Qantas Cancellation Policy – Domestic and International Flights

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After booking the flight tickets on Qantas, travelers often get into a situation where they might have to cancel their booking. Thus, it can be chaotic which can lead to losing all the ticket value. But with Awareness of Qantas Cancellation Policy, passengers can save their hard-earned money.

  • Passengers can cancel their booking through the official website or by contacting the Qantas assistance team. 
  • The cancelations will be applied to the entire booking. If travelers want to cancel an individual booking, then they need to first separate the booking. 
  • If a traveler has purchased Qantas insurance while booking the tickets, then for cancellation, they must contact the provider for guidance. 
  • The cancelation fee depends on the fare type or reward type.
  • All the add-on services will also get canceled after passengers cancel their booking. 
  • When passengers have a booking through a travel agent, in this case, they must contact the travel agency for any cancellations. 
  • Moreover, Qantas allows passengers to cancel their flights until midnight of the same day of booking without any fee.
  • In case, Qantas cancels their flight for any reason, passengers are entitled to receive compensation. 

Qantas 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Video Guide on Qantas Cancellation Policy

According to the Qantas 24-hour Flight Cancellation policy, travelers can cancel their booking without incurring additional charges, whether traveling within Australia or for international destinations. The 24-hour Cancellation Policy applies to all fares. 

But there are a few conditions that should be met by the passenger to take the benefit of a risk-free cancellation policy. 

  • Travelers should keep in mind that, grace period cancellation only applies, if the booking is made at least seven days before the departure and the cancellation request is made seven days in advance. 
  • Also, tickets purchased online via the Qantas app, the official website or the sales office are eligible for the 24-hour cancellation policy. 

Qantas Award Flight Ticket Cancellation Policy

If travelers have used the reward points to book a ticket, then they are still able to cancel their flight. Qantas Flight Cancellation Fee depends on the type of reward passengers hold. 

Qantas Cancellation Policy for Classic Rewards

While booking with classic flight rewards, travelers have to pay a fee according to Qantas cancellation policy. The remaining value and taxes will be refunded in the form of points. 

Points Plus Pay- Flight  

The cancellation policy for tickets booked through Points Plus Pay – Flight, is dependent on the fare purchased. Travelers can cancel this type of reservation. The refund rule will be according to the fare conditions. 

Combination of Points Plus Pay- Flight and Classic Rewards

Passengers flying on Qantas can also book their ticket by redeeming a combination of Classic rewards and Points Plus Pay – Flight. Passengers can cancel the bookings and receive a refund in the form of travel credits or original payment mode depending on the fare conditions. 

Qantas International Flight Cancellation Policy 

Passengers traveling on international locations class can cancel their booking by paying a cancelation fee and the refund amount will be credited in the form of flight credits. 

Economy Class

Sale: Cancellation is not permitted for flights to New Zealand. On the other hand, passengers can cancel the flight to North America and South America for A$400. Cancellation after a no-show is not permissible.  

Saver: A$200 flight cancellation charges. In case of cancellation after a no-show, travelers will have to pay A$500.

Flex:  No cancellation charges. A$500 revocation fee after a no-show. 

Premium Economy Class

Sale: Travelers can cancel the Premium Economy Sale fare by paying A$400. However, cancellation after a no-show is not permitted. 

Saver: For flights to North America and South America, Qantas charges A$200 for canceling the flight.

Flex: No cancellation fees. 

Business Class

Sale: Passengers can cancel their Business Class sale ticket for flights to South America and North America by paying A$600. 

Saver: On the other hand, Saver Fare passengers need to pay A$300. The Qantas Cancellation policy allows passengers on flights to North America and South America to cancel their booking even after a no-show. But the cancellation charges will be A$800.

Flex:  The flex fare holders can cancel their tickets for free. However, in case of a no-show, cancellation charges will be A$800.

First Class 

  • In the case of first-class tickets, Qantas International Flight Cancellation policy for trips to North America is similar to Business class passengers.
  • However, for flights to South America, saver fare passengers cannot cancel their booking. 
  • But with Flex fare, travelers can cancel their booking for free.  

Qantas Domestic Flight Cancellation Policy

According to the class type, Qantas allows cancellation and charges a cancellation fee. 

