Austrian Airlines Change Flight Policy: Date, Fees, and Process

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Last updated on October 19th, 2023 at 06:00 am

Changing the travel plans can be risky as there can be chances of losing money. Thus, it is better to understand the terms and conditions of changing the flight. For travelers when changing their plan due to any emergency or personal reasons, airlines offer a chance to change by paying an additional fee. Similarly, Austrian Airlines Change Flight Policy, allows passengers to make changes and rebook their flights according to their requirements.

  • Travelers who have booked through the official platforms of Austrian Airlines can make changes to their flights. However, it also depends on the fare type of the passengers.
  • One can rebook the flight before the first flight departs. 
  • However, both the original and new booking for the flight must be from Austrian Airlines. 
  • According to Austrian Airlines Change Flight Policy, one can make changes to their flight date, time, and booking class.
  • To make changes to the route, passengers must call the airline. The destination change facility is not available online.
  • For rebooking the flight with flexible tickets, travelers can make changes up to three hours before departure.
  • Whereas, for regular tickets, flyers must make modifications at least 24 hours before departure. 
  • Moreover, passengers can rebook an earlier flight on the same day of departure on Austrian Airlines. It does not apply to codeshare bookings operated by Austrian Airlines. 
  • Moreover, passengers have to pay the fare difference if the new flight has a higher value than the original ticket.
  • In case, Austrian Airlines changes the flight, travelers will get compensation or an alternative flight option. 

Same-Day Change Flight Policy on Austrian Airlines

  • Passengers can change their flight by rebooking an earlier flight on Austrian Airlines. However, the original and alternate flights should be operated by Austrian Airlines. 
  • Hence, the service is valid for all classes for flights within Europe, like Economy Flex, and Business Flex.
  • One can reschedule their Austrian Airlines flights on the same day of departure free of charge. 
  • Austrian Airlines rebooking on the same day facility is also available for outbound and return flights.
  • If a passenger requests a flight change at the airport, then according to Austrian Airlines Change Flight Policy, the request will only be considered if the passenger is carrying hand luggage. 
  • At the airport, Austrian Airlines will rebook an earlier flight through the check-in system. 
  • However, rebooking an Austrian Airlines flight on the same day is subject to the availability of seats. 

Flight Change Policy for Award Tickets on Austrian Airlines 

  • Travelers can reschedule their flight until the last minute before departure. Thus, one cannot make changes to their flight once it departs. 
  • However, according to their fare type, the flight change fee will be applicable. 
  • Passengers can pay the fare difference through cash or points.
  • One can change the date and time on Austrian Airlines with award tickets but not the route. 

Austrian Airlines 24-Hour Flight Change Rule

  • Austrian Airlines allows passengers to rebook their flight within 24 hours of booking for free.
  • To make use of the 24-hour flight change policy, travelers must reschedule their Austrian Airlines flight seven days before departure in the initial 24-hour booking period.
  • However, travelers will have to pay the fare difference amount. 
  • After 24 hours of booking, the airline will charge a flight change fee for making any changes. 
  • The grace period flight change rule applies to all fares. 

Flight Change Rules for Austrian Airlines Upgraded Tickets

  • If the passenger chooses to change their flight and has upgraded their travel class recently, then Austrian Airlines does not transfer the seat upgrade to the alternate flight. 
  • Passenger will lose their seat upgrade. Thus, according to the Austrian Airlines Flight Change Policy, rebooking will be according to the fare conditions of your ticket.
  • However, if the specific travel class is full, travelers can choose to go on standby. 

How to Change Flight on Austrian Airlines?

Flyers can rebook their flight through various methods, including the official website, by phone, or at the airport. If the booking is through a third party, then passengers have to contact them for any rescheduling. Whether passenger wants to change their Austrian Airlines return flight date or switch to an earlier flight on the same day, they can follow these ways.

Ways to Change Austrian Airlines

Flight Change Via Manage My Booking Feature

Travelers can only make changes online on a desktop, as currently, one cannot make changes from the mobile site or mobile app. 

  • Passengers must visit the official website first.
  • From the booking option, select Manage Bookings from the section.
  • The passenger has to enter the booking number along with their last name.
  • Herein, choose the “Rebook Flight” option. If the fare is eligible for change, then only the tab will be able to continue. 
  • Passengers can change the flight time, and date, according to their fare type. 
  • From the available option click on the “Date Change” option.
  • Now choose the alternate travel date or time.
  • Choose the available flight on the new date.
  • After selecting the date, pay the flight change fee and fare differences if necessary. 
  • The traveler will receive the updated itinerary in their e-mail. 

Change the Flight Through a Phone Call 

Flyers must call the helpline number to make changes to their flight date, time, or route.  

