Finnair Flight Change Policy: Fare Eligibility, Fees, and Process

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Last updated on October 5th, 2023 at 04:57 am

Passengers can change their flight in case of an emergency or due to any last-minute duty. Finnair provides flight changes according to fare type. However, there are some guidelines and restrictions under the Finnair flight change policy, which every traveler should know before making any changes.

  • Passengers can change the date, time, or destination on Finnair.
  • One must have a confirmed ticket purchased through the official handles of Finnair.
  • Many routes are not approved to make changes on the same day of departure.
  • Finnair offers flexible fares that include no change fee and more spare deadlines for changing flights. 
  • Travelers cannot change their flight on Finnair if the tickets are booked through a third party. 
  • In case of group booking changes, one must contact the helpline number of Finnair. 
  • Flight change facilities are dependent on the fare purchased. Passengers must choose Flex and Classic fares to make changes to their flight for free. 
  • The airline suggests contacting the Finnair helpline number when travelers book their tickets with Finnair Plus points. 
  • Travelers can change their flight at least 48 hours before departure. 
  • After changing the flight, travelers must pay the fare difference amount if applicable. 
  • Flights from Japan require you to pay a fee for making changes. 

Finnair Flight Change Policy for Different Fares

The Finnair Flight Change Policy vastly depends on the fare. The airline has different types of fares that have their benefits and travelers can book them according to their budget and requirements. 

Finnair Flight Change Policy for Different Fares

Superlight/Light Fares 

These fares come under classes, such as economy, premium economy, and business class. Passengers carrying these fares cannot make changes to their flight booking. 

Classic Fare 

This type of fare provides the benefit of flight change. Whether they are flying in Economy or Business class, travelers can change the date easily.

Flex fare

It is the most flexible fare available at Finnair that allows one to make changes to the flight date or time, and passengers with this fare will get a full refund. 

Fare TypeFlight changes 
Economy SuperlightNo 
Economy lightNo 
Economy ClassicYes 
Economy FlexYes 
Premium economy lightNo 
Premium economy ClassicYes 
Premium economy FlexYes 
Business LightNo 
Business ClassicYes 
Business FlexYes 
Chart for Finnair Flight Change Policy for Different Fares

Finnair 24-Hour Flight Change Policy 

Finnair offers a grace period for flights to/from the US. According to Finnair’s 24-hour flight change policy, travelers flying to/from the USA can change their booking without paying any additional charges.

Finnair 24-hour Flight Change Policy applies to all fares but, travelers must book their reservation at least seven days before departure and the changes in flight requests should be made seven days in advance. 

According to Finnair Flight Change rules, passengers won’t be able to make free changes in their flight schedule, if it is departing in less than seven days.  

Change in Flight Policy for Award Tickets

Finnair Plus is a loyalty program operated by the airline. It has many tiers – Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Lumo. All tier members can change their flight time or date. However, flyers should make changes to their award tickets before redeeming them. There might be a fee that will be deducted through the points. Finnair charges EUR 50 to change an award flight booking as per its policy.  

How to Change the Flight on Finnair?

Travelers can make changes to their flight date or time, or even destinations for some particular routes through the official website and by phone call. If the booking is through a travel agency, then the traveler must contact them. 

Flight Changes Through Manage My Booking 

Finnair offers its travelers the benefit of changing their flight online. They can go to the official website and utilize the self-service tool – Manage Booking. 

  • First, travelers can visit the official website of Finnair.
  • Navigate to the Manage My Booking option.
  • Mention the booking number and passenger details.
  • After accessing the trip details, select the flight change option.
  • Now, ensure the flight and the passengers for whom changes will apply.
  • Choose the option of “Date change” or “Destination change.” 
  • Enter the appropriate date or destination and select an available flight.
  • Herein, click on the box at the bottom.
  • At the last, click on the “Confirm flight change” option.

Get Assistance from a Chatbot 

The virtual chat assistant on the Finnair website allows travelers to change their booking schedule. The live chat assistant Sisu will change the flight booking according to the passenger’s needs.

