Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy: 24 Hours, Fees & Refund

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Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 05:53 am

Knowing the proper Spirit Airlines cancellation steps can save you time and money. There are circumstances when you have to change your travel plans and flights. Nobody wants to cancel their vacation plans at the last minute. However, certain situations are beyond human control, and we do things we would never do otherwise. However, Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy can help to lessen the misery. This blog will make you aware of Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policy to make your ticket cancellation experience with the airline as simple as possible.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy – Terms & Conditions

Video Guide for Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy
  •  The Spirit Airlines cancellation policy states that the company will charge a fee for last-minute cancellations.
  •  There is no cancellation fee if the airline cancels the ticket due to severe weather conditions.
  •  If passengers cancel their tickets within 24 hours after booking, they will not be charged anything.
  •  Also, if the departure date is seven days or more after the booking date.
  •  After the risk-free time, you must pay cancellation fees in accordance with airline policy.
  •  When an airline cancels a flight on the day of departure, it will provide free accommodation.
  •  Passengers who purchase a non-refundable ticket must pay the cancellation cost after the risk-free time has expired.
  •  After departure, all passengers with ordinary tickets must pay the full ticket cost as cancellation fees.
  •  According to the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, if a traveler cancels a ticket for one of the following reasons, the airline will not charge a fee. The following are the reasons: the death of a relative, the theft of a passport, government orders, illness, military orders, or judicial orders.

Spirit Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airline 24 Hour Cancellation Policy
  1. If a traveler cancels their ticket on the same day as their reservation, they will not be charged further costs.
  2.  This policy applies if the flight leaves after one week after booking.
  3.  Non-refundable ticket holders are also eligible for a refund under this clause.
  4.  The Spirit 24-hour cancellation Policy allows travelers to receive a full refund without deductions or hidden fees.
  5.  After the risk-free time, the traveler must pay a cancellation charge of $90 to $110 to receive a refund.
  6.  The traveler must book a refundable ticket since the non-refundable ticket is not eligible for a refund after the risk-free period.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy Due To Adverse Weather

Due to severe bad weather, the Spirit cancellation policy differs slightly from the standard cancellation policy.

  • According to the policy, the airline would not remove any cash as a cancellation fee.
  •  The airline will tell passengers if the flight is delayed, rescheduled, or canceled.
  •  After canceling, the airline will provide a spot on the following airline departing and arriving at the exact location.
  •  Passengers can cancel, reschedule, or receive a full refund if they so want.
  •  The airline provides compensation, but passengers must follow the Spirit Airlines flight cancellation policy to get further advantages.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy Due To Death

  • Some circumstances are out of the passenger’s control, such as the death of family members.
  •  According to their cancellation policy, Spirit Airlines does not impose a cancellation fee in these situations.
  •  Passengers must present a death certificate to get a full refund.
  •  The procedure is simple.
  •  Passengers only need to fill out the refund form and submit the death certificate.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fee

The Spirit flight cancellation fee is divided into three segments. Let’s have a look:

  1. Award Flight Ticket
  2.  Flight Flex Flight Ticket
  3.  Standard Flight Ticket

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fee for the Award Ticket

  • If a traveler with an award ticket cancels within 24 hours of booking, the passenger does not have to pay a cancellation fee.
  •  Outside of the risk-free time, the airline will levy a cancellation fee of $110.
  •  The ticket value will be applied to the travel card for future travel reasons after cancellation.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fee for the Standard Ticket

  • If the cancellation is made on the same day as the reservation, the airline will not impose a fee.
  •  The airline will impose a $90 cancellation fee if the cancellation is made through the web portals.
  •  Spirit Airlines will credit the refund value as a future travel point. Only Spirit Airlines may use all of the points.
  •  If the reservation is booked using an offline platform, the airline will impose a $100 cancellation fee.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fee for the Flight Flex Ticket

  • After the risk-free time, travelers who cancel their Flight Flex ticket must incur a cancellation charge.
  •  If travelers want to cancel their flights using an online gateway, they will be charged $90.
  •  Passengers must pay $100 in cancellation fees when canceling tickets using offline platforms.
  •  The sole difference between Flight Flex and Standard Tickets is that Flight Flex tickets do not include a change fee. However, both types of tickets have the same cancellation policy.

How to Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight Booking?

After reading the Spirit Airlines Cancellation policy, it becomes easier to cancel the flight with proper understanding. The passengers can cancel Spirit Airlines in two ways, either online or over the phone. Let’s take a look at each option separately.

Steps To Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight Online

To cancel your Spirit Airlines flight online, please follow the procedures below:

  1. Firstly, visit the Spirit Airlines official website.
  2.  Secondly, finalize the traveler’s identification procedure by logging into your spirit account.
  3.  Finally, go to the Spirit Airlines Manage Booking section.
  4.  Input the confirmation code with the passenger’s last name to access the booking details.
  5.  Finally, choose to cancel and complete the cancellation form.
  6.  Fill in the precise reason for the cancellation, the booking number, the passenger’s name, and any other requested information.
  7.  Before continuing to submit the form, double-check it.
  8.  Before submitting a refund request, read and understand the Spirit cancellation policy conditions.
  9.  The cancellation fees charged by Spirit Airlines are immediately subtracted from the total booking price.
  10.  After submitting the Spirit Airlines flight ticket refund form, you will receive a confirmation email.

Steps To Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight Over The Call

  • The traveler must contact customer service at a toll-free number to cancel a Spirit reservation over the phone.
  •  The customer assistance team is accessible in various languages, including English, 24*7.
  •  Passengers must present their last name and booking reference number to customer service representatives.
  •  The customer service staff will handle the cancellation.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you're canceling a flight due to a close relative's death, illness, or military orders, you may be eligible for a cost waiver.
  • Spirit may eliminate your cancelation costs, but evidence will almost certainly be required.
  • It never hurts to call and ask if you feel you have a reasonable cause to forgive your cancelation costs!

Yes, it is possible to cancel a Spirit flight ticket within 24 hours because the airline gives the option to do that regardless of the rate picked. If a passenger cancels their reservation within 24 hours of the time of their original booking, they will not have to pay a cancellation fee.

  • You have 24 hours from the moment you booked to cancel for free, regardless of what ticket you bought, as long as the flight departure is more than seven days away.
  • If you cancel your basic, reward, or Flight Flex ticket within 60 days of departure, you must pay $39 to $79 in fees.
  • After that, you will get a credit for the balance of your fare, minus the charge, to spend on a future Spirit flight.

According to Spirit Airlines cancelation policy, passengers must pay a charge. However, the charge amount varies depending on the kind and rate of the ticket purchased. In addition, non-refundable tickets are normally subject to this fee. However, tickets canceled within twenty hours after purchase will not cost you a cancelation fee.

The airline is very prompt in crediting return funds. For example, after a refund is approved by Spirit Airlines, the cash is usually refunded within 7 to 10 days of confirmed cancelation. However, the refund procedure may take longer than expected. In that circumstances, travelers should contact airline authorities directly for information.

If a Guest cancels a reservation within 24 hours of booking for a flight that is seven days or more away, they will receive a full refund in the original form of payment.

On Spirit Airlines, you have 24 hours to cancel a flight without incurring any cancellation fees, regardless of the fare ticket type you purchased.

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