Qantas Baggage Policy: International and Domestic Allowance

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Travelers always want to bring everything while going on a trip, but it is not possible. Not because it will be heavy, but also because the airline allows a standardized weight and size of the baggage. Similarly, the Qantas Baggage Policy also has certain terms and conditions related to the baggage allowance for the passengers. So while packing, every traveler must know the required weight and size of their baggage depending on their fare eligibility. 

Qantas Carry-on Baggage 

Australian domestic – 2 bags, combined weight of 14 kg

Economy (International) – 1 bag, 7 kg max

Business/First (International) – 2 bags, total weight of 14 kg

Qantas Checked Baggage Allowance

In the case of domestic routes 

Economy – 1 bag, 23 kg

Premium Economy – 2 bags, 23 kg each

Business – 2 bags, 32 kg each

For flights to/from South America and North America

Economy – 1 bag, 32 kg

Premium Economy – 2 bags, 32 kg each

Business – 2 bags, 32 kg each

First- 3 bags, 32 kg each

The airline also allows to purchase of extra baggage which we will discuss later in this guide. 

Qantas Baggage Policy: Carry-on Allowance

Qantas Airlines allows travelers to bring their necessary items in their carry-on baggage. Qantas Baggage Policy is strict for carry-on items. 

  • It should fit in the overhead bin or under their front seat. The airline will measure the bag by adding the length, width, and height of the bag. 
  • Qantas does not allow dangerous goods to be carried on in the flight. 
  • However, passengers can bring fragile items but should pack them appropriately. 
  • Qantas Airways recommends travelers to check in their baggage in advance during the time of peak season as cabin space is limited. 
  • In addition to Qantas carry-on baggage allowance, travelers can also bring one personal item. It could be a laptop bag, handbag, overcoat, or duty-free goods. 

Qantas Carry-On Baggage Weight Limit 

  • For domestic Dash 8 services within Australia, travelers can bring one bag up to 7 kg in the cabin. 
  • However, on Australian domestic routes except for the Dash 8 service, passengers can bring two bags with a maximum weight allowance of 14 kg. However, the weight of a single carry-on bag should not be more than 10 kg. 
  • In the case of international flights, travelers can bring one carry-on bag in the Economy class with a maximum weight of 7 kg. 
  • On the other hand, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class get an allowance of two carry-on bags with a total weight of 14 kg. 

Qantas Size Limits for Carry-On Bags

According to the Qantas baggage policy, the following size limit applies to carry-on bags.


  • Single Bag – 115 cm total dimension
  • Two Bags –  Total Dimensions 105 cm each


  • Economy Class – 115 cm (Length+Breadth+Width)
  • First, Business, and Premium Economy – 105 cam each bag

Accessories Prohibited to Carry in the Cabin 

Qantas has certain restrictions for passengers to bring certain items for the safety of the passengers. The accessories which:

  • Gets attached to the seat belts. 
  • Can be inserted between seats.
  • Otherwise, could block the access to seats or aisles. 

Qantas Baggage Policy for Bulky Items  

Travelers can bring any bulky item to their flight (except on Dash 8 service) with the regulations:

  • The weight should not be more than 7 kg.
  • Travelers must book an extra seat for their bulky items.
  • Flyers must mention the airline at the time of booking about the seat for bulky items. 
  • Also, it should adhere to the size limitations. The maximum size for bulky items should not exceed 178 cm in first class, 169 cm in business class, and 158 cm in premium economy and economy class. 

Carry-on Baggage Allowance for Infants on Qantas 

The Qantas baggage allowance for children is the same as that for adults. But, Qantas does not offer any separate carry-on allowance for the infants. 

According to Qantas Baggage Policy, travelers can bring a foldable stroller in the cabin weighing less than 7 kg. This stroller will be counted as a passenger’s carry-on bag. 

Qantas Checked Baggage Allowance

With Qantas Airways, passengers get the benefit of a standard checked baggage allowance under their booking. 

However, the Qantas baggage allowance depends on the destination, fare, and frequent flyer status. Qantas has a different baggage allowance for checked baggage when the flight is direct or connecting. Whereas, there are different regulations for passengers traveling to and from the USA and Canada. 

However, passengers can add extra baggage after the booking through the official website or by calling the baggage department of the airline. 

