United Airlines Flight Change Policy 2023 – Same Day Change Reservations

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Last updated on July 3rd, 2023 at 07:21 am

United Airlines understand that plans change; that is why it offers its passenger flexibility in flying with the United Airlines flight change policy. In addition, it lets passengers their flight without charging any cost for most of the tickets.

Sometimes, you book your flights with United Airlines, but something comes up months, weeks, or days later, and you have to make changes to your flight. In that case, you must know the switching rules of United flights to make the changes effortlessly.

Keep reading this guide to learn about the airline policy and the process of changing your flight with United when purchasing with cash or MileagePlus miles.

In this guide, you will learn about

  1. Firstly,  United Airlines Flight Change Policy.
  2. Secondly, United Airlines Flight Change Policy for the same day.
  3. Afterward, how to change your united Airlines Flights?
  4. Then, the Standby policy and how to get on a standby list?
  5. Lastly, some FAQs to get more insights about the United Airlines Flight Change Policy.

What is United Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Now, United Airlines does not charge any change fees for flights within the US for most ticket types except the Basic Economy. Because Basic Economy Tickets are not eligible for any change.

There is something else you must know:

  • There are no change fees for Economy Plus, Economy,  Business, First, & United Premium Plus tickets.
  • The change policy concerns the flights within the US (including the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico) or between Mexico or the Caribbean and the United States.
  • In addition, there will be no change fee for the international tickets originating from the US.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy For Same Day

Do you want to make changes to your flight on the same of travel? If so,  then do not worry. You can do it by paying the ticket difference between the original flight and the new flight, even if your new flight ticket belongs to the same fare class as your original fare class.

However, Premium Members can confirm their changes without paying any fee when their original ticket class ticket is available on their new flight.

Tickets Booked With Miles

If passengers have purchased the miles tickets or United MileagePlus’ award tickets, they can change their flight on United’s website or contact the customer service team. However, if your flight originates in the United States, you do not have to pay to change your flight, whether for the international or domestic route.

How to Change The United Flights?

Passengers can change their flight on the United app or United.com, at the airport kiosk, by dialing the local United Contact Center, or by speaking with a representative of United at the airport. 

Online or through United App

  1. If you’re changing flights on the United.com or United app, choose the “My Trips” option to initiate the change process.
  2. After Selecting the “Change flight” option,  tap on the “Edit”  button to change your flight to another flight.  Then, remember that the new flight must have:
    • Same destination and the same origin.
    • Departure within 24 hours before or after the original flight (to be eligible for a free same-day confirmation).
    • Operated by United Express or United with ticket numbers starting with 016.
  1. For Premier members to claim a new seat on another free flight, a seat must be available in the same fare class, but if the seat is not open, you need to pay the difference between the original flight and the new flight. However, a fare difference may apply to other class passengers who wish to change the flight on the same day and confirm their seats, even if your ticket class is the same.
  2. Afterward, hit the “Continue” button to view your options & confirm your new flight. 
  3. Lastly, make the payment for the change fee if needed and confirm your changes.

Offline Change

If you have booked your flights offline now, you want to change them because of unavoidable circumstances. Do not worry; you can still do it by dialing the United Airlines Customer Service Phone Number.

To make changes to your flight or to make other adjustments or any improvements, you can visit the United Airlines reservation center for their reservations. In addition, the agents of United customer support are well qualified and has years of experience in handling customers’ issue. Therefore, they can instantly make all the reservation and flight changes on the customers’ behalf.

Moreover, to change your flight, you can reach out at the airport kiosk or even call the United Airlines Flight Change Phone number and request the required changes. The available team member will resolve all your problems quickly and make changes to your flights as needed. You will get complete assistance throughout the change process and even after that.

Furthermore, have you checked baggage for your original flight? You must confirm the changes a minimum of 60 minutes before the new flight departure time, and the airline will do its best to transfer your baggage to the new flight.

United Airlines Flight Change Fee

Passengers have 24 hours after purchasing their original tickets to make changes to them without paying any change fee. However, passengers should buy the tickets within a week prior to their original flight’s scheduled departure. This policy does not apply to the Basic Economy fares.

United Airlines Flight Change fees
Fare TypeChange Fee
Basic EconomyNot allowed to change
Award Ticket$0

What is United Standby Policy?

You can change your flight before or after check-in, even if you’ve booked with miles. Any passengers of united are allowed to fly standby within 24 hours of your flight departure time. 

And if you do not want to fly standby and want to reserve yourself a seat, you can also do it.

Basic Economy Ticket

The Basic economy tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable. Basic Economy tickets are not allowed to change on different flights, but you can sign up for a standby for other flights and wait for at least 24 hours from the departure time of your flight, regardless of what ticket you have, without paying any standby fee.

Premium Member

Premier members enjoy additional flexibility for flight modifications made within 24 hours of your departure. Premier members can reconfirm a seat on an alternative flight within 24 hours of the flight’s original scheduled departure time, free of charge. If the fare class of your original ticket is not available on the next available flight, you can standby for free. They do not require to pay any fee if they get the same seat in the same ticket class. However, if no seat is available in the original fare class, they must pay the fare difference.

Non-Premium Members

If you are a MileagePlus member who does not have Premier status, you can claim your seat on an alternative flight within 24 hours of your scheduled departure. Fare differences may charge even with the same fare class. Significantly, don’t forget; standby for free.  Between

A General Procedure for Getting on Standby List

Follow the given steps to have your name on the United’s Standby list:

  1. Firstly, sign up for the standby list on the app or the website, at the airport kiosk, or simply by speaking to the United Agent of United Airlines.
  2. To initiate the process, click on the ‘View flight’ option.
  3. Check your screen to track the status of your standby list on the United app or the website. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can change your reservation anytime on the official website of United or the United app, at the airport kiosk, or by contacting the Customer care Center and the United agent. If you want to change your flight with United on the app or online, visit the “My Trips” section and change your flight.

You can change your United flight easily, but you can not change your full name. If you want to change your full name, try canceling it first, then reebok it later. That way, it would be easy for you to make changes, and also, you do not need to pay any change fee. However, you have to pay the difference between the original and new tickets. Unfortunately, the new flight ticket should be in your name and must use within the original departure date.

If you carry a refundable ticket, that is also a fully-flexible ticket type, and you do not have to pay the cancellation fee if you are canceling it. Moreover, the refundable ticket will cost you more, but it also assures passengers get a full refund against cancellation.

No, you can not transfer your flight ticket to someone else’s name. United Airlines doesn’t allow flyers to transfer their ticket to another person. The reason could be to avoid speculation, protect the airline's interests, or boost airline sales.

Passengers do not have to pay any change fee if they make changes within the first 24 hours of buying their tickets. But, United has waived its United Airlines Flight Change fee for all the fare types, except the Basic Economic Tickets. This policy is not made for Basic Economy Tickets.

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