How To Cancel A United Airlines Fights? – Cancellation & Refund Policy, Fees

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Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 07:23 am

Cancellation and changes in your travel plan are uncertain. But this should not be a burden on your pockets. Therefore, if you have booked your flight with United Airlines, there is no need to worry about it. The United Airlines Cancellation Policy provides you with many chances to claim a full refund. However, if you do not follow the criteria, you might have to pay the cancellation charges. In this blog, you will learn all about United’s cancellation policy, procedure, charges, refund, etc.

How to Cancel a United Flights?

  • Firstly, the passenger should hold a United Airlines ticket.
  •  Secondly, you may enjoy free cancellation within 24 hours of booking. If the ticket is booked 1 week ago from the actual departure.
  •  In the case United Airlines cancels the flight due to their fault, you will be getting a full refund.
  •  Thirdly, if your flight is delayed by 3 hours or more, you can claim a full refund.
  •  If you are holding the ticket through United Gift Certificate, you will get your discount as an electronic travel certificate.
  •  However, basic economic tickets are not eligible for cancellation.
  •  If there is any type of mishap with you or your family, such as injury, death, or illness, the United Airlines Cancellation process is a savior for you. The cancellation policy claims a full refund in case of such a mishap.

How Do You Change or Cancel Your United Flight?

United Airlines has one of the most accessible cancellation procedures. Such as: through the website, on-call, and on the desk. Now let us look into their procedures.

Online Process

  • Firstly, open United Airlines’ official website.
  •  Then, move to the “Manage Booking” tab.
  •  Access your booking by logging in with your surname and booking ID.
  •  Then, click on the Search tab.
  •  Now select the booking that you need to cancel.
  •  Then you will find the Cancel flight option.
  •  Confirm your cancellation on the next flashing page.
  •  Finally, you will receive an official confirmation mail after confirming your cancellation.
  •  The refund will initiate within 7 days of cancellation, at the same more as your payment.

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On-Call Process

  • Call on the toll-free number.
  •  Then, you may ask the expert on-call to make the cancellation.
  •  For that, you need to share your personal and travel details, which are required to access your tickets.
  •  Guide him to make the cancellation.
  •  After you are finally done with your cancellation, your refund will be initiated if applicable after cutting the cancellation charge.

At the Airport

  • Firstly, you must visit the nearest airport from your home or hotel.
  •  Then, proceed to the United Airlines help desk.
  •  After that, contact the United Airlines expert at the desk and ask them to cancel your ticket.
  •  Please provide them with your flight reservation number, and lastly, confirm your cancellation and pay the cancellation fee.
  •  Finally, you will get the refund amount credited back to the account that you used for making the payment.

Know About United Cancellation Fees & Charges

For Basic Economy tickets

As per United Airlines, basic economic ticket holders are not eligible to make any cancellations.

For Refundable Tickets

If you are holding a refundable ticket, you can get a full refund even after the risk-free period.

For Non-Refundable Tickets

  • In case of a non-refundable ticket, you will be charged from $200-$400 depending upon the ticket type and time of cancellation.
  •  Domestic flight cancellation will be charging approx. $200.
  •  However, international flight cancellation will cost around $400 for cancellation.
  •  Cancellation on the same day of departure may charge you the total ticket cost or o refund.

Do I Have To Pay For Cancelling A United Award Tickets?

  • A cancellation of award tickets before a month does not charge you even a penny.
  •  Cancellation within 30 days may charge you a cancellation fee depending on the type of ticket you have. Such as
  •  General Members have to pay $125.
  •  Silver Members have to pay approx. $100
  •  In addition, Gold members will be paying $75
  •  And $50 will be incurred from Platinum members.
  •  However, premier 1K members can enjoy the 0 cancellation feature beyond the time of cancellation.

How to Avail United Airlines Cancellation For Free?

  • If you cancel your United Airlines ticket within 24 hours of booking, you are eligible for free cancellation.
  •  Secondly, in case United Airlines cancels the flight due to their fault, you will be getting a full refund
  •  Thirdly, if your flight is delayed by 3 hours or more, you can claim a full refund.

When can you get a United Airlines refund?

  • If you bought a ticket before a week of traveling and cancel on the same day of booking, then you will get a full refund.
  •  Secondly, if the cancellation is done due to Airline’s fault, you will get a full refund.
  •  Partially consumed tickets will only be refunded if the tickets are refundable.
  •  Also, the refund policies may differ for international tickets depending on the country.
  •  You will get the refund within 7 working days from the day of cancellation.
  •  Lastly, the cancellation refund will be initiated in the same mode of transaction.
  •  Cancellation on the same day of departure may charge you the full ticket cost or o refund.

Refund Process

  • Firstly, visit the official website i.e.,
  •  Then go ahead to “My Trips.”
  •  Fill out the refund form.
  •  However, you will get a refund only if your ticket qualifies for the same.
  •  Remember, the refund in the form of future flight credits can be used for 12 months from the date of issue.

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