Baggage Allowance for Domestic Flights on Qantas

  • The baggage weight limit for domestic flights depends on the fare and tier status. 
  • In case, a passenger has a connecting flight from domestic to international, the airline allows them to bring the baggage as per the international guidelines of Qantas baggage allowance. Travelers have to show both the tickets at the time of check-in. 
  • Passengers must tag their checked baggage with personal information, including name, contact number, and address. 
  • Qantas will accept baggage only if:

– The baggage condition must be good.

– It should be according to the Qantas weight limit and size.

– There should be no dangerous items.

Fare ClassEconomy Premium EconomyBusiness
Adults1 piece, 23 kg2 pieces, 23 kg each2 pieces, 32 kg each
Platinum and Platinum One frequent flyer2 pieces, 32 kg each3 pieces, 32 kg each3 pieces, 32 kg each 
Qantas Gold frequent flyer 2 pieces, 32 kg each2 pieces, 32 kg each2 pieces, 32 kg each
Qantas club member, Silver Qantas frequent flyer 1 piece, 32 kg2 pieces, 32 kg each2 pieces, 32 kg each
Baggage allowance chart for different fare classes

The maximum size of each bag on Qantas domestic flights should not be more than 55 inches. 

Baggage Allowance on Qantas for North and South America Destinations

While traveling to and from the United States and Canada, there are particular regulations regarding baggage allowance. 

Suppose, the passenger’s final booking origin or destination is within the USA or Canada, the first flight number that reflects on the ticket will decide which baggage rule will be applicable according to the airline. Thus, if the traveler is traveling between the USA and Australia, in that case, Qantas baggage allowance will be applicable. 

According to Qantas Baggage Policy, while traveling in the USA flights, there are no restrictions on the number of pieces of mobility equipment that are allowed for disabled passengers. Thus, it will not be considered as carry-on baggage. 

FareComplimentary allowanceQantas club member, gold and silver frequent flyer Platinum and platinum one frequent flyer
Economy1 piece up to 32 kg3 pieces up to 32 kg3 pieces up to 32 kg
Premium economy2 pieces up to 32 kg3 pieces up to 32 kg3 pieces up to 32 kg
Business 2 pieces up to 32 kg3 pieces up to 32 kg4 pieces up to 32 kg
First3 pieces up to 32 kg3 pieces up to 32 kg4 pieces up to 32 kg
Chart for Baggage Allowance on Qantas for North and South America Destinations

Qantas Checked Baggage Allowance for Other International Routes

  • For regions apart from North and South America, Qantas applies the weight concept for baggage. 
  • However, no restrictions on the number of bags, but the weight should be the same when combined. 
  • The size must not exceed 158 cm for each bag while traveling on international flights.
Class Standard Passenger Qantas club member and Silver frequent flyer Gold Qantas frequent flyersPlatinum and platinum one frequent flyer
Economy30 kg42 kg46 kg50 kg
Premium economy40 kg52 kg56 kg60 kg
Business 40 kg52 kg56 kg60 kg
First50 kg62 kg66 kg70 kg
chart for Qantas Checked Baggage Allowance for Other International Routes

Qantas Checked Baggage Allowance for Infants

Qantas Checked Baggage Policy states that passengers who are with infants can bring up to 3 additional items each with a weight of 32 kg for free on all international destinations. The items include:

  • A foldable stroller or pushchair.
  • Foldable cot.
  • Car seat or baby capsule. 
  • On Qantas domestic routes, infants do not get any checked baggage allowance. Flyers traveling on domestic routes can bring only three infant items as extra baggage.
  • Qantas allows infants one bag with a maximum weight of 10 kg for flights to/from the USA.
  • On other international routes, the infants get a checked baggage allowance of 10 kg. 

According to the Qantas baggage policy, checked baggage for children on all routes is the same as for adult passengers. However, passengers with a child can check in two additional child items free of charge.

Qantas Additional Baggage Policy

Travelers may have the need to fly with extra bags. Thus, Qantas allows travelers to purchase additional baggage.  

Though, there is a specific charge, per the weight of the baggage and location. The airline recommends that passengers should purchase extra baggage online instead of at the airport, as it will be expensive. 

  • The feature is only acceptable for Qantas flights.
  • Moreover, members of the Qantas frequent flyers program can pay with their points to purchase extra baggage. 
  • The extra baggage charges will be applicable for additional baggage. 
  • The maximum weight for each extra bag is 32 kg.
  • However, on Qantas travelers can add extra baggage from 35 kg to 100 kg for weight-based allowances. On the other hand, for piece-based allowance, flyers can bring up to 5 pieces of additional baggage. 

