Emirates Name Change Policy: Process, Restrictions, and Fee

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Last updated on November 4th, 2023 at 12:02 pm

Travelers often make spelling mistakes in their names during booking an Emirates flight ticket. It can turn out to be a headache as Emirates does not allow the passenger to fly when their name on the ticket does not match the ID proof. Travelers can rectify the name but they need to be aware of Emirates Name Change Policy

  • One can change their name for any spelling mistake on an Emirates ticket. However, the airline only allows changes in the passenger’s name if the booking is through Emirates only. 
  • Travelers can change their name at least 2 hours before departure. 
  • Moreover, passengers must provide proof validating their name correction. 
  • Emirates does not allow to transfer of tickets to someone else, by changing the name on a passenger’s ticket to other passengers. 
  • Emirates Name Correction Policy allows only correction of up to four characters in the name. 
  • While using a Skywards frequent flyer account for booking tickets, Emirates does not allow changing the name. 
  • When passengers change their name legally, they can make modifications throughout their trip. In case of marriage or divorce, Emirates allows passengers to change their last or first name. 
  • A name change fee is applicable in certain routes for changing names on Emirates.
  • Travelers can change their name through the official website, by contacting the center, or ticket office. 

Emirates Name Change Policy: Eligible Corrections

Video Guide to Emirates Name Change Policy

Travelers can correct their names with Emirates for many reasons up to 2 hours before departure. The airline might charge a fee according to the changes required to their name. According to the Emirates Name Change Policy, here are the name corrections travelers can make.

Spelling Correction

Under the Emirates Name Correction Policy, passengers can make corrections up to 4 characters in the first, middle, or last name. This will incur a name change fee, according to the route. 

Name Change After Marriage on Emirates

Passengers can change their name on Emirates flight tickets if the reason is marriage. For instance, when the flight was booked the passenger was unmarried but at the time of traveling, they got married. So Emirates allows them to make changes in their last name. Passengers can make changes via a phone call or visit the official website. There will be a charge applicable for making modifications. The traveler must provide a copy of their marriage certificate as proof, then the airline will process the request. 

For Legal Name Changes on the Emirates 

Flyers who change their name legally between the booking and departure date can make corrections by paying the name correction fee, depending on their route. Passengers can do name corrections through the official website, or the phone.  However, according to the Emirates Name Correction Policy, passengers have to submit copies of legal documents. That includes

  • Court orders.
  • Divorce agreement.
  • Adoption documents.

Middle Name Change on Emirates

Travelers can also make corrections in the middle name. In the Emirates name change policy, passengers can add or remove their middle name from their booking. 

Name Change Policy for Emirates Skywards Program Members

Under the Emirates Name Change Policy, passengers cannot change the name on the ticket, if it is booked through Skywards Frequent Flyer rewards account.

Members of the Skywards Frequent Flyer Program must inform Emirates in writing along with all legal documents as the Emirates Skyward program requires timely requests about the evidence of change. Moreover, they might also need additional information about the account validation purpose concerning any change to the personal details of the members. 

Name Change on Emirates Gift Vouchers

Emirates does not allow passengers to make changes to gift vouchers, or promotional fares. Moreover, if a traveler has a gift voucher with the other person’s name on it, then the airline will not change it. Meanwhile, the voucher will not be applicable because it is only valid if the name on the voucher and the passenger’s name on the booking match. 

How to Request Name Change on Emirates?

According to the Emirates name change policy, flyers can make modifications to their names through the official website, by phone call, or by visiting the ticket office. However, if the booking is through a third party, then passengers must contact the travel agency to make any Correction. 


Change the Name by Manage My Booking Feature

The most convenient way to modify the name on the Emirates flight ticket is through the Online Manage Booking feature. Here is the Emirates name change procedure.

  • First, one must visit the official website.  
  • Then, choose the manage my booking option from the main menu.
  • Now, mention the necessary details, like the passenger’s name and booking number. 
  • After fetching the flight details, select the “Change a name” option from the menu. 
  • After that choose the passenger’s name from the booking for whom the corrections are required.
  • Now, fill out the Emirates Name Change form and enter the correct name on the box that displays on the screen. 
  • Press the confirm button to proceed with the changes.
  • A fee might be charged to change the name. So, pay the necessary fee.
  • At last, the name will be updated in the current PNR. 

