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Travelers get in a tough situation when they arrive late for their flight and might miss it too. In this situation, there can be many thoughts in the mind. However, Spirit Airlines Missed Flight policy, allows travelers to get a good understanding of the do’s and don’ts.  

  • If passengers miss the Spirit flight, then they must inform the airline representative with a valid reason to rebook their flight. 
  • The flight booking is processed through the travel agents, then the passengers must inform the agent and ask for the best alternative possible solutions. 
  • Spirit Airlines will charge a certain missed flight fee, and the remaining balance will be credited to the travel account for future use.
  • According to the Spirit Missed Flight Policy, travelers have a 2-hour window after the flight departure to make a rebooking request. 
  • However, under the Spirit Missed Flight Policy, rebooking must be for the same destination and class. 
  • If the flight is unavailable for the same location on the same day, then flyers can book the next very first flight at no extra cost. Thus, it comes under Spirit Airlines standby flight.
  • However, refund issuance is only available for refundable tickets or frequent flyer programs. 
  • According to Spirit Missed Flight policy, no refund will be credited if passengers have non-refundable tickets. 
  • Moreover, if travelers do not inform about the delay and the flight departs, Spirit Airlines will mark them as a no-show. 

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Spirit Missed Flight Policy For Connecting Flights

Connection flights are those that might have layovers in one or two airports before reaching the destination. 

  • In case any passengers miss their connecting flight due to delay, they must immediately inform Spirit Airlines and try not to get a no-show mark on the records.
  • For a missed connection flight on Spirit Airlines, the airline will not compensate for a no-show. 
  • According to the Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy, travelers can request compensation for the missed flight when they miss their connecting flight due to delays from the Spirit’s end.
  • Meanwhile, passengers can book a new flight again and pay the missed flight fee when they cannot arrive on time to board a connecting flight. 

No-Show Policy on Spirit Airlines

According to the policy, the passengers must show up at the airport or inform the airline within 2 hours of departure. However, if the passenger fails to do so, the airline has the right to forfeit the whole ticket amount and charge a no-show penalty to the passenger. So, to avoid this situation, one must inform the airline in advance.

What do you do if you miss a Spirit Airlines flight?

Missing a flight can be frustrating, especially during vacations. However, passengers having a reservation with Spirit Airlines have the privilege of rebooking requests. Travelers can take the following actions to save their money.

Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Inform Spirit Airlines Team 

  • One of the most convenient ways to get a solution for missing a flight is to inform the Spirit Airlines representative. One should inform them about the passenger’s complete situation. 
  • Additionally, if they are on the way to the airport or can’t reach the airport due to an emergency, then flyers can also connect with them via call or website.

Reach within a Specific Time

  • Even if the passenger has missed their flight, they have a time window of 2 hours as per the Spirit Missed Flight Policy, to reach the airport and request alternate flight booking.
  • The airline will put all passengers on standby for the next flight.
  • In this way, passengers will only be entitled to pay a certain fee, and the airline will assign a new flight to the same destination. 

Cancel Your Spirit Airlines Booking

If due to some unavoidable circumstances, passengers are not able to catch the scheduled flight, they can cancel their flight. If travelers have a refundable ticket, then they can claim a refund. Spirit Airlines will provide travel credit vouchers for non-refundable tickets. 

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How to Book Alternative for a Missed Spirit Airlines Flight?

Spirit Airlines offers many ways to book an alternative flight if passengers miss their original flight. They might find a different seat, but passengers will find a flight to the same destination.

Through Manage My Booking Feature

The easiest way to rebook a flight is to do it online through the Manage Booking feature. 

  • Passengers visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • From the homepage, click on My Trips.’
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  • Enter the booking number, first name, and the last name. 
  • Now, passengers can locate and tap on ‘Rebook a flight.
  • Now, enter the flight information, such as the origin and the destinations.
  • Afterward, choose the preferred flight from the list of options available. 
  • Click on Book Again and make the payment for rebooking if required.
  • Finally, Spirit Airlines will send a booking confirmation.

Call a Representative

  • Travelers can call Spirit Airlines‘ helpline number. 
  • After that, follow the IVR instructions carefully, and soon, the live person will connect to the call. 
  • Inform the representative about the missed Spirit Airlines Flight and let them know all the required information.
  • This way, the representative will help the passengers rebook their flight.

At the Airport Counter

Travelers can visit the airport counter within 2 hours after the departure of their missed flight to be eligible to rebook an alternate flight. The Spirit Airlines executives at the airport counter will help the passengers throughout the process. 

Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Fee

The passenger-centric policy of Spirit Airlines allows travelers to rebook their missed Spirit flight. But, Spirit charges an extra fee in addition to the fare for rebooking a flight. Spirit Airlines charges a fee of USD 200 for each passenger for a missed flight. 

