Air France Name Change Policy: Procedure, and Its Fees

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Are you looking for how to change your name on an Air France ticket? If Yes, then this guide is definitely for you. The Air France Name Change Policy allows passengers to make changes/corrections to their names under some specific conditions.

  • As per the Air France Name Change Policy, the airline allows passengers to change their name, middle name, surname, or any/all combination. 
  • Travelers can change/correct their names on their Air France flight tickets for a fee. However, the fee differs as it depends on the route and ticket type.
  • Furthermore, name change is not permitted by Air France for some types of tickets such as group bookings and promotional fares.
  • There can be situations where a name change or correction might not be possible because of local regulations. In such a scenario, passengers must contact Air France to get more details.
  • Also, flyers must ensure that they make the name changes/corrections before their flight departs to avoid last-minute inconveniences.
  • According to Air France’s Name change/correction policy, it does not allow flyers to change their names once they check in.
  • If any traveler wants to change the ownership of the previous ticket, they must cancel it, and then rebook a ticket with the new flyer’s details.
  • In order to change any legal name due to divorce or marriage, it required supporting documents. 
  • All the other changes such as a change in date of birth, title, and gender are not considered under the name change policy.
  • According to the Air France Name correction policy, the name correction facility is valid for Air France travel tickets starting with stock number 057, regardless of the class and fare type of the flyer.
  • As per the Air France Name Correction Policy, every request for a name correction requires a reissue of the travel ticket.

Types of Air France Name Change on Tickets

The Air France Name Change policy validates the following type of name corrections.


Correction of Spelling Errors

The Air France Name change policy allows the passengers to make minor corrections in the spelling of their names. Also, flyers can make changes to their names if there are minor typing mistakes such as capitalization, incorrect spacing, etc. However, the name of the passenger must match with their identification.

Legal Name Change Due to Marriage or Divorce

If travelers have undergone a legal name change, they can request Air France to change their name on their flight tickets. For a legal name change, passengers also ensure that they submit all their legal documentation including their divorce decree, marriage certificate, or court orders as proof of their name change.

Incomplete Or Missing Middle Name

Flyers are also permitted to request a name change if their name is missing or incomplete on their flight ticket. If they want to add a suffix or middle name, they can do it online.

Note: As per the rule, Air France prohibits fraudulent name changes. Also, if anyone attempts to make a fraudulent name change it will lead to the cancellation of their flight ticket and the passenger will face legal action.

Things To Consider If You Don’t Have Middle/Last Name

If you are traveling on an Air France flight, you must ensure that the name on the ticket matches your government-issued ID. Moreover, if you don’t have a last name, you might face some issues while booking a ticket with Air France. Therefore, here are some points that you must keep in mind if you don’t have a middle/last name so that you don’t encounter any problems.

For No Last Name

If you don’t have a last name, then consider the following points while booking a ticket on Air France Flight:

Contact Air France Representatives 

The first thing you can do if you don’t have a last name is get in touch with the Air France representatives to check whether it is possible to reserve a ticket with the first name or not. The executive will guide you and inform you if there is any specific policy for those travelers with unique circumstances, such as not having a last name.

Use Your Mother’s Or Father’s Last Name

Another thing you can do is use your mother’s or father’s last name while booking a flight with Air France. However, it is crucial to ensure that your name is similar to the government-issued ID.

Provide Additional Identification

If you don’t have a last name, then you can provide some additional details such as a birth certificate, government-issued identification, or passport to book a ticket on an Air France flight.

For No Middle Name

If you are booking your flight with Air France, you might see an option to enter your middle name on your flight ticket. However, it is not necessary to include your middle name, as it is not necessary for identification purposes. Here are some points that you must consider whether you should include your middle name on the ticket or not.

Identification Purposes

As said earlier, in most cases, your name on the ticket and government-issued ID must be similar to each other. Therefore, if your middle name is already mentioned on your ID, then it is essential to include your middle name on the ticket to avoid inconvenience at the time of security checks or check-in.


If you have already traveled with Air France and also included your middle name on your travel ticket, then it is advised to continue doing the same to maintain consistency. Moreover, it will help the airline to avoid any confusion or delays at the airport.

Personal Preference

Including your middle name on your Air France flight ticket is a personal choice. If you prefer to mention your full name on your ticket, including your middle name, you can mention it at the time of booking your flight ticket. However, if you don’t prefer including your middle name, then you skip this part.

