Air Canada Flight Change Policy – Fees, and Same-Day Change

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Last updated on April 11th, 2024 at 01:30 pm

You can easily change your flight with Air Canada, but a change fee is required, depending on the type of ticket and the destination. It is possible to cancel a flight reservation on Air Canada within 24 hours of the original booking, regardless of whether it was a standard or preferred fare.

A Guide to Air Canada’s Flight Change Policy

  • Basic economy ticket holders are not permitted to change their flights after the initial 24-hour window.
  • In the case of Standard fares, Air Canada charges a change fee of $100 for flights departing within 60 days or less and $25 for flights departing within 61 days or more after the 24-hour window has passed. If you’re switching to a more expensive option, you’ll need to pay the price difference.
  • The change fee for Flex fares is $50 after the 24-hour window has passed and $25 after 61 days. If you change to a more expensive option, you will be charged the difference.
  • A change fee of $25 is charged by Air Canada for Comfort fares that depart within 24 hours of the 24-hour window for flights that depart within 60 days or less and $25 for flights departing within 61 days or more. The difference in price will need to be paid if you are switching to a more expensive option.
  • Latitude, premium economy, and business class tickets can be changed without additional charge. If you change to a more expensive option, you will need to pay the difference in price. If you change to a cheaper flight, you will get the difference in fare refunded to your original credit card.
  • If you need to change your award ticket, you can do so up to 2 hours before the flight departs — but you will be charged depending on the fare class if you do. All ticket types will be charged $100 per direction. For Aeroplan Diamond members, this fee will drop to $75, and for Altitude Super Elite 100k members, the fee will not be charged.

Changing Your Reservation, The same Day with Air Canada

  • Air Canada travelers can change their flights on the same day for a flat fee of 125 USD (no fare difference). Those who wish to make a confirmed same-day flight change on the day of travel will be charged a flat fee of 125 USD. The Air Canada same-day change policy only allows same-day changes to be made on the day of travel, beginning at midnight in the time zone of your departure. Here are the rules for the same-day change.
  • Air Canada does not offer same-day flight changes for Basic Fares.
  • For same-day flight changes, Air Canada charges 125 USD and 100 USD, respectively, for Standard and Flex fares.
  • · Passengers are required to change their flight time on the same calendar day as the originally scheduled flight.
  • For same-day flight changes, Air Canada requires the passenger to travel between the same city pairs (out and in).
  • The same-day change fee for Air Canada mileage members does not apply to flights changed beginning 24 hours prior to departure.

A refundable fare on Air Canada includes free same-day flight changes for Premium Economy, Comfort Class, and Business Class.

What To Do If Your Air Canada Flight is Cancelled?

  • Visit Air Canada Airlines’ official website on a web browser.
  • To book a flight, go to the Book option on the homepage
  • In the Booking option, select Manage Bookings from the dropdown menu.
  • You can manage your bookings for flights, hotels, and other services in this section.
  • The passenger must enter the booking reference number along with their last name on the next page.
  • You can access the flight ticket with these details and make the necessary changes.
  • Passengers can change the flight on the itinerary when they enter the correct details.
  • You may change the source, destination, or date of the flight, but remember to consider the policy of the airline when making any changes.
  • You can save and submit the ticket after making changes.
  • Final confirmations are sent via email and text message as per the contact information on the ticket.
  • You can use the e-ticket you receive here during check-in, either online or at the airport.
  • Flight change fees vary by ticket type with Air Canada.

Tickets refundable according to the fare rules may still be subject to a cancellation fee.

Air Canada Change Flights Refund

As we all know, sometimes things don’t work out as planned, so you have to change your travel date or even cancel your flight. If this occurs, Air Canada will refund you based on the ticket purchased and the circumstances under which you are changing or canceling your tickets. For example, if you have an unused and refundable ticket, you will receive a full refund once some amount has been deducted for change or cancellation fees. If you do it within 24 hours of the purchase, you will get a full refund. You can call the Air Canada flight change phone number if you have any doubts.

Air Canada Flights Change Fee

Air Canada Flights Change Fee

In order to complete the Air Canada Flight Change process, a certain amount of fee will have to be paid. Air Canada charges customers based on whether the new flight is within 24 hours of the previous flight, which entails the following charges:

  • Standard flights on selected routes cost between CAD 100 and 150
  • Tickets for Flex are 75 CAD
  • From USD 75 onwards – Premium Economy

Price variations may occur depending on factors such as comfort, latitude, and class of booking (ex. Premium economy, economy, business, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to rebook within 5 days of your scheduled departure, please call 1-888-247-2262.

Within five days of your scheduled departure, you can rebook to another flight at no charge.

A change fee of $100 applies to flights departing in 60 days or less, and $25 for flights departing in 61 days or more.

Ticket Reservations or Purchases Cancelled Within 24 Hours of Booking If a flight is booked at least seven days before departure, airlines must either: allow consumers to cancel their reservations without penalty for 24 hours after booking; or refund their tickets in full.

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