United Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world as its policies and facilities are all passenger-oriented. Often passengers with special needs prefer United Airlines. Passengers with a disability can request wheelchair help from United. But the question that annoys travelers is how to add Wheelchair Assistance to United Airlines Booking.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the process of adding wheelchair assistance in booking a flight ticket in detail for a comfortable and safe journey ahead.

Ways To Add Wheelchair Assistance On United Airlines

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Add Wheelchair Assistance In United Airlines Booking Via Website

  • Passengers of United Airlines can book wheelchair assistance through the official website.
  • Firstly go to the United Airlines website and choose “My trip”.
  • Enter your reservation details and then select find.
  • Click “Edit” next to the name of the passenger you wish to request wheelchair assistance for once your booking is displayed.
  • Pick “Wheelchair service” under “Special assistance.”
  • Subsequently, you will be required to input the passenger’s particular needs, including whether they need an electric or manual wheelchair, along with any extra remarks or observations.
  • Before submitting your request, click “Continue” and check it.

Add Wheelchair Assistance In United Airlines Booking Via App

Requesting wheelchair help through the United Airlines mobile app will involve just a few steps.

  •  After launching the app, select “My trips.”
  • Choose the reservation for which you would like to make a wheelchair assistance request.
  • Press the “Add special assistance” button.
  • Select “Wheelchair service” and provide any extra notes or comments along with the passenger’s exact needs, including whether they need an electric or manual wheelchair.
  • Examine your request before sending it. 

Add Wheelchair Assistance In United Airlines Booking through Email

If any traveler is willing to contact United Airlines via email, then they or contact the customer service team.

  • Send an email to customerrelations@united.com.
  • Add your reservation information and indicate that you need help using a wheelchair.
  • Indicate the kind of wheelchair needed, if an electric or manual wheelchair is needed, and any other particulars.
  • Before sending the email, proofread it.

Add Wheelchair Assistance In United Airlines Booking through Call

Calling the United Airlines team is another way to add wheelchair assistance to the booking. Travelers can dial United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Phone Number +1 800 228 2744 and get in touch with the Accessibility Desk.  

  • After calling the airlines request them to add wheelchair help in their United Airlines booking. 
  • Include information about the kind of wheelchair you need, whether it’s an electric or manual wheelchair and any other particular needs.

If the traveler has not requested wheelchair assistance in advance, the passenger can request wheelchair assistance directly at the airport by going to the check-in counter.

What are the Electric Battery Type Requirements for Wheelchairs?

For an electric wheelchair, the need and the type of battery must be the same as United Airlines regulations. For safety reasons, the airline mandates that the wheelchair and battery be securely attached to prevent potential short circuits at the terminal. Batteries would be attached to the wheelchair when fit through the plane bin door.

Batteries should be determined as spillage, non-spillable, or lithium-ion, as it will be helpful for ground staff to handle. Dry cells and gel cell batteries are non-spillable and require some handling requirements.

Spillable Batteries

Wet cell batteries are under this category and need special preparations before transporting them. The batter should be disconnected and not have any defects to prevent short circuits.

Non-spillable Batteries

Dry cells and gel cell batteries need a few requirements during air transport. With these batteries, a wheelchair can be stored in the cargo bin of the flight, including the battery in it.


These batteries are made of hazardous material that overheats and is exposed to specific conditions, and once it ignite, they will be challenging to control. So, before bringing these battery wheelchairs, ensure it is safe to transfer and inform the staff to handle them carefully.

Eligibility for Wheelchair Assistance

  • Passengers will only get wheelchair assistance only if a mobility issue is there with the passenger. Issues like discomfort in walking long distances, climbing stairs, or standing for a long duration.
  • Airlines also provide wheelchair assistance to those passengers with visual and hearing problems.
  • A passenger who has medical issues and requires oxygen during the journey through the flight may also request wheelchair assistance.

Types of Wheelchair Assistance at United Airlines

United Airlines provides various types of wheelchair assistance. It keeps checking on the passenger during the journey and extends assistance whenever needed. 

