Southwest Airlines Cancellation Guide: What You Need To Know

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Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 11:18 am

It is important to remember that the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy stipulates that passengers must meet certain conditions in order to be eligible for Southwest cancellations. Furthermore, it stipulates a set of rules that need to be followed during cancellations. There are various ways of reversing flights, paying for cancellations, and determining refund policies that are determined by it. In addition to providing the best possible service to their customers, the policy also enables the travelers to claim compensation in case of a cancellation. For whatever reason, you are unable to fly your booked flight. The one option left with you is to cancel your flight. Southwest Airlines provides a flight cancellation option, allowing passengers to cancel tickets they have previously purchased with Southwest Airlines effortlessly.

The Southwest Airlines cancellation policy is flexible and depends on the ticket purchased, the destination, and the fare class. In case of cancellation of Anytime, Business Select, or Senior tickets, the exact amount of the purchased fare will be credited back to the original payment method.

In addition, you will learn in this guide about:

  • Firstly, how to cancel your flight through a website, via a website, or through a mobile app.
  • Secondly, Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy.
  • Thirdly, Southwest Airlines Cancellation Fee.
  • Then, about the refund policy.
  • Afterward, how to get a refund.
  • Lastly, some FAQs.

How to Cancel Southwest Flight through Official Website?

  1. Firstly, open your browser and visit the Southwest Airlines Official website.
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Then, provide your 6-digit booking reference number and also your last name.
  4. Once provided with all the details, you can easily fetch the booking you want to cancel.
  5. Now, select the flight to cancel. Then, tap on the cancel tab and cancel your ticket.
  6. Afterward, pay the cancellation fee, if required, and you are done.
  7. Lastly, you will get the cancellation mail in your inbox.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Via Mobile App

  1. First, you need to download the Southwest App on your phone from the Play Store or iOS store.
  2. Now provide your credentials like your name or email ID and password to log in.
  3. Now, tap on the sign-in button.
  4. Then, select the flight that needs to be canceled.
  5. Select the cancel button given on your screen. Now, provide your confirmation for cancellation.
  6. After that, wait for the confirmation mail you will get in your registered mail.
  7. You will receive the refund in the original payment mode or a travel credit form.
  8. However, you can use the travel credit when purchasing your future flight within a year.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation At the Airport

  1. Firstly, you must go to the nearest airport from your home or hotel.
  2. Then, locate  Southwest Airlines’s Airport Ticket Office (ATO).
  3. After that, talk with an agent of Southwest Airlines and tell them about your ticket cancellation.
  4. Provide him with your flight booking reservation number, and lastly, confirm your cancellation and pay for the needed cancellation fee.
  5. Lastly, you will receive the refund amount credited back to your credit/debit card that you used for making the payment.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy is straightforward. Passengers can cancel their flight up to ten minutes before their scheduled departure time without penalty.

  1. If you buy your flight ticket via Rapid Rewards, points will be credited to the loyalty account.
  2. Additionally, if passengers buy their flight tickets in cash, they will be refunded to your payment method or converted to your Travel Credit, depending on your fare type.
  3. However, if not canceled at least 10 minutes before departure, the ticket’s purchase price will be converted to travel credits that can be used for future purchases.
  4. Moreover, if passengers cancel their non-refundable booking within 24 hours, you can refund your original payment method or convert your fare to travel credit.
  5. If you receive Southwest Travel Credits after canceling your ticket, please be aware that there are some limitations on how you can use your credits.
  6. In addition, travel credits can only be accessed by the confirmation number and the passenger’s name who booked initially.
  7. Therefore, it cannot be transferred to another person. Travel credits also have an expiry date. You must use your travel credits to travel on a new flight within a year of your original flight date.

