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How to Modify the Name on the Etihad Airways Ticket?

When the airline provides the facility to book a flight while sitting at home, you can make your reservation online. You do not need to request it from the airline’s customer services center. In that case, when the passengers are making their reservation by themselves, the case of incorrect ticket has also increased. Flyers make mistakes in their name on the ticket, or sometimes, a condition occurs when they have to make changes in their name on the fare, such as marriage, divorce, adoption, etc. 

Etihad Airways understands such a situation and allows their flyer to make corrections to their fare by following some rules and regulations. Yes, you must know about the Etihad Name Change Policy once you want to alter the name on your ticket. Here, you will learn what you can change and how you can make a name change on Etihad Airways.

Understand Etihad Name Change Policy

If you have booked your fare on Etihad Airways and filled in the incorrect name or made minor mistakes in spelling, titles, etc, you can correct it by following the Etihad name change policy. You can also update your full name in certain situations. If you are facing any legal conditions and want to change the name on your fare, you just need to pay attention to some guidelines. Check out these highlights of Etihad Airlines’ name correction policy.       

Highlights of the Name Correction Policy 

  • You can not board the flight if the name on your Etihad ticket does not match your government-issued ID.
  • You can correct or change the title on the fare, such as (Mr., Mrs., etc.), and you do not need to pay any fee for it.
  • In addition, if you have made typographical errors on your reservation, you can correct them for free. You just need to remember that you can correct up to three characters one time for free.  
  • There are some name change conditions under which the passenger has to pay the name change fee. If you want to change the nickname to the full name and add a middle name, you will have to pay the fee as per the Etihad Name Change Policy. 
  • For a legal name change, you will have to submit the necessary documents for proof.  
  • When you need to change or correct the name on your Etihad flight ticket, make sure to request it as early as possible. Etihad Airways allows their passengers to make a name change up to two hours before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Passengers can change or correct their names only on flights operated by Etihad Airways and not by other airlines. In that case, the passenger will have to cancel the flight and rebook it.
  • If you want to make a name change on group bookings, there are specific policies regarding name correction, which might be different from individual bookings. 
  • Etihad Airways does not allow name correction online or through the app. You can make name corrections only through authorized channels, for instance, Etihad airline’s call center or via the ticketing office. 

What are the Documents Required for a Name Change on the Etihad Ticket?

Although Etihad Airways allows its passengers to make name changes, it also imposes some rules and regulations. You can make minor corrections easily for free, and you do not need to pay any fee for it, yet for some legal corrections and changes, you will have to submit essential legal documents as proof, due to which reason you have to request a name change. Take a look at the following information, under which you will understand what documents you will require to proceed with your name change on the ticket.

  • If you want to change your name on Etihad ticket due to marriage, you will have to submit the marriage certificate. 
  • In case of divorce, you will have to provide divorce documents to the airline.
  • In case of a court order, you will have to provide the legal documents as proof to change a name on the fare.
  • Along with that, if you want to make a name change due to adoption reasons, you will have to provide the proof to proceed.  

Methods to Make a Name Change on Etihad Ticket   

If you are thinking about how to change the name on Etihad airways ticket? Don’t worry. In this section, you will get to know how you can alter the name or correct the spelling on your reservation. When flying has become so convenient, airlines try to provide all the services digitally as they have millions of customers in today’s scenario. You can make simple corrections online but can not make legal name changes on your Etihad ticket or make the full name change online. 

If you are willing to make a simple correction, you can make this edit by going to the official website and clicking on the “Manage” section. There, you will find your booking by filling in your confirmation number and last name. After that, select the name change and make corrections. But remember, you can make mostly corrections or name changes online. 

The most comfortable and valid way to change the name on the fare is via going to the airport or by calling. Here is the description of how you can change the name on your fare using these methods. 

Change Your Name on the Ticket by Going to the Airport

  • Go to the airport and inform the agent about the name corrections.
  • Tell them what you want to edit into your fare.
  • Provide the details of your reservation.
  • If the name change is due to marriage, divorce, or a court order, you must submit the legal certificates for it.  
  • Pay the applicable name change fee.
  • Etihad Airlines will provide you with a corrected fare. 

