Air France Cancellation Policy: Award Tickets, Fees and Refund

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Last updated on March 22nd, 2024 at 02:23 pm

Passengers prefer traveling on Air France flights. The exceptional amenities on top of the convenient process make it a number one choice among travelers. Even though passengers have to cancel or change their flight, they don’t feel skeptical as Air France has a comprehensive cancellation policy. 

  • According to the cabin class and fare, passengers are eligible to cancel their flight booking. However, the last rules will be according to the conditions printed on the purchased ticket.
  • Air France also offers a risk-free cancellation period. According to Air France’s Cancellation Policy, the first 24 hours after booking is a risk-free period in which travelers can cancel their ticket free and obtain a full refund.
  • The refund after cancellation will be subject to the rules of the ticket purchased. 
  • Travelers can cancel their flight tickets online if they have purchased the ticket directly from Air France.
  • In the case of bookings made via third party passengers have to reach out to them for cancellation. 
  • Air France will levy a cancellation fee for revoking the flight ticket depending on the cabin class, fare, and route.
  • Travelers can also cancel their award ticket until check-in closes. The cancellation charges will be according to the fare conditions. 

Air France Cancellation Policy for Various Tickets

Video Guide for Air France Cancellation Policy

The eligibility to cancel the Air France flight largely depends on the fare conditions. These fare conditions can change at any time. So, travelers should check the e-mail confirmation of their booking to understand the cancellation rule. The Air France Cancellation Policy for international and domestic flights is different. 

Travel within Europe

  • Business Class Fully Flexible: Cancellation is free
  • Economy Class Fully Flexible: Eligible for booking cancellation by paying a fee. 
  • Other Economy fares: Not eligible for flight cancellation.

Intercontinental Flights

  • Business Class Fully Flexible: Cancellation is free.
  • Other Business Class fares: Cancellation charges are applied. 
  • Premium Economy/ Economy Fully Flexible: Eligible for cancellation for free.
  • Other Premium Economy and Economy fares: Cancellation charges are applied.

Air France 24 Hour Flight Cancellation Policy

  • The Air France 24-hour cancellation policy applies to flights to/from the United States. 
  • According to Air France, travelers who have purchased their ticket seven days or earlier before departure can cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking confirmation without incurring any additional charges.
  • There will be no deduction and the traveler will receive a full refund to their original mode of payment. 
  • If a passenger cancels their booking after the risk-free period is over, then standard cancellation charges will apply. 
  • A 24-hour cancellation policy is applicable on all fares irrespective of the cabin class.
  • Moreover, flyers can only make use of the policy if they have purchased a ticket directly from Air France. 

Air France Cancellation Policy Due to Death or Illness

Air France makes an exception to its cancellation policy in case of bereavement or major illness. Whether the passenger has an unused or partially used ticket, they can cancel their ticket and get a full refund under two circumstances.

  • Due to the death of an immediate family member. 
  • Illness that prohibits the passengers from traveling.

Flyers have to provide proof to Air France to validate their request. 

  • In case of death, the passenger must submit a death certificate.
  • In case of a major illness, the passenger should submit a doctor’s certificate stating the illness and time until the passenger is not safe to travel.

It is the responsibility of the traveler to inform the airline quickly in such events. 

  • If the fare is non-refundable, Air France will refund the amount in the form of travel credits. These travel credits are valid for one year and travelers can use them to book their next flight with Air France.
  • On the other hand, passengers with refundable fares looking for bereavement relaxation will get a full refund in the original form of payment.

Air France Award Ticket Cancellation

Flying Blue is the loyalty program run by Air France. Passengers can redeem flying blue miles for booking flights, purchases with partners, cabin upgrades, and much more. 

  • According to the Air France Cancellation Policy, travelers can cancel their award flight tickets. 
  • Passengers must cancel their Air France award ticket before the closing of check-in time. 
  • Depending on the fare conditions, Air France will charge a cancellation fee. 
  • If the itinerary contains multiple award flight tickets, Air France will refund the miles for unused segments only.
  • Moreover, if a passenger wants to redeposit the miles back to their account, they have to pay a €50 fee.
  • Air France award tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase. 
  • If the passenger fails to cancel the ticket till the validity period, then no miles will be refunded. 
  • However, if a passenger did not use the award ticket and it expires, then they have the right to reimbursement of taxes and airport charges.