  • In Economy class, the Red e-deal passengers cannot cancel their booking. Whereas, flex holders can cancel the flight at least 30 minutes before departure with a cancellation fee. 
  • On the other hand, in Premium Economy class, Saver fare passengers must cancel their booking at least one hour before departure. The airlines will levy a cancellation charge. 
  • However,  Premium Economy Flex ticket holders can cancel their booking without paying any extra charge to the airline. 
  • Business class passengers can cancel their flight for free before departure. 
  • Qantas Airlines does not permit flight cancellation after a no-show under its cancellation policy for domestic flights. 

How Much is the Qantas Cancellation Fee?

Qantas charges a cancellation fee for canceling the tickets that depends on the fare type and destination. Each destination has different allowances and charges. 

Cancellation Fee Within Australia 

Class FareCancellation Fee 
Economy Red e-dealNot allowed 
Flex A$99
Premium Economy Saver A$99
Flex No Fee
Business Flex No fee
Qantas Cancellation Fee Chart within Australia 

Cancellation Fee for Europe and the United Kingdom 

Class FareCancellation Fee 
Economy Sale A$500
Saver A$200
Flex No Fee
Premium Economy Sale A$400
Saver A$300
Flex No Fee
Business Sale A$800
Saver A$300
Flex No Fee
First class Sale A$600
Saver A$300
Flex No Fee
Qantas Cancellation Fee for Europe and the United Kingdom

Cancellation Fee for the Middle East

Class FareCancellation Fee 
Economy Sale A$500
Saver A$200
Flex No Fee
Premium Economy Sale A$400
Saver A$300
Flex No Fee
Business Sale A$600
Saver A$300
Flex No Fee
First class Sale A$600
Saver A$300
Flex No Fee
Qantas Cancellation Fee Chart for the Middle East

Qantas Cancellation Fee for the United States

Class FareCancellation Fee 
Economy Sale A$400
Saver A$200
Flex No Fee
Premium Economy Sale A$400
Saver A$200
Flex No Fee
Business Sale A$600
Saver A$300
Flex No Fee
First class Saver Not Allowed 
Flex No Fee
Qantas Cancellation Fee for the Middle East

How to Cancel Qantas Flight Booking?

Travelers can cancel their bookings through the official website or by calling the airline. When a traveler books their tickets from a third party, the airline cannot make any cancellations. Thus, passengers have to contact the travel agency to revoke the bookings.

Cancel a Flight Booking Via the Official Website 

Passengers can use the self-service tool, Manage Booking on the website. 

  • Passengers should visit the official website of Qantas.
  • Continue with the manage my booking feature.
Image via
  • Now, mention the booking number and passenger details.
  • After accessing the trip details, select the Cancel/Voucher option from the flight panel.
  • Herein, select the Continue tab to cancel the booking.
  • Now, review the flight and the passengers for whom cancellation will apply.
  • In the last, click on the “Confirm Booking Cancellation” option.
  • However, there will be a cancellation fee according to the passenger’s fare type. 
  • After completing the transaction, passengers will get confirmation regarding the cancellations. 

Passengers who are members of Qantas  Business Rewards can log into their accounts and directly manage their bookings. 

It could be possible that the “Cancel” button is greyed out under My Booking. So, in that case, travelers have to reach out to the Qantas executives. 

Contact With the Executive On a Phone Call

If passengers are unable to make a cancellation request through Manage Booking they can call the airline team. Moreover, when canceling a ticket through a phone call, an extra service fee will be applied. 

  • Call the official helpline number of the airline according to the region. 
  • Passengers have to follow the IVR instructions and press the desired key.
  • After connecting with an agent, request them to cancel the flight booking.
  • The executive will ask about the passenger’s details and booking reference number.
  • After that, the agent will cancel the booking, that the passenger has asked for.
  • Now, pay the cancellation fee according to the fare type.
  • In the end, passengers will receive the mail about cancelation at the mail address.

Qantas Cancellation Refund Policy

  • In case of refunds, passengers will receive the unused portion of their tickets, in regards to any cancellation on Qantas. 
  • If the ticket is not eligible for a refund, then Qantas will only provide taxes as a refund. 
  • However, if a traveler cancels their tickets within 24 hours of booking, the airline gives a complete refund without deducting any fee.
  • Moreover, when cancellation is done after 24 hours of booking, the Qantas charges a fee and provides a refund.