Call the Airline 

You can also call the Etihad representative and request for the name correction. For small errors, the airline does not charge any fee, but if you want legal changes or change more than three characters in the name, you will have to pay the name change fee for it. Along with that, if you need to alter the name on the ticket, you will be told to cancel the fare and rebook it. You can call the Etihad airline 24/7 for assistance.    

Select the method as per your convenience, if you have booked your fare through any agent, you will have to ask him to request for the name change. You can not directly talk to the airlines in such situation.      

How Much is the Etihad Name Change Fee?

If you make a minor correction, such as a change in title  (Mr./Mrs./Ms., etc.) or spelling errors on your ticket, you do not need to pay any fee for it. But if you want to alter your name, you will have to pay a particular fee based on your cabin and fare type. Etihad Airlines allows one-time name correction without imposing any charge. You can change up to three characters in the complete name. If you are requesting the name change or correction more than one time or more than 3 characters, you will cost around $100. This fee usually fluctuates.   

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Etihad name change policy?

Etihad Airlines allows their passenger to alter their name on their fare if they have filled in the incorrect name. Flyers can change up to 3 characters in the full name free for one time.   

Can I transfer my Etihad ticket to someone else?

You can make a simple correction on your Etihad ticket, but you are not allowed to change the complete name or transfer your fare to someone else. You will have to cancel your fare and rebook only.

Can I change the name on the Etihad ticket by calling?

Yes, you can make a name change on Etihad ticket by calling to the airline’s representative. Dial the Etihad airlines customer care center and talk to the agent.

How many characters can I change on the Etihad fare?

You can change up to three characters in the whole name written on the fare. Etihad Airlines does not charge any fee for it if you do it one time. If you will change more than three, you will have to pay an alternation fee.

How much does Etihad charge for a name change?

The fee for changing the name on the Etihad ticket is based on the fare type and the duration of the name change. Basically, airlines charge around $100 for name correction, which fluctuates.

Does Etihad Airlines allow name changes online?

You can not make a legal name change using an online method. You can make minor corrections, but Etihad airlines does not allow name changes online.     

How many times can flyers modify their fare for free?

If you wish to make a name change or name correction without paying a name change fee, then you must be aware of Etihad airlines allow their passenger for alteration one time for free. After this, you will be charged a name change fee.

What is the peak hour for changing the name on the Etihad ticket?

Flyers can make name corrections on Etihad Airways lastly 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure. But make sure you correct the error as early as possible to avoid any last-minute hassle.   

Can I travel on Etihad Airways if my name does not match my government-issued ID?

When traveling on Etihad Airways, you can not complete your journey if your name does not match your valid ID. Etihad airways does not allow passengers on board with incorrect name due to safety reasons. 

Can I correct the titles to my name on my Etihad ticket?

Yes, you can change or correct the titles like Mr./Mrs./Ms., etc. into your reservation and you do not need to pay any fee for it. Etihad Airlines allows these minor changes for free within a particular hour. 

What documents will be required for a name change due to marriage reasons on Etihad Airways?  

If you have booked your ticket on Etihad Airways and now you want to change your name due to marriage reasons, you will have to submit a marriage certificate as proof.   

Can I make many corrections to my Etihad ticket? 

No, you can only make one name correction per ticket according to the Etihad name change policy. Also, you can modify the name only one time for free.   

Does Etihad allow name changes to the flyers after check-in?

No, flyers can not make a name correction or name change if they have already checked in. They can lastly make a name change two hours before the flight departure as per the name correction policy.

Can I correct the spelling on my Etihad ticket without paying any fee?

If you need to correct the spelling of up to three characters in your Etihad ticket, you do not need to pay any fee for it. The correction of more than three characters will cost you a name change fee.

How long does it take when a passenger requests for a name change?

If you apply for a name change via calling or by visiting the Etihad airways office, it takes a few minutes only, depends how quickly you provide the required documents.

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