Ways to Cancel Air France Flight Booking

Whether you own an Air France refundable, non-refundable, or award ticket, you can use the following ways to cancel your flight.

Ways Cancel Air France Booking

How to Cancel Air France Flight Online?

Travelers can cancel their flight booking online with the help of the self-assistance My Booking tool. Here are the simple steps.

  • Open the browser and visit the official website of Air France.
  • Now, go to the My Bookings option.
  • After that, fetch the trip details by entering the booking reference number and the passenger’s last name.
  • Now, choose the “Cancel Flight” option from the menu.
  • Select the passenger in the booking for whom the cancellation is to be processed.
  • Now, a window will pop up explaining the cancellation policy. Click the ‘OK’ button. 
  • On the screen, the cancellation fee will be displayed.
  • Click on the confirm button to process the request.
  • Air France will deduct the cancellation fee from the ticket value.
  • In the end, the passenger will receive the cancellation confirmation via email.

How to Cancel Booking Via Phone?

Another way to cancel the Air France flight ticket is to reach out to the airline’s executive on a phone call. 

  • Passengers in the United States can call +1 800 237 2747 for assistance with their booking. 
  • Flying Blue members can call the toll-free number + 1800 375 8723 for quick assistance.
  • Air France offers assistance in English, French, and Spanish language. 
  • The traveler has to share the flight details with the executive. The representative will process the request on the passenger’s behalf.
  • Flyers should make requests before the latest check-in deadlines. 
  • Passengers looking to cancel their award ticket can request it through a phone call. 

Request Cancellation Through Web Chat

A dedicated online chat assistance is available for Flying Blue members. Passengers who are members of the loyalty program can cancel their booking by contacting the assistant over chat. 

  • Travelers have to visit the website and click on the chat button.
  • Enter the booking reference number and other details.
  • An agent will connect to the chat instantly. 
  • Passengers have to request the agent to cancel their flight.
  • The agent will share the policy and cancel the booking.
  • After cancellation, Air France will notify the traveler about cancellation confirmation through an e-mail.

Air France Cancellation Fees

Air France charges cancellation fees according to the fare conditions and route. In addition to cancellation fees passengers may have to pay the administrative fee for canceling the ticket. The administrative fee may vary according to the method utilized for cancellation requests. 

The administrative fee for canceling the ticket

MethodAdministrative Fee
My BookingsNil
Ticket Counter$20
Ticket Counter with Full Flex$0
Online Form$0
Award Flight$50
administrative fee chart according to Methods

Air France Cancellation Insurance

Air France in coordination with Allianz offers a flexible insurance policy to its travelers. Passengers will get reimbursement of the non-refundable portion of their ticket through Air France’s cancellation/modification-missed flight insurance policy. 

  • Air France cancellation insurance is applicable on flight tickets and other additional services purchased before and after the booking. 
  • The cancellation insurance should be purchased within 24 hours of booking.
  • According to Air France, the cancellation insurance will come into effect from the date of issue and expires on the date mentioned on the proof of insurance document or on the date on which the trip is canceled.
  • The cancellation insurance applies to the whole trip irrespective of the destination. 
  • Air France cancellation insurance covers the passengers in case of-
  • Death of a family member.
  • Interview for adoption.
  • Terrorist attack.
  • Affected by Illness or death of a family member.
  • Theft of passport 48 hours before departure. 
  • Air France requests travelers to inform Allianz online or via phone within 5 days of cancellation. 
  • Passengers can purchase cancellation insurance when they book a ticket online, via phone, or at the ticket office. 

Air France Refund Policy

  • Passengers have to request a refund after canceling their Air France flight ticket. 
  • Flyers must submit the request either to the airline for tickets purchased directly from Air France or to the travel agent of a third party.
  • Air France will grant a refund for the unused segments in the itinerary.
  • According to the Air France Cancellation Refund policy, travelers are eligible for a voucher or a refund, depending on the fare conditions.  
  • Moreover, the refund will be reimbursed according to the gross fare paid for the ticket.
  • Air France will not accept the refund request when the ticket’s validity date is over. 
  • If the passenger has cancellation insurance coverage, then they can use it to claim a full refund irrespective of fare and destination. 
  • The refund amount may vary from one destination to another for similar travel classes.