Extra Baggage Allowance

The extra bag quota is different for domestic and international flights. Here is the allowance as per Qantas Baggage Policy.

Domestic Flights within Australia

  • Bronze members/Regular passengers in Economy – 23 kg per piece
  • Qantas Platinum/Gold/Silver in Economy – 32 kg per piece
  • Business Class/ – 32 kg per piece

International Flights – North and South America

  • Economy and Premium Economy – 32 kg per piece.
  • Qantas Club, Silver, Gold, and Platinum frequent Flyers – 32 kg per piece.
  • Business and First – 32 kg per piece.

Excess Baggage Fees on Qantas 

Qantas suggests travelers pay for extra or overweight baggage and should recheck the fee before purchasing the additional baggage as the fares can change anytime. 

  • For domestic routes in Australia, each extra piece is $100.
  • Flights within Australia for overweight bags – $50.
  • International flights to America, for each extra piece – $300.
  • International flights from America, for each extra piece – $200.
Destination Charges per kg
International – between Australia and New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Samoa, and Tonga$20
International flights between Australia and Asia$35
International flights between Australia and London$60
International flights from Australia to South Africa, and Europe$80
Chart for Excess Baggage Fees on Qantas

How to Add More Baggage on Qantas?

However, passengers can add more baggage to their booking they can add it while booking the ticket or later they can use the Manage Booking tool or call the baggage team. Qantas allows passengers to purchase additional bags up to three hours before departure. 

Add Baggage With Via Manage Booking

  • Passengers must visit the official website of Qantas
  • Herein, the Manage Booking option will help in adding the baggage.
  • From that mention the details to log in to manage my booking.
  • Now, choose “Purchase Additional Baggage” from the menu section. 
  • Then, the section will show the excess baggage allowance per piece or according to the weight depending on the destination.
  • Now, mention the number of bags with weight and size to add.
  • Passengers must pay the Qantas excess baggage fee. 
  • After the payment, travelers can check their e-mail for updated itineraries. 

Add Baggage Over a Phone Call

  • Passengers can call the airline helpline number.
  • While the call gets connected to the executive, flyers can ask the agent to add baggage to their booking.
  • Now, share the flight information with the executive.
  • The agent will ask about the number of bags that passengers want to add to the journey. 
  • After, confirming the details, the agent will add to the booking.
  • In the last, pay the extra baggage charges by sharing the debit or credit card details.  

Add Baggage at the Airport,

However, passengers can add their baggage when they arrive at the airport. During the check-in, travelers can request an agent to add their baggage. The executive will check the baggage’s weight and size. After confirming the weight, the executive will complete the baggage process. It will be costly to add extra baggage to the itinerary at the airport. 

When Qantas Baggage is Delayed, Lost, or Damaged 

When Qantas loses or damages the passenger’s baggage, they should immediately inform the airline. Passengers can either visit the airport counter or mail Qantas about missing baggage. Whereas, if they left their belongings at the airport or on the flight, then passengers can submit a lost and found form and can claim their baggage to Qantas. 

Qantas will not take any responsibility for any wear and tear that happens due to quality or defects like:

  • Dents, cuts, or scratches.
  • Damage or fixed baggage handles.
  • Missing external items like wheels, locks, zippers, or straps. 

Deadline to Report for Delayed, Lost, or Damaged Baggage 

Nevertheless, Qantas has specific rules and restrictions for delayed, lost, or damaged baggage. 

For damaged baggage, one must fill out the customer care form before the mentioned time:

  • On domestic routes: 3 days from the receiving time.
  • On International routes: 7 days from the time of receiving. 

For delayed baggage, travelers should submit a PIR within 21 days of receiving the baggage. Passengers should wait for 21 days and if the airline cannot track the baggage, then passengers have to fill out a lost baggage claim form. 

Restricted Items on Qantas Airways

Herein, Qantas Airlines mentions the items that would be dangerous to bring along on the flight or checked baggage. However, it is the passenger’s responsibility to check the necessities, as it might differ from other airlines or locations. Moreover, if travelers want to bring a specific item they should first get approval from the airline by filling out the form.

The restrictions apply to the following baggage items on Qantas Airways:

  • Dry ice.
  • CO2 or other small flammable gas cartridges, like argon.
  • Self-inflating personal service device.
  • Ammunition. 
  • Battery-operated mobility equipment.
  • Spare batteries and powerbanks.
  • Medical equipment. 
  • Recreational, sports, and petrol-powered equipment.

