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Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy- Find rules and limitations here!

Alaska Airlines is a renowned name in the aviation industry. Most individuals choose it to make their air journey hassle-free and seamless. Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages of this airline is that they have a laid down flexible baggage policy. As the baggage policy is quite lenient one is able to carry enough things with them. 

Do you wish to know about Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy in detail? If so, then you have landed on the right page. 

The comprehensive guide contains all the information associated with the baggage policy. Once you read the policy, you will know what you are eligible to carry and what the airline considers restricted items. Continue reading!

What is Alaska baggage policy?

Go ahead to read the information below and find out about the policy of baggage that the airline has set.

Alaska carry on baggage

Alaska Airlines makes sure that people are able to carry enough carry-on baggage. It is always wise to learn about the Alaska Airlines baggage allowance in advance. 

Let’s find out about the carry on baggage below.

Read the points below to learn about this airline’s policy on carry-on baggage. 

  • Firstly, one is eligible to carry one carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a briefcase or laptop. For this, one does not have to pay any fees or charges.
  • Furthermore, as per the Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy, the carry-on bag must not exceed 45 linear inches in dimensions or be bigger than 115 cm, i.e., 61x43x25 cm. This includes both handles and wheels.
  • One needs to place the carry-on bag either in front of the seat or in the overhead cabin.
  • Furthermore, the airline does not consider an umbrella, a jacket, or duty-free items such as wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, etc., as carry-on allowances. 

These are the rules for Alaska Airlines carry on baggage. Make sure that you keep these points in mind to avoid paying additional charges for carry-on bags.

Alaska checked-in baggage

Checked-in baggage is the one that Passengers cannot carry with themselves to the aircraft. Rather the airline takes it at the time of completing the check-in process. As per the Alaska checked-in baggage policy, one is eligible for

  • Carrying two standard bags
  • The dimensions of these bags cannot exceed 62 inches or 157 cm, including the length and height.
  • The maximum weight of the bag cannot exceed 23 kg or 50 pounds.

In case any travelers wish to increase the limit for Alaska Airlines checked in baggage, then go ahead to connect with the travel representative on a phone call or add it by visiting the official website.

Alaska’s Overweight baggage policy

Individuals who take along baggage whose weight exceeds the airline’s rules will have to pay the charges for it. Furthermore, you need to inform the Alaska Airlines team about the same. Moreover, one is eligible to either purchase more baggage via online methods or directly at the airport when they complete the check-in process. 

One needs to make sure that day first that you go through the Alaska Airlines Overweight baggage policy in order to avoid any future misunderstanding. 

How to add baggage to your Alaska booking?

At times, one might want to take a long more baggage. In case, you want to do the same and increase your bag’s limit for your next flight with Alaska, then you can do it either why are online ways or offline once. Also, these ways are quite simple and not time-consuming. Thus, you can use them at your convenience.

Please read the information below, and you will learn about both ways of adding more baggage to your Alaska reservation.

 Add more bags via the official website

One of the most common methods used by Alaska Airlines flyers to add more bags to their tickets is visiting the airline’s official website. On the official website, one needs to follow a few steps in the correct order to add more luggage successfully. Also, on the official website, one can read out about the Alaska Airlines baggage policy in detail. This will help you understand the policy and avoid any confusion later on.

Now, read out the few steps that you need to follow to add more bags.

  • Open the official website on your web browser. 
  • Once the site opens up, you need to look for the option of “manage”.
  • In this step, enter the booking confirmation code and the passenger’s last name in the field provided.
  •  Furthermore, you need to see the reservation that appears on your screen and search for the option of “add more bags.”
  •  Continue by adding the number of bags your willing to and then pay the amount for it. 
  •  Finally, once the amount is paid, the airline will send you the confirmation of your increase baggage limit with Alaska Airlines on your registered email address.

Travelers of this airline must read out about the Alaska Airlines baggage weight limit on the official website and know the rules and regulations associated with it. 

Add more bags via the mobile application

Alaska Airlines has a mobile application. You can download the application on your device using the Play Store or App Store, as well as on other devices, such as tablets and iPads.

Here are the steps that you need to follow once you have the application with you-

  • First and foremost, install the application and then open it.
  • Once it opens up on your device, you need to fill in the details that are asked here in order to view your reservation with Alaska.
  •  As soon as it appears on your screen, follow the instructions, which will finally allow you to add more bags.

Note- People who carry oversized bags with them and reach the airport with them will have to pay the charges for it. Thus, it is always advised by the team of the airlines to go through the Alaska Airlines Oversized baggage policy in advance. 

Add more bags via the phone call

In addition to the online method of adding more bags, there is also the offline method. This one includes using Alaska Airlines’ phone number. The Alaska team is there to assist their flyers throughout the day and on all days of the week. Thus, whenever you are willing to connect with them, simply find the Alaska Airlines customer service phone number on their official website and dial the number. 

As soon as you connect with them, inform them that you are willing to add more bags to a reservation.

What is the cost of additional baggage at Alaska?

Number of bags Price 
Third and each additional$150.00

The table above well let all the flyers of Alaska Airlines no about the Alaska Airlines Baggage Fee. If you wish to carry more bags with you on your next journey with this airline then go ahead to know the charges that you need to pay for the baggage.

Furthermore, as per the Alaska Baggage Policy, if you are traveling within Alaska, then the first, second, and third bags are free. Thus, you won’t have to pay any charges if you travel with Alaska for the three bags. 

FAQS(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Alaska baggage policy for domestic flights?

If you book a domestic flight with Alaska Airlines, you can carry up to 3 bags per passenger. 

Is it possible to skip paying the additional baggage fee at Alaska?

Individuals who want to take a lot more bags with them have to pay a fee for the same. You cannot carry more bags without paying the price for them.

Where do I find detail information on Alaska Airlines baggage policy?

Go to Alaska Airlines’ official website, and you will be able to read all the information associated with Baggage rules and regulations.

Can I add more bags to my Alaska reservation on a phone call?

The airline’s contact details are on its official website. Contact a representative and ask them to add more bags.

What are the maximum dimensions for the carry-on bags at Alaska Airlines?

The dimensions for the carry-on bags cannot exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Be sure to keep your luggage as per these dimensions if you do not want to pay the baggage fee.

Do I need to pay a fee for overweight bags?

Paying the few for the overweight back is a must. You can either do it online through the official website or directly at the airport.

Can I use the Alaska mobile application to increase my baggage limit?

Go ahead and download Alaska’s mobile application on your preferred device, and follow the instructions to add more bags. 

Can I pre-pay for my bag online?

You can simply pay for the bags in advance either via Alaska’s official website or by using its mobile application. 

I am traveling with the Alaska. Do I still need to pay for three bags?

As per the Alaska Airlines baggage policy, the airline does not charge you any fee if you have three bags and you are traveling within Alaska.

What to do if I get stuck while completing the process of adding more bags to my Alaska reservation?

In case any passenger gets stuck while adding more baggage, they can simply call the travel representatives.

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