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Nowadays, every airline in business offers compensation to its customers against the cancelation made by them or the airlines. And same is true with United Airlines, as it provides its flyers with the United Future Flight Credit, which they can use in the future to make new reservations or select seats.

So, if you want to know all the essential details on what is United future flight credit and how to use it. Then, this blog is for you to get all your problems solved.

What Are United Future Flight Credit?

Future flight credit generally gets issued when a passenger cancels his flight ticket, books a non-refundable ticket, or changes his reservation by booking the flight at a lower cost than the original ticket.

Therefore, passengers can use these United future flight credits in making their new reservations on the website or app of United Airlines with United, United Express, and other partnered airlines.

The airline also offers its flyers to use future flight credits on non-ticket items such as preferred seating, seat assignments in the basic economy, and economy plus while making a reservation.

Various Methods for Using United Future Flight Credit

The airline provides various ways for passengers to redeem their United future flight credit. To avail of the benefit of this service,

Passengers need to follow the steps below:

Online Method

  • Firstly, visit the airline’s official site. Secondly, search for the ‘My Trip’ option under the United Airlines Manage Booking tab on the homepage, and click on the tab.
  •  Then, enter your details, such as the confirmation number and the passenger’s last name. And, click on the search tab.

Afterward, you will be on a new page where you will get your flight itinerary and other options to make changes.

  • Then, scroll down the screen and click on the ‘Future Flight Credit’ tab. On the new tab, fill in the required details for your new flight tickets and click on Continue.

Afterward, you will be directed to the payment page, and the ‘United Future Flight Credit’ amount will automatically be applied to your following reservation.

At last, you will receive a confirmation on your registered mobile number or mail ID.

Offline Method

  • Firstly, you have to visit the airline’s official site. Secondly, search for the ‘Contact Us’ option on the homepage.
  •  Click on the tab.
  •  Now, your call will connect to the airlines.
  •  Afterward, listen carefully to the IVR menu to connect with the customer support agent.
  •  Tell your query in detail, asking them to help you redeem the future flight credit.
  •  The executive will ask for your details, such as the passenger’s name and the next travel destination you want to make reservations for.
  •  Afterward, the executive will make the booking.
  •  Then, your United Future flight credit will be applied automatically to your reservation.
  •  Now you will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number.
  •  Then, tell the OTP to the agent to redeem the future flight credit.
  •  At last, you will receive a confirmation on your registered mail ID or contact number.

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How Do You Get United Airlines Currency?

The airline offers its passengers different ways of travel funds that they will find in their United account.

United Future Flight Credit

  • While canceling an eligible flight ticket:

Passengers will get the United Future Flight credit into their account when they cancel an eligible flight or make cancellations due to changes in plans.

In the case of a non-refundable ticket, passengers will only get credits when the airline cancels the flight or the flight gets canceled due to government restrictions.

  • When a passenger changes his flight ticket:

If a passenger makes any changes or modifications to the flight ticket and finds the new fare price cheaper than the original ticket. In that case, the credits the remaining amount of the fare is into United future flight credit.

Electronic Travel Certificate

  • When you step forward for a bump:

It happens when the airlines overbook the flight ticket for efficiency and have many passengers on the plane. In those cases, the airline needs volunteers who can take the later flight and can earn a travel certificate for volunteering.

  • As an expression of goodwill:

In a few cases, the airline offers its passengers the credits to use on future flights.

Travel Bank Cash

United Airlines offers its passengers the Travel Bank as they don’t sell gift cards for its customers. Instead, the airline allows its flyers to purchase Travel Bank cash in 6 different increments with no limits to buy Travel Bank cash every year.

There is a limit per day on the purchase of travel bank, i.e., $5000; thus, it is non-refundable. And customers who want to purchase the travel bank cash must log in to their Mileage Plus account.

United Future Flight Credit Policies

Before using the future flight credit, one must also be aware of its guidelines. Thus, passengers can read them below:

  • The airline doesn’t offer its passengers to transfer future flight credit to another passenger. Thus, only the original owner of the ticket can utilize it.
  •  The passengers with United future flight credits must utilize them to book their future flights before your credits’ expiration date.
  •  The airline offers Mileage Plus members to find clear credit in their accounts.
  •  Passengers not members of Mileage Plus will not find travel credits in their accounts.
  •  Per the policies, United Airlines’ customers can also use the forms provided on the official site to find the United future flight credit information, including the validity period.
  •  The airline allows its customers to use multiple travel credits at a single purchase.
  •  The airline doesn’t allow a combination of the United Future flight credit & travel certificates.
  •  Passengers who have travel credits issued for a flight booked via a travel agency can use them through that travel agency only.
Frequently Asked Questions

The airline doesn’t allow its passenger to use or transfer future flight credit to another passenger, whether a passenger is of his family or a friend.

The passenger can use the credits for up to a year from the original ticket date.

No, the airlines don’t allow to extend the expiration period on future flight credits. Otherwise, it offers to transfer these credits into a travel certificate valid for 24 months from its date.