Passengers can visit the “Help and Contacts” page and click on the blue icon at the bottom of the page. The chat window will open. Now, enter a few details and the reason for the chat. After entering the relevant information, travelers can chat with Sisu. It will assist in changing the date or destination of the Finnair flight booking as per fare eligibility. 

Contact the Executive via Phone Call

If the traveler is unable to make changes to their flight through Manage Booking, then the fare is not liable for online flight changes. However, if the fare allows you to make a flight change request, and the flyer is still not able to do so, then they can call the airline. For group reservations, passengers must contact the executive to make changes. 

  • Travelers should call the official helpline number of the airline.
  • Passengers have to follow the IVR instructions and press the desired key.
  • After connecting with an executive, request them to change the flight date or time.
  • The executive will ask for the passenger’s information and booking reference number.
  • The agent will change the booking according to the passenger’s requirements. 
  • Now, pay the flight change fee if liable.
  • In the end, passengers will receive mail about changes in flight at the mail address.

What is the Cost of Flight Change on Finnair?

  • Travelers having a Flex fare can change their booking for free. It means Finnair will not charge any flight change fees.
  • Somehow, if the passenger has Superlight or Light fares, then they are not allowed to change their flight. 
  • When travelers change their flight within 24 hours of booking, no extra flight change fee will be charged. Passengers will receive a full refund in the original form of payment. It refers to all types of fare type, including non-refundable tickets. 
  • For changing award flight tickets, the Finnair flight change fee is EUR 50 per passenger. Moreover, the passenger should inform the airline at least one day before departure. 

When Finnair Changes the Flight 

In any case, when Finnair changes their flight longer than 5 hours, the airline will inform travelers through SMS or mail options. Moreover, one can also check the Manage Booking feature to know about the flight status. 

  • Finnair will reschedule travelers to an alternate flight if their original flight is delayed or canceled. However, if the passenger is not comfortable with the changes made to their flight, they can ask for a refund and contact the Finnair team. 
  • In case of long delays, the airline will compensate their passengers with complimentary meals and refreshment vouchers. 
  • If the flight gets delayed for more than two hours the airline will compensate with a refund. 
  • The refund will be processed and will be credited within 7 to 20 business days at the original mode of payment. 
  • If the flight is delayed, passengers can use the Finnair Manage Booking form to change the booking and fill out the online refund form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my flight destination on Finnair?

No, not really. You can only change the flight destination on certain routes and also with a specific fare type. The service can be completed by contacting the Finnair helpline number. 

Can I change my flight after checking in on Finnair? 

Yes, you can make changes to your flight after check-in. However, you have to go to the Manage My Booking section and cancel the check-in. After that, you can make a flight change request. 

What is the risk-free period on Finnair?

Finnair allows passengers to make changes to their flight within 24 hours of booking without paying any fee, which is applicable for all types of fares. Thus, it is called the risk-free period on Finnair. 

Can I change the group booking on Finnair?

Yes, you can cancel the group bookings but only by contacting the airline over the phone. The online method is not available for group bookings. 

What is the flight change fee on Finnair?

On Finnair, travelers having a Flex fare can change their booking for free. Whereas Classic fare holders have to pay a certain fee depending on the route. When travelers change their flight within 24 hours of booking, no extra flight change fee will be charged. For changing flights with award tickets, Finnair charges EUR 50 per passenger one way. 

Can I change my award ticket on Finnair?

Yes, Finnair allows its loyalty program members to make changes to their flights. But Finnair charges EUR 50 to change the award flight booking as per its policy.  

What are the ways to change the flight on Finnair?

Passengers can change their flights through the Manage Booking tool on the official website, or by phone call. They can also seek the assistance of virtual chat assistant Sisu. 

Which Finnair fares are not eligible for flight change requests?

If you own a Superlight or Light fare, then you are not eligible to make a flight change request as per the Finnair flight change policy. 

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