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Passengers can change their existing bookings using the Spirit airlines manage booking feature. Manage booking benefits travelers in a variety of ways. It enables users to make adjustments to the reservation and adapt it to their preferences for a better travel journey experience. Spirit Airlines permits you to do so quickly and easily when you pay an additional charge to make a change. Spirit Airlines workers guarantee that guests have a pleasant experience by offering dependable customer service before and after the flight.

Discover and learn how easy it is to manage bookings. This blog will inform you about cancellations, changes, and booking management processes.

How does Spirit Airlines manage booking feature help?

Spirit Airlines has many flight booking options to help you plan your vacation if you need flexibility.

  • Manage Booking is a self-service internet tool that allows you to see and change your Spirit Airlines flight reservation.
  • You can change your flight or add a service to your booking entirely on your own.
  • For example, if you need to update or cancel your airline reservations, you can do it online in minutes. You may also add bags, purchase seats, and do other things.

How does Spirit Airlines Manage Booking Feature work?

To use the Spirit Airlines Manage Booking feature, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, visit the official website to manage your Spirit Airlines bookings.
  • Secondly, click the Manage Reservations option.
  • Thirdly, enter your flight booking details such as booking code, and first & last name.
  • You will retrieve your reservation details after entering the above information.
  • Then select the desired option and change the reservation.
  • In addition, choose any one of these available options for any modifications.
  • Additional baggage
  • Change flight
  • Cancel flight
  • Refund request
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Add extra meals
  • Name change
  • Seat selection
  • Seat upgrade
  • Add an extra seat
  • Add any special service request
  • Name Change
  • Similarly, click the change option if you wish to modify your flight’s date or route.
  • Select the cancellation option if you do not wish to go by plane.
  • Select the service you wish to learn more about and go to the next page.
  • Please contact the reservation department if you desire to modify or cancel the flight; extra costs may apply depending on the price class.
  • When changes are made, passengers receive a confirmation email automatically.

Benefits of Spirit Airlines Manage Booking – Additional Services

Flight Flex

Planes change, so have Flight Flex on hand. When booking with, the modification charge protection is accessible on the Extras page. When you add Flight Flex to your booking, you will be able to change your itinerary once online, up to 24 hours before departure, with no change fees. Customers will, of course, be liable for any change in airfare and optional services for the alternate desired dates or flights and any variation in government taxes and levies.


By heading to the manage booking tab, passengers may check in for flights online. Early check-in saves time and avoids last-minute airport problems. Passengers might, for example, save last-minute stress by checking their Spirit Airlines flights online.

Seat Upgradation

If you are viewing your reservation more than 24 hours before departure, you can complete the form by clicking the Add or Modify Seat link. Then, go to My Trips & follow the steps to access your reservation. You must purchase seats through the online check-in process if you access your reservation less than 24 hours before departure. Passengers can easily upgrade their seats using the Spirit Airlines manage booking service.


Emergencies may happen to everyone. Spirit Airlines allows guests to cancel without incurring further fees. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before departure. If the cancellation is caused by the airline, travelers are fully compensated. Flights that are canceled are refunded.

Flight Status                  

Checking a flight’s status is vital for staying stress-free at the airport. Furthermore, knowing the current flight status allows passengers to predict whether or not their flight will be delayed or canceled.

Meal Policy

They sell a wide range of food and beverages that may be purchased with a debit or credit card. Cash is not accepted on board because it is difficult to make adjustments. As a result, no complimentary beverages or snacks are provided on Spirit flights. This allows them to maintain their pricing cheaply for all travelers. They do not give any special dietary meals; nonetheless, their menu selection offers a variety of choices that should fulfill most dietary requirements.

Extra Baggage

Spirit Airlines passengers can add extra baggage to their existing reservations. This option is for individuals who wish to bring more luggage than is allowed. They can add extra bags to their reservation by going to the manage booking section on the website. They will be able to travel with their chosen luggage due to this. Passengers can easily add extra baggage using the Spirit Airlines manage booking service.

Pet Policy

The animal’s container must be inspected and approved by Spirit. The container’s dimensions must not exceed 18 x 14 x 9 inches, and it must fit beneath the seat. Verify that the container satisfies all government requirements for safe transportation.

Seat Selection

When flying Spirit, you may pay to select your seat. The route, seat type, and seat placement all influence the cost of picking a seat. Tickets for regular seats range from $1 to $50, while those for Big Front Seats range from $12 to $150 in advance and $25 to $175 onboard.

Rebooking Flight Policy

Spirit Airlines must pay passengers for canceled flight tickets due to technical problems, weather changes, or other unforeseeable reasons. Furthermore, if a spirit flight ticket is canceled due to inclement weather or for any other cause, the traveler is offered the option to rebook the flight. They are, however, assured accommodation.

Seat Assignment

Passengers on Spirit Airlines can choose their seats using the manage booking feature on the website and mobile app. In addition, Spirit Airlines passengers can select their seats at the airport counter. Passengers can choose a seat with additional legroom or one closer to the window. For them, it makes flying more fun and memorable.

Name Change Policy

Passengers can easily change names using the Spirit Airlines manage booking service.

Reservations with minor spelling errors or legal name changes qualify for a free spirit airlines name change. Please connect with the airline or contact us at 1-855-728-3555 for assistance with name changes. What form of the name change are you considering?

  1. Legal Name Change – Documentation is required for legal name changes.
  2. Misspelling – You may be eligible for a free name change if you need a minor adjustment to a misspelled name.
  3. Passenger information – Please contact us if you have any additional changes to your information, such as contact details, date of birth, gender, passport information, or redress number.

The following are examples of supporting documentation:

  • Marriage Certificate.
  • Order of the Court.
  • Decree on Divorce.
  • Alternatively, a legal name change document.

Wheelchair Assistance

In case you need help getting to your seat, you have the option to request an aisle wheelchair. Please follow the steps to request this assistance. If you have more questions, chat with an agent here or call/text us at 855-728-3555.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spirit Airlines will give you an entire refund with no cancellation fee if you cancel a flight within 24 hrs or seven days of its planned departure.

Once the cancellation request is granted, the reimbursement will take 20 working days to complete. After that, refunds will be issued in the same payment method used to make the transaction.

If you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hrs of purchase, Spirit Airlines will give you an entire refund as long as the flight leaves at least seven days later. This policy applies to all fares.

You won’t be able to seek a refund from Spirit Airlines since it does not provide refundable tickets because it helps the firm offer low costs. You can amend or cancel your reservation, but you will not receive a refund. Refunds are not even available for Spirit Saver Club Members.

You have 24 hours from the moment you booked to cancel for free, regardless of what ticket you bought, as long as the flight departure is more than seven days away. If you cancel your basic, reward, or Flight Flex ticket within 60 days of departure, you must pay $39 to $79 in fees.

Click the My Trips button on our homepage to view or alter your reservation. Both your confirmation code and last name are a must to enter. You will be able to make changes, see and print your itinerary receipt, and get an itemized breakdown after your reservation shows.

Yes, passengers can add a child passenger to their spirit flight. You may add a kid passenger to your spirit flight by going to the manage my booking icon and selecting the child passenger. Passengers can easily add a kid using Spirit airlines manage booking service.