  • Follow the IVR instructions, and choose the desired key.
  • Once the call connects with an agent, request them to change the booking.
  • The executive will ask about the passenger’s details and booking number.
  • After mentioning the flight details, request the agent to change the flight. 
  • Passengers must provide the executive with a new date, route, or time. 
  • The executive will check the available flights for the requested time and date. 
  • Passengers can select the flight according to their requirements. 
  • Now, the agent will make changes to the booking, which the passenger has requested.
  • The passenger has to pay the change fee and fare difference if liable.
  • In the end, passengers will receive an email confirming their changes.

Rebooking the Flight at the Airport Counter

Another way to change the Austrian Airlines ticket date is to visit the airport counter. Travelers can go to the airline counter to request changes to the booking. The assistance team will guide passengers through the process and if they are eligible to make changes at the last minute. 

The executives will reschedule the passenger’s Austrian Airlines flight to a different date. However, any fare differences and administration charges will apply.

Austrian Airlines Change Flight Fee

However, the flight change fee depends upon the fare type, class of service, and the type of changes. Moreover, travelers can change their flight time on the same day of departure without paying any fee. 

  • When passengers change flight within 24 hours of booking the airline will not charge any fee. 
  • For every non-refundable ticket, travelers cannot request to change their flight. 
  • They should cancel their flight and rebook it again. 
  • The average change in flight fee is EUR 30 per passenger for each way plus the fare differences. 
  • There are no flight change fees for infants under two years of age. 

What If Austrian Airlines Reschedules the Flight Booking?

Because of any unavoidable situation, Austrian Airlines can reschedule its flight. However, the airline will provide the next alternative flight or if it gets delayed for more than 3 hours, passengers will receive compensation against their tickets. Moreover, if the traveler is not comfortable for the next flight, they can ask for travel vouchers to travel in the future with the airline. 

  • Austrian Airlines will offer compensation according to the length of the delay and distance.
  • Passengers should have a confirmed ticket whose flight got delayed by at least 3 hours to get compensation. 
  • In case of a delay of 2 hours, passengers will be provided compensation, including complimentary meals, and accommodation if the delay causes an overnight stay.
  • To request compensation passengers must contact the Austrian Airlines airport team and provide them with the flight details.
  • After the delay of 3 hours at the arrival destination, passengers would get compensation either in the form of vouchers or cash. 
  • If travelers do not want to wait more and cancel their booking after a delay of at least 5 hours they can ask for a refund. 
Distance Compensation  
Under 1500 kmEUR 250
Between 1500-3500 kmEUR 400
Above 3500 km EUR 600
Austrian Airlines Compensation Chart according to the length of the delay and distance

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I change my flight on Austrian Airlines?

Yes, you can make changes to your flight on Austrian Airlines through the official website, phone calls, or by visiting the airport. There might be a certain flight change fee depending on the fare type. 

Can I change the ticket date on Austrian Airlines?

Yes, you can change the flight according to your required date. Switching the booking to a new date depends on the availability of the flight and seat on that date. Moreover, both the original and new booking for the flight must be from Austrian Airlines.

How much does Austrian Airlines charge for flight change?

Austrian Airlines flight change fee starts from EUR 30. The flight change fee depends on the route and travel class. Infants who are under two years of age will not have to pay any fee. 

Can I change my destination on Austrian Airlines? 

Yes. Austrian Airlines allows travelers to change their flight route. However, presently Austrian Airlines restricts passengers from making destination change requests online. Thus, the changes can be made by calling the airline at least 24 hours before departure and not via the official website. 

What is the deadline for making a flight date change request on Austrian Airlines?

Passengers having a flexible ticket can reschedule their flights up to three hours before departure. Whereas, regular travelers must make changes at least 24 hours before departure. In both cases, a flight change fee and fare difference are applicable. 

Can I change my flight with a non-refundable ticket on Austrian Airlines?

No, you cannot change your flight if you have non-refundable tickets. You might have to cancel your booking and rebook again according to your needs. 

What is the same-day flight change policy on Austrian Airlines?

The same-day flight change policy permits passengers to change their Austrian Airlines flight to an earlier one on the same day of departure. Travelers can change the flight free of cost on the same day if the original and new flights, both are operated by Austrian Airlines. The same-day flight change facility is available for outbound and returns flight booking also. 

Is it worth changing the Austrian flight to a new date?

Austrian Airlines policy permits passengers to change the flight 3 hours before departure for flexible tickets. Whereas, other fare holders can make flight change requests 24 hours before departure. Thus, it is flexible compared to other fare holders. Also, the flight change fee starts from EUR 30, which is very low. Thus, travelers can prefer changing their Austrian Airlines flight booking.

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