  • However, the Spirit Missed Flight Policy states that if travelers haven’t informed the airline, then they will be marked as a no-show, and no refund will be processed. 
  • Also, your entire trip or the return trip will be canceled as per the contract of carriage, and Spirit Airlines will also forfeit the whole amount of the ticket. 

Refund Policy for Spirit Airlines Missed Flight

In case passengers miss their Spirit Airlines flight, the airline will provide a refund, but there are some conditions that every traveler must know:

  • In situations like the death of immediate family, health issues, or natural calamity, Spirit Airlines will compensate a complete refund.
  • Passengers must submit the required documents as evidence to get a refund. 
  • When passengers are members of the Frequent Flyer Program or Premium Member, Spirit Airlines will refund them for a missed flight. 
  • According to the Spirit Missed Flight Policy, for any non-refundable tickets, no refund or rescheduling will be allowed.
  • Suppose travelers miss a flight that has not departed yet; Spirit Airlines will provide compensation in the form of travel credits for a missed flight.
  • When travelers confirm that they cannot catch the flight, they must cancel the flight in advance to receive refunds. 
  • For Premium Spirit Airlines Members, the maximum time to receive a refund is 15 days, and for regular passengers, it could take 20 to 40 days.

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Refund Claims Process for Spirit Airlines 2024

However, passengers eligible for a refund can claim through the official website or by calling the Spirit Airlines helpline number.

  •  Firstly, one must visit the official website. 
  • After that, go to the Manage Booking option. 
  • Then, mention the flight and passenger’s details. 
  • Now, continue with the Refund option and fill out the refund form.
  • Once the airline approves the request, the refund process will start. 
  • Moreover, passengers can dial the Spirit Airlines phone number to request a refund for a missed flight. The live agent will guide the passengers and will start the refund process
  • Although, travelers won’t be able to get a refund if they don’t notify the airline in advance or haven’t checked in at the airport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case you miss your flight, Spirit Airlines allows you to reach the airport within 2 hours of departure and will provide you with the next possible flight to the same location. However, a certain fee will be applied. Moreover, it would be best if you informed the airline in advance.

Under the policy, if a passenger does not show up at the airport or inform the airline, they will lose their ticket amount and will not receive any refund. Spirit Airlines will charge a no-show fee as a complete ticket price.

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows you to rebook the flight. However, you can only request rebooking if you inform the airline in advance within 2 hours after the flight departure.

If a passenger misses a flight and the new flight is not available for the same destination on the same day, then Spirit Airlines will put passengers on the standby list. However, the policy does not guarantee a confirmed seat on the flight. The final seat availability is made at the airport.

In case of a missed Spirit Airlines flight, you must immediately cancel the flight to avoid a no-show record. Also, contact the executive and rebook your flight within 2 hours of flight departure to avoid any fare difference in the booking.

In addition to the fare differences, Spirit Airlines charges a flat fee of USD 200 for rebooking a missed flight. The fee applies to all refundable and non-refundable fares.

Spirit Airlines will allow refunds for refundable tickets and to premium Spirit Airlines members only. The maximum time to get a refund is 15 days for Spirit Premium members and 20 to 40 days for regular passengers.

Passengers can dial 855 728 3555 for Spirit Airlines flight changes or cancellations. They can call the same number for their missed flight inquiries and receive proper assistance.

No, nobody can check in for your baggage as you have to show the original identification, passport, or driver's license. Moreover, if somebody is carrying your documents then its also not possible to take your baggage.

No, you’ll not get any refund if you miss your flight. As per the missed flight policy, if you don’t choose to fly, then the airline will not refund you the amount for the unused ticket. The airline only refunds money to passengers who cancel their flight within a given time frame.

If you have reserved your flight ticket with Southwest Airlines, then you can rebook your flight for free. Moreover, there are no change fee charges from the travelers, but they are required to pay the difference in fare.

Yes, Spirit Airlines provides full refunds for the tickets canceled within 24 hours of booking. However, the reservation must be 7 days away from the scheduled departure date. So, you must revoke your booking within 24 hours to get a full refund from Spirit Airlines.

The no-show policy means that someone is not traveling on their outbound flight. So, if you don’t cancel your flight and don’t show up before the departure of your flight, the airline automatically cancels your return or connecting flight. Therefore, you have to purchase your returning or connecting flight ticket if you still want to travel.

Yes, the airline will send the baggage of the passengers without their presence on the flight. So, if you ever miss your connecting flight due to your own fault, and if your bags are already on the flight. In such a case, your luggage will be up at the final destination even without you.

There are different rules and regulations related to checked baggage on both international as well as domestic flights. So, if you missed a connecting domestic flight after checking your baggage, then the airline will transfer your baggage to another flight.