According to the Qantas Airlines Refund Policy, it will also provide refunds to passengers in cases like:

  • When Qantas cancels the flight no alternative flight is available.
  • If the delay of the flight is exceeded travelers cannot wait more. 
  • When a passenger misses their connecting flight because of Qantas flight delay.
  • If the airline is not able to carry passengers when they have a confirmed booking. 

How to Apply for a Refund on Qantas?

Passengers can request a refund via modes, like call or online. The Qantas team will approve after checking the details and will process the refund accordingly.

Speak to the Executive

Flyers can call the airline helpline number and request the agent to process the refund by providing all the details of the booking. The executive will provide two options: refund or voucher. So, travelers can choose the suitable option. 

Apply for Refund Online 

  • First, passengers should visit the official website.
  • On the menu go to the “Fly” option and then click on “Manage Booking. ” 
  • Retrieve the booking.
  • Now under the flight panel click on the Cancel/Voucher option.
  • While canceling the ticket, the airline will provide the option of a refund or credit voucher.
  • Choose the convenient option. 
  • After deducting the cancellation fees, Qantas will refund the amount in the original form of payment or as credit vouchers. 
  • Once the cancellation request is complete, the refund process is initiated. 

Qantas Cancelled Flight Policy

In case if Qantas flight is cancelled because of any reason within 72 hours of departure, the airline will arrange an alternative flight for its passengers. Qantas will not charge any additional fee. 

Meanwhile, the airline will update the passengers about the delays via SMS or e-mail. However, if the delay is longer, travelers will receive a meal voucher, two phone calls, telefax, or emails. 

Compensation Provided by Qantas

When Qantas Airlines is responsible for cancellation or delay, travelers will get the following compensation. 

Away from the home airport

TimeVoucher AccommodationTransfers
More than 2 hoursYesNoNo
Overnight stay less than 12 hoursA$30YesYes
Overnight stay of more than 12 hoursA$30YesYes
Compensation chart by Qantas

At home airport

TimeVoucher AccommodationTransfers
More than 2 hoursYesNoNo
Overnight stayNoNoCab Charge
Compensation chart by Qantas

However, Qantas will not provide any compensation if:

  • Passengers are informed about the cancellation 14 days before the departure. 
  • Also, the airline offers an alternative flight between 7-13 days before departure. 
  • The cause of the cancellation is due to an unavoidable situation that is not in the control of Qantas Airlines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if Qantas cancels the flight?

When Qantas Airlines cancels the flight, according to its cancellation policy, it will provide alternative flights for travelers. However, if passengers are not comfortable with that flight, they can choose not to travel. They can request a full refund or equivalent credit voucher irrespective of the fare. 

What is the Qantas 24-hour cancellation policy?

Per Qantas’s 24-hour flight cancellation policy, passengers will get a full refund if they cancel their ticket within 24 hours of booking. Moreover, it applies to all fare types, including non-refundable tickets. But, passengers should have purchased the ticket at least seven days before flight departure. 

How much does Qantas charge for canceling the booking?

According to the Qantas Cancellation Policy, passengers have to pay a fee that depends on their fare and class type, and also according to their destination. After the cancellation, the airline will provide the remaining ticket value as flight credits for future trips. 

What is the cancellation fee in the Economy class of Qantas?

If passengers are traveling within Australia, the cancellation fee will be charged A$99 per passenger for a one-way trip. Whereas, for international routes, the price may vary between A$200 to A$500 per passenger for each way. 

Which cancellation conditions apply to bookings made with Flight Credit?

When travelers book a new Qantas ticket through flight credits, the cancellation rules of the original ticket will apply to the new booking. For example, if you cancel your Economy ticket and receive a flight credit. After that, you book a Business Class ticket through flight credit, and then the cancellation rules of an Economy ticket will apply to your new booking. 

Can I get a refund from Qantas?

You can request a refund for your Qantas ticket up to 13 months from the date of issue or till the validity period stated on the ticket. You can request a refund in the original payment mode or get a future travel credit valid for up to one year. However, the refund is subject to the fare conditions. 

Can I cancel the group booking on Qantas?

Yes, you can cancel the group bookings only by contacting the airline over the phone or at the airport counter. The online method is not acceptable for group bookings. 

How to cancel the flight on Qantas online?

In the online process, passengers must visit the official website and log into their Qantas account. After logging in, they can fetch their booking through the Manage Booking option. Under the Manage Booking option, travelers will find the “Cancel/Voucher” option under the flight panel. They should select the option and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel the booking.

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