How to Change Name on an Air France Ticket?

To correct the typo error in the first and/or last name, passengers need to access their flight reservation on the airline’s website. In order to change the name under legal consideration, they need to call the airline’s phone number.

Air France Name Change Online

If there is a mistake in the name of a passenger, they can make an online request to Air France to correct their name. Here are some simple steps given below through which passengers can make changes/corrections to their names online.

  • Firstly, head back to the Air France official website.
  • After that go to the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • Now, enter the reservation PNR and the last name of the passenger to log into your Manage Booking account.
  • Once you enter the details, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you can see all your reservations.
  • After that choose the ticket and click on the ‘Modify’ option to make modifications in name.
  • Once you click on the ‘Modify’ button, you’ll be redirected to another new page where you can change your name.
  • Enter the correct name in the given field and ensure that the name matches the ID or passport.
  • Once you enter the correct name, click on the ‘Continue’ tab and pay the fees associated with the name change.
  • After paying the fees, you’ll get a confirmation email with all the updated details of your reservation.

Air France Name Change Via Phone Call

  • Air France also allows you to make name changes/corrections over a phone call. 
  • To seek assistance from the airline representative dial 800-237-2747.
  • Once you get connected with the executive, you’ll need to provide your booking reference number and your name and explain the reason for changing your name.

Air France will charge a name change fee for making changes/corrections in your name. However, the fee will depend on your ticket type and the reason for the name change. Once the payment is made, you’ll get a confirmation email from Air France.

Moreover, you are required to provide your document at the time of check-in to support the name change. The documents can be a copy of your ID card or passport.

Air France Name Change Fee 

Air France charges fees for changing or correcting the names of the passengers on their tickets. Passengers may have to pay between $20 to $50 to rectify the passenger’s name. 

However, if passengers with tickets on Air France choose to change/correct the name 30 hours before departure, then there will be no additional fee. In the case of partner airlines, travelers can avoid the name change fee, if they process the request 72 hours before departure. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to correct the name on an Air France ticket?

If your name on your Air France flight ticket is written incorrectly, you can change/correct it in both online and offline ways. For online name change, you need to go to the manage booking section. However, for changing your name in offline mode, you need to call the airline representatives of Air France.

How much does Air France charge for a name change?

The name change/correction fee depends on the reason and ticket type of a passenger. However, the fee for the name change on Air France ranges from $20 to $50.

Does Air France allow name change?

No, Air France does not permit changing the name of the traveler on the ticket. Travelers can make minor corrections only. Also, they can modify the name due to marriage, divorce, or any other legal action.

Can I change my name on Air France due to marriage or divorce?

Yes, you can change your name on an Air France flight if you change your name due to marriage or divorce. However, in such cases, you need to submit your marriage certificates, divorce decree, and court orders for changing your name on your travel ticket.

Does an Air France ticket allow flyers to transfer their ticket to another passenger’s name?

No, Air France does not allow to transfer their Air France ticket to another passenger’s name. Air France strictly prohibits such activities. Travelers have to cancel the booking and rebook the ticket by entering the alternate name. 

Can I book Air France flight tickets if I don’t have a last name?

Yes, you can book Air France flight tickets if you don’t have a last name. You can also use your father’s or mother’s last name if you don’t have your last name.

Does Air France allow the flyers to change their name on the tickets booked from the travel agency?

Yes, you can make changes or corrections in your name on those air tickets that are booked through any travel agency or third party. You can directly contact your travel agency and share your concerns. They will make corrections/changes in your name as per your instructions.

What are the documents required for a legal name change on Air France?

According to the Air France Name Change policy, if any passenger changes their name due to divorce or marriage they must provide their supporting documents such as a Court Order, Marriage certificates, Divorce decree, or Legal affidavit for the name change.

Can I change my name on the Air France flight ticket after check-in?

No, you cannot change the name on your Air France flight ticket after check-in. You have to contact the Air France executive to cancel the check-in and then make the necessary changes in the name.

Can I change my name on Air France promotional fare bookings?

NO. According to the Air France Name Change Policy, travelers cannot change their name on promotional fares. The promotional tickets are granted to specific passengers only and the name on the ticket and voucher should match for promotional fare redemption.

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