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Being a student can be stressful while traveling due to the expensive tickets. However, now students will not have to overthink about planning a trip. Etihad offers student discounts to eligible high schools, colleges, and university students. Passengers can utilize the Etihad  Student Discount and save a lot of money on flight booking.

  • One must have a valid student ID card or email address as evidence of their identity.
  • In some cases, Etihad also allows students for discounts from online courses or vocational training programs.
  • It is available for students between 18 to 32 years of full-time students.
  • The offer is valid for both one-way and return journeys, for tickets booked with official handles of Etihad. The flight discount is only valid for one single verified student in a flight booking.
  • While booking with a student discount, one can save at least 10% in the Etihad economy and 5% in business class.
  • A scholar passenger will have student membership valid for up to one year from the date of the membership activation on Etihad.
  • Passengers can make changes to their flight bookings through the Manage Booking feature. 
  • Etihad allows passengers with student discounts to carry a standard baggage allowance, unlike regular tickets.
  • This offer is valid for flights to a student’s country of study or back to the home country.

How to Apply for a Student Discount on Etihad?

If you are a scholar and want to take benefit of the Etihad Student Discount, then you have to get the student status from the airline.

  • If you are not a member of Etihad Guest, join for free and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the loyalty program.
  • Herein, verify your student ID after submitting all the required documents. 
  • You will receive an email about the approval.

Verification Process for a Student Discount on Etihad

To avail of student discounts on Etihad, there is a verification process that is mandatory to get the benefits of the program. Thus, if students’s ID is verified, they can directly book their flight tickets.

  • Passengers must complete the verification form to verify their student ID.
  • Make sure to provide the documents not older than three months.
  • Also, share the college ID & Etihad will cross-check the same with the college.
  • Etihad will send an email within 72 hours to let them know about the completion.
  • One can use a third-party verification process also.

Documents Required to Activate Etihad Student Membership 

The airline will ask passengers to submit documents before providing a student status. The documents that have to be submitted depend on Etihad’s policy and the location where students live.

  • A valid student ID card with name, photo, and expiration date.
  • The evidence of registration from the institution includes a letter, certificate, and invoice.
  • A duplicate copy of the academic report that shows the student’s current courses and grades.
  • For instance, if a student is taking an online course, they can provide an email from their online learning platform.

Other Types of Verification that Etihad will consider:

  • Email address of students that ends with ac or edu.
  • By sending a verification code to the student’s email address.
  • A link directed to the online portfolio.
  • With the help of a screenshot of the student’s account. 

Countries Eligible for the Etihad Student Discount Program 

Etihad offers a Student Discount Program in the following countries.

Australia Denmark UAENetherlands 
Austria India UK Sri Lanka 
Bahrain France Japan Portugal 
Bangladesh Germany Taiwan Singapore 
China Indonesia Pakistan South Korea 
QatarRussiaSaudi ArabiaSeychelles
Chart for the counties In which Etihad offers a Student Discount Program

How to Apply Student Discount on Etihad While Booking?

Passengers with student status on Etihad will automatically get the student discount during flight booking. They can do this through the official website or by calling the Etihad assistance team. 

Ways to Apply Student Discount Etihad Airlines

Booking Through the Official Website

  • Passengers can visit the official website of Etihad
  • Log in to their Etihad guest account.
  • After that, click on the “Book” option.
  • Now, choose the date of departure, type of class, number of passengers, and trip type.
  • After mentioning all the details, a list of flights will appear on the screen.
  • Choose the flight according to the requirements.
  • The fare discount will automatically applied at the time of booking.
  • Now, go to the payment page and pay the ticket price.
  • At last, booking details will be sent to the registered email address. 

Book Over a Phone Call 

  • Students can call the Etihad helpline number to book flight tickets. 
  • After dialing the call, follow the IVR instructions and choose the preferred key.
  • When the call gets connected to the live executive, share the flight details and the passenger’s name.
  • Travelers should also share their Etihad Guest Account details. 
  • Also, inform them about the student discount program which they want to avail.
  • The agent will share the available flights on the route with the applicable student discount. 
  • Select the flight and pay the ticket fee to confirm the booking. 

Points to Remember Before Availing of the Etihad Student Discount Program

  • The Etihad Student Discount program is not applicable to traveling to and from the US and Canada. 
  • Students must follow the terms and conditions that Etihad imposes while buying tickets with student discounts. 
  • Moreover, students can avail of Etihad discounts from the official website by getting their student status verified. 
  • Students do not have to pay any charges for using the Etihad student discount. 
  • Moreover, this program is not applied for economy sales, hand baggage fare, choice plus, and choice business plus classes. 
  • Each change should be made through the Etihad Airways official website or by the airline.
  • Etihad Student discount will not apply for multi-city bookings. 
  • However, special offers cannot be combined with other offers present at the time of the booking.
  • Etihad Airways is solely responsible for fulfilling the offer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Etihad has a student program that offers discounts on flight bookings to international students who are in their high school, college, and university courses.

While booking with a student discount, passengers can save up to 10% of the ticket value in economy class and 5% in business class. Moreover, they will get a standard baggage allowance similar to regular passengers.

Yes, Etihad asks travelers to submit their student IDs for verification purposes. Travelers can also provide a formal acceptance letter in English from a recognized university.

Any full-time international student who is between 18 and 32 years old is eligible to apply for the Etihad Student Discount program.

No. The Etihad Student Discount program is not available for travel from or to the US or Canada. However, passengers can use other promotional offers available on Etihad to get discounted tickets to these countries.

Etihad Student Discount Program is available in more than 40 countries. Travelers from  India, Indonesia, Japan, Belgium, Thailand, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Turkey, Australia, Russia, France, Japan and many more can avail of the discount.

The discount program is available for all new bookings made between 1 June 2023 and 30 June 2024 for travel until 30 June 2024. Passengers can use their student discount offer until one year after activating their Etihad membership.

The failure of the verification process for a student discount can be due to the documents submitted by the passengers not being completed as per the requirements. To complete the process, ensure passengers submit the documents issued within the last three months with correct first and last names.

Yes, students aged 12 to 18 who are in school or college are eligible to get a discount on Etihad Airways for taking international flights.

Yes, students aged 12 to 18 who are in school or college are eligible to get a discount on Etihad Airways for taking domestic flights.

Airlines such as Qantas, Etihad Airways, Qatar, Emirates, Visatara, and others offer students free baggage.

Students can carry two bags of 23 kg each and one bag of 7kg if they are taking international flights to their dream destinations.

Yes, you can cancel your flight 24 hours before your journey with Etihad Airways.

You only get a student card issued by your college or school. The student discount card can help you get a discount on your flights.

The fixed deposit amount includes 90% as a credit limit. We have to keep the deposit at least $100-200.

Yes, you can have as many credit cards as you need for domestic and international flights.