Under the following conditions, travelers will be eligible for a full refund.

  • If travelers flying from/to the US cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking. 
  • When Air France cancels the flight.
  • Air France denies boarding to the passenger.
  • Also, if the Air France flight is delayed by more than 5 hours. 
  • When the passenger misses their connecting flight due to flight delay.

How to Claim a Refund?

Passengers must remember that after voluntary cancellation, they have to fill out the online refund form. Flyers need to fill out a separate form for claiming a refund due to illness/death, or cancellation of only a few passengers in the booking.

  • Go to the official website of Air France.
  • Sign in to your Air France account or Flying Blue member account.
  • Now, click on the Manage My Booking option.
  • After that, choose the “Refund” option.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to make a refund request.

If the refund option is not available under the “My Bookings” option, then fill out the refund request form.

  • Go to the official website and navigate to the “Contact Us” page. 
  • Choose the refund option and on the next screen click on the “Request a refund or voucher” link.
  • You will be directed to the Air France Refund Processing System. Here select the language.
  • After that, enter the 
  • Country.
  • Type of request.
  • Product type.
  • Reason for refund. 
  • Hit the continue button.
  • Accept the conditions in the pop-up window.
  • Now enter the contact details and flight details.
  • Select the passengers from the booking.
  • Click on the submit button.

Air France will transfer the refund in 7 to 20 business days. According to the fare condition, passengers will either receive a travel voucher or a refund to the original payment method.

Air France Cancellation Policy Due to Disruption

Due to any unforeseen circumstances, Air France has the authority to cancel your flight. If the airline cancels the flight, flyers will receive assistance and compensation.


When the Air France flight is canceled, passengers can rebook their flight for free under similar travel class conditions. They can choose the flight date at their convenience. 


Passengers can also seek a refund for the canceled flight. The airline will provide a full refund. It will also reimburse for the unused add-on services. 

Apart from that, passengers will also receive meals and hotel accommodations for overnight stays without any additional charges.


The compensation is not granted at the airport. Travelers have to contact the airline. Passengers can claim compensation for Air France Cancelled flight in the form of cash or non-transferrable travel voucher. 

The maximum compensation is dependent on the flight distance. 

DistanceCredit VoucherCash Compensation
Flights up to 1,500 km€ 350€ 250
Flights within the EU of more than 1,500 km.€ 500€ 400
International flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km€ 500€ 400
More than 3,500 km€ 800€ 600
Air France Compensation Chart Due to Disruption

Air France will not provide any compensation if the passengers receive the information of flight cancellation two weeks before departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Air France 24-hour flight cancellation policy?

Air France’s 24-hour flight cancellation policy applies to flights from/to the US. According to it passengers can cancel their flight for free within 24 hours of booking. However, the flight departure should be seven days ahead. 

How can I cancel my Air France flight booking?

You can cancel your Air France flight booking through the My Booking tool or via phone call to an Air France representative. You can also request a cancellation via the online chat option. 

Does Air France allow cancellations?

Yes. Passengers can cancel their Air France flight booking before the departure. They will receive a refund or travel credit voucher depending on the fare conditions.

What is the Air France cancellation insurance?

Air France offers cancellation/modification-missed flight insurance policy to its passengers. It is optional and travelers can purchase it while booking or within 24 hours after the reservation. When travelers cancel their tickets they will receive a refund for their unused segments irrespective of fare and destination.

Does Air France give refunds?

Depending on the fare eligibility, passengers can claim a refund for their Air France bookings. They can request a refund via My Bookings or fill out the online refund request form. 

How much administrative fee does Air France charge for redepositing miles?

After canceling their award ticket, passengers need to pay € 50 to Air France for redepositing miles in the Flying Blue account.

Can I request a refund after the expiry of my Air France flight ticket?

Air France does not accept the refund after the expiration of the ticket’s validity. In order to claim a refund, passengers must request the refund within its validity period. 

Can I claim a refund from Air France due to the death of an immediate family member?

You can claim a full refund on your Air France flight booking due to the death of an immediate family member or passenger in your booking. You have to submit the proof to the airline to process the request.

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