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Are you willing to fly with WestJet Airlines with your friends and family? Make your journey more comfortable and luxurious by making a seat selection on your flight. Yes, WestJet allows its passengers to choose the seat for their trip as per the seat selection policy. However, if you do not choose your seat then WestJet automatically assigns you a seat for no fee. But, to enjoy the journey, you can select your seat as per your choice. You just need to know about the WestJet seat selection fee and the deadline to do so.

Westjet permits its flyers to book a seat on a domestic flight between 24 to 2 hours before the departure. Along with that, when travelling on an international flight, flyers can select their seat between 24 hours and 3 hours before departure. So, do not miss the deadlines. Pay the fee and just sit back freely. You can reserve your seat on all WestJet flights during the online booking or while check-in. Know about the process and how much WestJet charges for seat selection on different seat types.    

WestJet Fees for Seat Selection

To travel on WestJet Airlines with comfort, you are entitled to select the seat for your journey. You just have to pay a small amount for it. But, for this, you must be aware of the cost that WestJet charges for seat selection. Westjet seat selection fee depends on the seat type and fare you are choosing. Apart from this, airlines follow some policies, according to which you will receive the seat.

The seat selection charge varies depending on the fare type and the destination of your journey. Westjet seat selection fee starts at $5 for all other fares. Check out the detailed information related to fees and book your desired seat on a WestJet flight.

Fare Standard seatPreferred seatExit row seat 
Basic 5-250 CAD 5-250 CAD5-250 CAD
Econo5-250 CAD5-250 CAD5-250 CAD
Econoflex FREE5-236 CAD5-250 CAD
Premium /business FREEFREEFREE
Fare as per the Seats Available on WestJet

Can I make a Seat Selection on WestJet for Free?

Are you willing to get a seat but do not want to pay a single amount? You can skip the payment and still get the seat. In this situation, you may not get the seat of your choice but no need to worry about the fee. There are three ways you can skip the amount that WestJet charges on flight seat selection. Check out the information given below and save your money.

  • You can skip the seat selection while booking your ticket. The airline will automatically assign a seat to you at the time of check-in without any charge. You will not have to pay a single penny for a seat selection on the WestJet flight.
  • Another method to skip the fee is using the fare bundle benefits with advance seat selection. You can take advantage of it for standard seats in Econoflex or preferred seats in premium and business. This way you will save on seat selection.
  • Also, you can use your Westjet rewards silver, gold, or platinum and can redeem your complimentary advance seat selection voucher.

Is the flight seat fee refundable?

When you are looking for information related to the refund, here is something for you that you must know. Seat fees are non-refundable within 24 hours of the planned departure. But if you have canceled your complete itinerary more than 2 hours before the scheduled departure you may get the refund in your account. 

How Can I Do Seat Selection on WestJet?

Choosing the seat of your choice makes your journey pleasant. Simultaneously, it also works if you are travelling with your group. You can just pay the charge for the seat selection that Wesjet mentioned and reserve a seat near them. Well, confused about the process of seat selection? You can check out the step-by-step action you need to take while booking a seat on a flight. 

Complete Your Seat Selection at the Time of Booking

  • Start the process by going to the WestJet official website.
  • Go to the top right of the page and select the flight option.
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  • Fill out the essential details that are asked for such as:
  1. Date and time of the journey.
  2. The destination
  3. Number of flyers
  4. And the flight type.
  • Click on the “Choose My Flight” option.
  • You will receive the details about all the available flights.
  • You can choose your desired flight and then the seating map will display on your screen.
  • There you can select your desired seat along with comparing the budget.
  • After that, follow the instructions given there.
  • Lastly, the airline will forward your new confirmation code along with an e-ticket to your email ID.

Select Your Seat During Check-In 

  • Go to the WestJet official website.
  • Click on the check-in option and complete the required details.
  • Enter the booking reference code and the passenger’s last name.
  • Choose “Find My Reservation” and the seating map will show there.
  • Select the seat of your choice and follow the ongoing instructions.
  • Pay the fee required for the seat selection on WestJet.
  • The new e-ticket will be sent to your registered email ID.

So, this way you can make your seat selection and complete your payment on the Westjet airline. In case, you are facing any trouble while following these steps, you can connect with the WestJet customer service number. Their representative will assist you and resolve your issue. This way, you can simply complete your seat selection.

Besides this, While you are travelling on Wesjet with a group of a maximum of 10 and you want to be seated together, you need to mention that in your reservation. The Westjet will try to complete your wish and provide you with a seat together if possible. They might not arrange you at once at the time of check-in. So do not forget to describe it while you are making your seat and the selection or at the time of the reservation. 

WestJet Seat Types – Standard, Preferred, Exit Row, & Premium Seats

While travelling on WestJet Airlines, you must grab the information about the facilities that WestJet offers its passengers. Before selecting the seat you must know what type of seat WestJet offers to its flyers. Different cabins such as economy, business, and premium economy contain different types of seats with lots of comfort and leisure. Here is the information regarding the seats of the particular cabin.

WestJet Seat Selection Fee

Business Seat

  • You will enjoy the private pod with flatbed seats and direct aisle access.
  • Laptop power on all seats so that passengers do not get bored or their work does not get affected by their journey.
  • The 46-inch seat pitch with extra legroom and 21-inch width seat provide amazing comfort.
  • Along with that, you will receive four-way lumber support with custom- a designed pillow and blanket. 
  • But you will not get Wi-Fi on the WestJet flights business class.