Make Name Corrections Via a Phone Call

For instance, if the flyer cannot make name corrections online, they can use offline mode. They can call Emirates helpline number and get real-time assistance. 

  • Passengers can call the helpline number of Emirates.
  • After that follow the IVR instructions, and press the preferred key to speak to the executive.
  • Now, request the agent to make a correction in the name and provide booking details. 
  • If the reason for changes is marriage or legal name changes, passengers must provide documents as proof at the time of check-in. 
  • Now, pay for the name change fee if necessary. 
  • Lastly, a confirmation mail will be sent to the registered mail address. 

Visit the Ticket Office of the Emirates 

Passengers can make necessary changes to their names by visiting the airline counter at the airport. Make sure if one wants to make changes at the airport, they should arrive two hours earlier than the scheduled time. At the counter, request the agent to make changes to their booking related to name. Then, share the flight details and the correct name that passengers want to change. Meanwhile, they must also show their photo ID as a piece of evidence. The executive might ask for a name change fee. After the payment, executives will correct it. 

Contact Travel Agent for Third-Party Bookings

Travelers who have booked their flight tickets through an agent or any other third-party platform. they must contact the agent to make the required changes. 

Emirates Name Change Fee

When passengers want to make changes to their name on their flight bookings, Emirates charges a fee that depends on the route. As for some routes, Emirates does not charge any fee. 

  • According to the Emirates name change policy, the airline will charge USD 30 for changing the name for all routes except for Europe, the UK, India, and Brazil. 
  • For Europe, no fee will be applicable if the point of sale is European Union, including Norway. 
  • In the case of Brazil, no name change fee is charged by the Emirates, if the point of sale and origin is in Brazil.
  • For India and the UK, the fee is not applicable when the point of sale is India and the UK respectively. 

What Are the Documents Required to Change Name on Emirates?

Passengers who want to make a correction in their names due to spelling mistakes, marriage, divorce, or a legal name change should submit specific documents to the airline. The documents are:

  • Marriage certificate.
  • Copy of divorce papers from the court.
  • A copy of new and old ID proof with a photo.
  • Adoption papers.

Does Emirates Allow Transfer of Ticket to Another Passenger?

According to the Emirates Name Change Policy, the airline does not allow passengers to change the whole name on their ticket and replace it with another passenger’s name. It strictly prohibits the transfer of a ticket to another passenger. The only option is that travelers must cancel their ticket and rebook the flight with another passenger’s name. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Emirates allow free change on flights?

Yes on certain routes, Emirates does not charge any fee for changing the name on the ticket. When the ticket is purchased from India, Brazil, Europe, or the UK, there are no additional charges. But on all other routes, Emirates will levy a name change fee.

Does Emirates not ask for a middle name?

Emirates will not ask for the middle name unless it is mentioned on the passport of the passengers. Moreover, a middle name is optional to use, rest the flight attendant will see the booking details. 

How much does it cost to change your name on Emirates?

Emirates charges a price to make modifications to your names, per the name change policy. The charges are USD 30 for all destinations, excluding India, Brazil, Europe, and the UK. 

How can I change my name on the ticket via the Emirates website?

From the official website, you can go to the Manage My Booking tool where you can enter your flight details and name. After that, from the list, you can choose the Change Name option, and proceed with the process. Now, select the passenger’s name for whom you want to make changes. Mention the correct name on the box appearing on the screen and press confirm. Pay the name change fee to complete the process. 

What documents do I need to confirm my name change on the Emirates ticket?

If you are making common name corrections, you need to provide valid ID proof. In case of marriage or divorce, you need to submit the marriage certificate or divorce agreement.  Also, in the case of a name change due to adoption, you have to provide adoption documents to complete the process. 

How to change the name of Skywards Members on Emirates?

Members of the Skywards Frequent Flyer Program on Emirates must inform the airline in writing along with all legal documents to make any amendments in their name. Passengers should make timely requests along with documents as the Emirates Skyward program will investigate the request thoroughly. 

Can I change my name on Emirates?

Yes, you can change your name on Emirates up to 2 hours before departure through several methods. Travelers can correct up to 4 characters in their whole name. However, the airline charges a certain change fee that depends on the destination. 

What are the ways to change your name on Emirates?

There are many ways by which travelers can change their name on Emirates. They can speak to Emirates executives or visit the airport counter. They can also prefer using the Manage Booking tool for changing the name online.

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