Boarding and Deplaning Assistance

  • Wheelchair assistance is provided to all those passengers who have mobility issues during boarding and deplaning.
  • Passengers who need wheelchair assistance are allowed to board first so that these passengers take their seats comfortably before all the other passengers board.
  • Passengers are assisted by the trained personnel of the airlines.
  • Airlines personnel have the responsibility that the passenger is seated comfortably and safely. The aisle wheelchairs will be provided for help.
  • When the destination arrives, airline personnel will retrieve the wheelchair and assist the passenger in deplaning.
  • Moreover, airline personnel will ensure that they all carry passenger luggage and medical equipment before leaving the airport.

Airport Assistance

Wheelchair assistance is provided to the passengers from the time they arrive at the airport until the passenger departs. A manual wheelchair will be provided to the flyers. It is usually 18 inches wide. 

  • Airlines personnel who are trained will assist in the journey and help in navigating.
  • The staff will assist everywhere at the airport from checking in to boarding the aircraft.  Moreover, passengers will get help with some medication and medical equipment.

In-Flight Assistance

Apart from assistance during boarding and deplaning, United Airlines provides wheelchair help during the flight. Travelers with a disability can request an onboard wheelchair to access the lavatory. 

How Much Does United Airlines Charge for Wheelchairs?

Usually, United Airlines does not charge any additional fees or charges for wheelchairs. If a passenger’s wheelchair is not according to the baggage rules, it will be denied boarding.

Passengers who are suffering from mobility issues and are disabled can check up to two wheelchairs for free in addition to their checked bags. 

However, if you exceed the free wheelchair allowance, United Airlines will charge extra baggage fees. 

Do United Airlines have handicapped seating?


United Airlines provides handicapped seating for all those people who are suffering from some disability. Passengers who require handicapped seats can inform the airline at the time of booking or later by contacting the accessibility desk. Travelers can request 

  • Aisle wheelchair to reach the seat.
  • Seat with movable armrest.
  • I was sitting next to your travel companion.
  • A seat with extra legroom.

Travelers should inform the airline as early as possible before the flight. This allows airlines to prepare all the assistance which are needed by disabled passengers.

Other Special Assistance Provided by United Airlines

Not only wheelchair assistance, but United Airlines also provides passengers with many other special assistance.

  • Medical oxygen.
  • Portable oxygen concentrators.
  • Telecommunication device for the deaf.
  • Stretcher service.
  • Visual impairment.
  • Expectant mothers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can passengers request wheelchair assistance when booking United Airlines flights?

Passengers can indicate the need for wheelchair assistance during the booking process or directly contact United Airlines at the airport. They can fill out the details in the traveler information during booking. Moreover, they can access the My Trips section later for assistance. 

Does United Airlines charge an extra cost for wheelchair assistance?

United Airlines does not charge any extra cost for wheelchair assistance. At United, passengers get an allowance of two wheelchairs in addition to their standard checked baggage allowance. However, if they bring more wheelchairs, then they have to pay additional charges.

Can passengers request wheelchair assistance after booking a United Airlines flight?

Passengers can request wheelchair assistance after booking their United flight. They can do it online via My Trips or call the accessibility desk at +1 800 228 2744 to make the arrangements. 

Is wheelchair assistance provided to all types of disability?

United Airlines provides wheelchair assistance to all types of disability and inclusive of mobility challenges. Passengers with visual impairments, pregnant travelers, and senior citizens can also seek wheelchair assistance at United. 

Will passengers be able to pre-board the aircraft with a wheelchair?

Passengers with a disability get to board their United Airlines flight first. Therefore, travelers with wheelchairs board the plane in the preboarding group along with the Premier 1K members. 

What type of wheelchair assistance does United Airlines offer?

United Airlines provides wheelchair assistance at the time of

  • Boarding and deplaning
  • To and from the gate
  • Connecting flights
  • In the flight

Is there a weight limit for my wheelchair on United?

The maximum weight of the wheelchair either electric or manual at United Airlines is 250 pounds. The airline can permit these heavy wheelchairs in the cargo. If the weight of the wheelchair is beyond 250 pounds, it cannot travel on the plane. 

What to do if my wheelchair is lost or damaged?

You need to call the assistive device desk at +1 866 261 2395 or mail at assistivedevice@united.com. You need to provide the ownership proof of the wheelchair, model, serial number, type, and bag tag.

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