Premium Seat

  • Westjet offers recliner seats in the premium economy class.
  • The pitch of the seat is 38 inches and the width is 19 inches with extra legroom.
  • Laptop power is available on all the seats.
  • Premium economy cabins do not offer middle seats.
  • You can enjoy priority boarding, and early access to overhead bins as well.
  • Note that you can not reserve your seat before boarding. That is available during the check-in to purchase for the guest travelling on Econo and eco-fare type

Exit Row Seat

Westjet offers additional legroom on the exit row seats. You can relax and enjoy the journey.

Extra legroom seat

  • Extra legroom seats are located after premium seats and before exit row seats.
  • Westjet provides a few more inches of legroom that makes the journey extra comfortable.
  • Apart from that, you will get the earlier disembark from the plane upon landing.

Standard Seats

The remaining seats on the plane are the standard seats, no matter where you are seated. Westjet offers the same customer services that you are expecting to receive.

Westjet Cabin Seat Dimensions 

The seat dimensions on Westjet flights are different according to the cabin class. 

Seat Type Pitch WidthSeat TypeLaptop Power Power Type Wi-Fi 
Economy 31-35 inches 17-20 inches Standard All seats(mostly flights) Ac power (mostly flights)No 
Premium Economy 38 inches19 inches Recliner All seats Ac PowerNo 
Business46 inches 21 inches Flat Bed All seats Ac PowerNo 
WestJet Cabin Seat Dimensions

What if you miss the seat selection on WestJet?

If you have completed your reservation for the WestJet flight and you still need to select the seat from the seat map or thought to book it later but missed it. Then do not worry. In this situation, WestJet Airlines automatically assigns a seat to you. Every reservation comes up with a reserved seat. You may not get the seat of your choice but they promise the best seat depending on the availability and the fare type you have selected.  

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FAQ’s – (WestJet Seat Selection Fee)

Yes, Westjet charges for the seat selection in advance but the fee depends on the fare type and the location of the seat in the aircraft. If you have not selected the seat in advance, and still want to choose a seat without paying a fee, you can choose the standard seat.

If you do not want to pay any fee for the WestJet seat selection, you can skip to choose the desired seat. This way, you do not need to pay any amount and the airline will assign you a seat. 

Westjet Airlines tries to seat you together if the seat is available. Airlines make sure that every child gets a seat with at least one adult. If there is a limited seat then it may happen that you do not get your seat with your loved one. 

If you do not select the seat at the time of booking and even after the booking, it is not a matter of worry. Westjetairlines itself assigns you a seat however that seat must not be of your choice.  

Preferred seats used to be at the front of the economy cabin and offer additional legroom and make it comfortable to early exit upon arrival at your destination. In comparison, exit-row seats provide additional legroom. The guests grab the opportunity of early boarding on the flight. You can choose a seat according to you on WestJet and enjoy the journey.

Once you have completed the booking and you have forgotten the seat selection, you can still select the seat by going to your booking and through manage booking. Iu can edit your ticket and add the seat of your choice. 

You can choose your seat when making an online reservation for any WestJet-operated flight, or you can do so up until the point of check-in by going to Manage Trips and providing your booking number and last name.

Fees on WestJet vary on the fare you have purchased and the destination of your flight. You can select a standard seat without paying a single fee. But for extra legroom seats and exit row seats, flyers will have to pay additional fees.

Every air booking comes up with a reserved seat so if you have not made a seat selection for you and your family, you will be assigned a seat by the airline at the time of check-in. However, you may not be seated at the seat of your choice and with your travel partner.

Having a master card is a step in your favour because every day's purchase will benefit you with a status on the WestJet. You may enjoy lounge passes and priority boarding. You can get the advanced seat selection opportunity. 

If you opt for a seat according to your choice, you will have to pay a fee based on fare type and the destination. If you want to avoid the fee you can choose a standard seat at the time of check-in.    

If you want to select the seat and do not want to pay a single amount. Then choose a seat at the time of check-in from the remaining standard seats. You will not have to pay for seat selection and you will still enjoy your selected seat. 

When you want to enjoy your travel comfortably, you should choose the front seat or the middle seat on the aircraft. These are the best choices to avoid external noises especially when you are seated in the middle of the cabin.

If you have a West Jet seat selection voucher, you can use it at the time of check-in. Make sure your eligible ID is added to your reservation whether at the time of booking or on “Manage Trip”.

Purchase an Econoflex, Platinum, Gold, and Silver membership at WestJet airlines, this might help you to get free upgrades and complimentary upgrades on WestJet flights.

Yes, while planning your trip on an international flight, passengers are entitled to get the seat of their choice if they want. So, you can select a seat on the WestJet international flight either at the time of booking or after the booking using the “Manage Trip” option. 

You can select a confirmed seat within 24 hours of the booking. The cost of the seat will be according to the fare type and the destination of your journey. So you can say that Westjet charges a fee even if the booking is under 24  hours. 

If you want to get free access to the WestJet lounge, platinum members, gold members as well as silver Westjet reward members can enjoy such benefits under their complimentary rewards.