Furthermore, the Southwest cancellation policy is user-friendly, & the process is relatively easy, so you can consider canceling your flight if your plans of flying change or prices drop. You can rebook your tickets using points, travel credits, or cash refunds.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation for 24 hours

  • The 24 cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines is only applicable when you book your tickets through the mobile app or via the website.
  • This 24-risk-free policy does not apply to complementary flight tickets.
  • The Southwest Airlines 24-hour policy does not work for the Wanna Get Away Tickets.
  • Moreover, you should book your flight at least seven days before the departure date.
  • In addition, you can cancel your ticket by calling the reservation department of Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation for Non-Refundable Tickets

Southwest Airlines bookings can be quickly canceled without penalty. However, if the customer cancels the flight with a non-refundable fare, they will receive the travel fee. Moreover, you can use the credit for future trips from the date of the first purchase to one year. Credits can be reused as long as they are canceled under the no-show policy.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Fee

Passengers can cancel their flight without paying any cost within the first 24 hours of booking their tickets. Beyond the 24 hours, they need to pay the fee for cancellation of their bookings.

Type of TicketCancellation Fee
Wanna Get Away$200
Wanna Get Away No ShowNot Permitted
Anytime No Show$150+$75
Business Select$125
Business Select No Show$125+$75
Southwest Airlines Cancellation Fee Chart

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy

  • As per the refund policy, you can get your refund for the canceled ticket in the original payment mode. However, you can convert your refund into travel credit, which you can use on your future flights.
  • Moreover, remember that all non-refundable flight tickets can only be refunded if you cancel your flight within the first 24 hours of booking.
  • In addition, if you cancel your ticket in the risk-free window, you may use your travel credit when purchasing your forthcoming flight tickets.

How does Southwest Airlines receive a Refund?

Receiving refunds on Southwest flights not only depends on the ticket type you purchased initially but also on whether you bought it in cash or with Rapid Rewards points. Also, a few add-ons, like Early Bird Boarding, come under the non-refundable category. Moreover, if a passenger cancels a ticket that he booked with adding Early Bird Boarding, the amount paid for this add-on will not be refunded. If you cancel your Anytime or Business Select ticket, you can receive travel credits or a refund to your original payment method.

Booked in Cash

Wanna Get Away flight tickets are usually the airline’s minimum fare, and you will get airline travel funds if you choose to cancel.  If you would like a refund to the original payment method instead of the Travel Voucher, you must purchase a Southwest Anytime or Business Select ticket.

Booked With Rewards

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy is flexible for award tickets. If you want to cancel a flight purchased with Southwest Rapid Rewards points, you will get your points back.

In addition, if points are paid for taxes & fees, you can convert them into travel credits for future travel or refund to your account.

Getting a Refund for Southwest Cancellation

  1. Visit the  Southwest Airlines homepage or search for in your device’s browser.
  2. From the home page, click the Change / Cancel tab.
  3. Enter the passenger’s confirmation number, first name, and last name in the displayed space and click the ‘Search’ button.  
Southwest Airlines Refund Process
  1. View the existing itineraries in the list and select the itinerary you want to cancel. 
  2. After canceling a flight, we will send you a refund request for the canceled flight.
  3. You will get the refund in the original mode of payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Southwest Airlines offers several easy refund options. Book some Wanna Get Away, Anytime, and Business tickets to use your credits for future travel plans for up to one year. Also,  if you cancel your ticket more than 10 minutes before departure, you will be refunded the Southwestern fare option selected in Business Anytime. Suppose you do not book a flight to travel in any segment. In that case, you can cancel your ticket from Southwest Airlines' official website or app or by contacting Southwest Customer Service 24 hours before your ticket reservation. You can also receive it in the form paid at booking.

There are many ways to cancel your Southwest Airlines tickets. You can cancel your flight easily with southwest by visiting its website, or downloading its app, by going to the Southwest airport ticket counter.

Cancel your flight without paying any cost within the first 24-hours of booking your tickets. Beyond the 24-hours, you need to pay the fee for canceling your bookings, as per the Southwest Airlines Cancelation Policy.


Type of TicketCancelation Fee
Wanna Get Away$200
Business Select$125

Southwest Airlines will take 5-30 days to process your refund amount, as per the Southwest refund policy. Moreover, the refund department will initiate the refund process in your original form of payment within seven business days after receiving the request.

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