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Last updated on April 11th, 2024 at 02:51 pm

Often, Flyers have to either postpone or make changes in their traveling plans. Whenever one wants to visit any destination, they complete the trip in a hassle-free manner. However, situations sometimes arise because of which one has to change their flight. If you are a flyer who booked a reservation with Southwest Airlines, you can complete the Southwest Airlines flight change procedure. 

Furthermore, completing the flight change procedure is not a huge or complicated task. Southwest airline offers its Flyers the most straightforward methods for the flight change. 

If you are a flyer who wishes to complete Southwest Airlines change flight procedure, the information below will help you. However, before we head to find out the procedure of the same, it is essential to have detailed information on the policy. So, let us first know about Southwest Airlines flight change policy. 

Southwest Airlines Flight Change policy-

Southwest Airlines set up its policy so that none of its Flyers have to face any issues. To make the procedures hassle-free, its policies are easy to understand. If you want to complete the flight change procedure without any queries, it is essential to know the policy first. 

The points given below will help you in knowing all about the policy associated with southwest airline flight change. 

  • Firstly, an individual is eligible to make the changes by paying a minimal amount if they have a promo code available. This means one can use our promo codes, and individuals will not have to pay a considerable amount to complete the change procedure. 
  • Furthermore, if you want to change your flight because of any medical emergency, the airline will charge you some.  
  • Moreover, individuals who complete the Southwest Airlines flight change procedure within 24 hours of making the booking, then they do not have to pay any additional charges or fees. 
  • Also, Southwest Airlines allows its passenger to change their flight once you do the check-in. However, there must be at least 40 minutes still left for the departure of your flight in this case. 

Flight Change procedure- 

An individual can complete the flight change procedure once they have detailed information on its methods. Then, one can choose any methods they find comfortable for themselves. Furthermore, Southwest Airlines methods are easy to understand. Therefore, go through the information given below and find out all about the Ways to complete the Southwest Airlines flight change procedure. Firstly, let us go through the online method of flight change offered by Southwest Airlines. 

Online method 

If you wish to use the online method of flight change, then you need to know these steps included in it. You need to follow the steps given below in the same order to complete the flight check procedure. Furthermore, you need to follow the same process, whether you want to make the changes in date or other things.

  • Open the web browser of your choice and then visit Southwest Airlines. You can also enter 
  • Once the official website opens up, your home page will appear. On the home page, click on “change/cancel.” You will find this option on the top of the homepage.
  • Furthermore, you need to enter your first and last name and your booking confirmation code in this step. Once you click this option, a particular booking will appear on your home screen. 
  • Once you enter this information, click on the option of “search.” 
  • Now, Click on the booking in which you want to make the changes and then click on the option to select “new flights.” For example, individuals who booked a round trip will be able to see both departure and return destinations. 
  • Lastly, once you choose the flight, make the changes you want to. Here, you can change the date, destination, and much more. 
  • Select the option of “confirm” after making all the changes.

Offline method 

If you do not want to use the online method, you can also rely on the offline method of flight change. Firstly, this is one of the easiest methods of flight change. Furthermore, the offline method is preferable for individuals who do not know how to use the online mode. 

Moreover, you first need to visit the official website of Southwest Airlines. On the official website, you will find out the phone number of this airline. Use this number to contact the travel team of Southwest Airlines. You need to provide the travel representative with the first and last name of the passenger and the booking confirmation code. They will use this information to complete the fly change procedure for you. 

Southwest Airlines flight change charges

Most travelers get very worried when they find out they will have to change their flight. This is because individuals think they will have to pay a huge amount as they change the fee. However, when you choose Southwest Airlines, individuals do not have to pay a lot to complete their flight change procedure. 

From the information given below, the Flyers will find out about detailed information on the fee structure of this airline- 

  • Firstly, Southwest Airlines does not charge any fee if you wish to complete the Southwest Airlines flight change procedure. 
  • This airline would not make you pay any fee if you bought your tickets via points or cash. 
  • Furthermore, when one cancels the ticket booked via rapid reward points, the whole amount is returned to your rapid reward account. 
  • Moreover, you can use these points later on for future travel. However, you need to enter the confirmation number to use these points. 

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Same-Day Southwest Flight Change

Same-Day Southwest Flight Change

If you need to update or amend your flight itinerary, Southwest Airlines offers the best service. The airline allows passengers to change their flights at no charge even the same day as your reservation. When it comes to changing flights with Southwest Airlines, you can either do it online or offline. To do so online, you need to go to the airline’s official website and complete the process.To change or cancel a flight offline, you need to contact the reservation department by phone or letter. Both methods are extremely convenient for passengers, and you will not be charged any penalties or fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Southwest Airlines allows its passengers to make changes to their flight at least 10 minutes before departure time. However, the Flyers need to have detailed information about the flight change policy set up by this airline.

If An individual departs and arrives at the same airport, then Southwest Airlines does not charge for any change fee.

Yes, an individual can complete this procedure after completing the check-in procedure. But there must be at least 10 minutes left for the departure of your flight in this case.

Yes, if you do not want to use the offline method and the online method of a flight change, then you can go to the airport directly. At the airport, you need to contact the travel representatives and complete the flight change procedure.

Yes, an individual can complete the flight change procedure even if they have a non-refundable flight. Furthermore, passengers need to complete this procedure 24 hours after making the reservation.

This was a detailed guide on Southwest Airlines flight change procedure. In addition to knowing about the process, the Flyers will find various other important information. Whether you want to know about the flight change fee structure or its methods, you will find it from the information given above. So, use this information to make the flight change procedure hassle-free and effortless.

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