Items Prohibited by Qantas 

There are a few items that are strictly prohibited by the airline. Passengers cannot bring them as checked or carry-on bags. 

  • Bleach or oven cleaner.
  • Gunpowder.
  • Car or motorbike batteries.
  • Party popper and fireworks.
  • Fuel and oil-based paints.
  • Gas containers exceeding 50 ml.
  • Pepper spray.
  • Self-balancing device

Qantas Baggage Allowance for Sports Equipment

Meanwhile, Qantas allows travelers to bring their sports equipment which is essential to bring along them. Every item will be counted as a single piece of checked baggage which will be charged accordingly. The airline allows passengers to add their equipment through the manage booking feature. Some of the items are: 

  • Bicycle with the size of 55*12*32 inches (L*W*H). 
  • Snowboard properly packed in a ski bag. It should not exceed the 32 kg weight limit and should not be more than 109 inches in length. 
  • Fishing rods and tackle that should be at most 109 inches.
  • Moreover, windsurfers with only one board, mast, boom, and sail should not exceed 109 inches. The windsurfers are only allowed on international routes and not on domestic locations. 
  • On Qantas Airways golf bags are free from standard baggage size limitations. 

Qantas Baggage Policy for Musical Instruments

Qantas has a very comprehensive baggage policy for musical instruments.

Passengers can carry the instruments as carry-on baggage. However, they must measure the size of their musical instruments before reaching the airport. Small instruments such as violin can fit within the allowance. Whereas large instruments like guitars that are unable to fit within the allowance must be transported in checked baggage. 

  • Flyers can bring their musical instruments in their hard shell case with a weight not exceeding 7 kg.
  • The size of the bag should not be more than 142 cm in total. 
  • But, if required, travelers can buy an extra seat to carry it as a bulky item. 
  • While traveling on Australian domestic Qantas or Qantas link flights, artists who are registered as members of a musical association can request the airline for additional allowance.
  • They are allowed to bring at most 3 checked baggage per passenger with weight and size allowance as per their travel class or frequent flyer status. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many kg of checked baggage is allowed on Qantas Airways?

According to Qantas Baggage Policy, for routes other than South and North America, the standard checked baggage allowance is according to the cabin class. 

  • Economy  –  30 kg
  • Premium Economy – 40 kg 
  • Business – 40 kg
  • First – 50 kg

Does Qantas apply the weight or piece concept for baggage?

For flights traveling to/from North America, South America, and domestic routes, Qantas Airways applies the piece concept. On the other hand, for other international routes, Qantas uses the weight concept for the baggage. 

How many bags can you carry on Qantas?

Inside the Qantas Economy cabin class, you can take bags not weighing more than 7 kg. Whereas in other cabin classes, you are eligible to bring a carry-on bag weighing not more than 14 kg. 

What to do if baggage is delayed on Qantas?

If a situation occurs where Qantas delays the baggage of the passenger, they must fill out the Property Irregularity Report. Later passengers should check the status of their missed baggage through the delayed baggage self-service portal. 

How much is the additional baggage fee for North America on Qantas?

Passengers must pay a fee for excess baggage that weighs more than the required limits. Therefore, while traveling to North America, Qantas charges $300 for one way. Secondly, when passengers are traveling from America to Australia the fee is $200 per passenger for additional baggage. 

What is the size allowance for checked baggage on Qantas?

On Qantas Airways, the maximum dimension of checked baggage is different for domestic and international flights.

  • 55 inches for domestic routes
  • 62 inches for international routes.

What are the restricted items per the Qantas baggage policy?

Before traveling, passengers must check the official website to know about the restrictions and allowance of any item in their baggage, the restricted items are

  • Bleach or oven cleaner.
  • Gunpowder.
  • Car or motorbike batteries.
  • Fireworks.
  • Fuel and oil-based paints.
  • Gas containers exceeding 50 ml.
  • Pepper spray.

What is the time limit to report for baggage on Qantas?

In case of damaged baggage, passengers must report in 3 days from the receiving time for domestic routes and in 7 days for international routes. According to Qantas Baggage Policy,  passengers can wait for 21 days for their delayed baggage, but if the airline cannot track the baggage, then passengers must fill out a lost baggage claim form in addition to a delayed baggage claim form.

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