errors, characters, and middle names with the help of it.

JetBlue flight tickets can be changed without any hassle if you follow certain important conditions Considered essential rules, these are applicable to first, middle, and last names.

  • In the case of passengers who directly purchase tickets with JetBlue or its affiliates, the details can be changed or corrected after the reservation has been made.
  • Alternatively, you can add a new booking with a renewed Passenger Name Record if you need to make changes to the original PNR.
  • It is important for passengers to be cautious about their changes. Therefore, it is strongly advised that they review the changed details thoroughly before resubmitting them.
  • When changing a ticket, travelers must provide their “NAMECART” number.
  • Any important documents will have to be produced to process JetBlue name changes on tickets. These documents may be government-verified, therefore proving their authenticity.
  • Name changes, nickname modifications, middle name additions, first name combinations, and last name additions are permitted under the policy.
  • The details can be changed in the event of an adoption, or divorce, marriage.

Terms and Conditions of JetBlue’s Name Correction Policy

This airline accepts name corrections under its policy. The airline is concerned that errors may occur in the details when bookings or tickets are printed. These details must all be accurate at the time of travel. One of the most important details is the passenger’s name, which is why JetBlue’s Name correction policy makes it easy for passengers to correct their names.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of this policy before using it. The most important ones are listed below:

  • You can confirm the character limit by contacting the airline directly. The exact limit may vary according to what part of the name you wish to correct.
  • Airlines will not allow this policy to be used in an attempt to book tickets with incorrect details and transfer them later to another customer. This type of intent may lead to unintended consequences.
  • JetBlue may charge a name correction fee. This fee will again depend on how many characters you wish to correct, or on which part of your name needs to be corrected.

What is the process for changing the name on a JetBlue ticket online?

With the JetBlue change name on ticket option, you can do so online, or you can use an offline method. By introducing these methods, this carrier aims to serve the needs of a wide variety of customers. You can choose from any of these options at your convenience:

  • By visiting JetBlue Airways’ website
  • Contacting customer service
  • JetBlue’s mobile app
  • Through Live person chat
  • Use of social media platforms by the carrier

To access the JetBlue name, change feature, you will have to adhere to various conditions. However, they offer a simple yet effective way to change your name.

If you wish to correct misspellings, you can follow the same process as for changing your full name.

Online Name Change Process-

  • Select a suitable mode website or app
  • You may need to complete the user authentication process on the home page.
  • Please enter the confirmation code and the last name of the passenger.
  • Select the Continue tab.
  • Choose a trip.
  • Select the change or modify tab.
  • You should change your name according to your passport or government-issued identification.
  • Please attach relevant documents.
  • Tap the continue tab to submit the change form.
  • Make the payment
  • After checking your ticket’s eligibility, the system will make corrections.

Through Customer Service

It is also possible to correct your name offline through customer service or by visiting an airport counter or sales office near you. Reach out to the appropriate team and make the required changes to your name with the assistance of the assigned agent. Providing a passport ID or other government-issued document as a supporting document is required.

Note: When you choose to make a name change offline, you may be charged service charges and other applicable fees.

JetBlue Ticket Name Change Fees

JetBlue Ticket Name Change Fees

A passenger may request one change at a time. If the request is made more than once, the airline may charge a change fee based on the fare category:

  • The airline charges a change fee of USD 100 on flights to the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and on other routes, the fee is USD 200.
  • Depending on the airline’s change policy, passengers traveling on Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, Blue Refundable, Blue Plus Refundable, Blue Extra Refundable, Mint, Mint Refundable can make requested changes by paying the fare difference.
  • Name changes or corrections made through the offline channel will require the payment of USD 50 or more as service fees, along with other applicable fees.
  • Changes are not permitted for bookings made through unofficial platforms.
  • Depending on the type of ticket, JetBlue does not charge name change fees. Name changes need to match government-approved documents.
  • As part of JetBlue’s misspelled name policy, passengers who intend to swap tickets will not be able to make modifications.
Frequently Asked Questions

For passengers traveling with Blue Basic fare, change fees are USD 100 on flights to the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and USD 200 on all other routes.

Your middle name will not be required on your airline ticket. You will be able to clear security because Secure Flight matches your airline profile or ticket information.

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