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Even if flight delays and missed connections occur, passengers frequently can do little to prevent them. However, they can prevent losing their money through Southwest missed Connection Compensation. Read this blog thoroughly to learn about the compensation, how to get it, how much the compensation amount is, and Southwest’s missed flight policy.

What Happens if Connecting Flights Are Missed?

Passengers have the right to reimbursement and additional perks at the airport if they arrive at the destination more than three hours late because of a missed connecting flight.

Under the EU Passenger Rights Regulation, you are eligible to receive compensation between €250 and €600.

Additionally, the airline must give you food and beverages after two hours of waiting.

You are eligible for reimbursement if you delay three hours or more in reaching your intended location.

  • The sum of each passenger’s compensation ranges between €250 and €600.
  • The airline must give you food and beverages during your two hours at the airport.
  • Hotel accommodations in the event of an overnight flight delay

What If the Connecting Flight is Operated by Partner Airlines?

A passenger has a right to compensation if a flight delay causes them to miss a connecting connection and the wait at their final destination is three hours or longer.

For this to be applicable, the flight plan must be all in a single booking. However, it is unimportant if the booking is with various airlines.

The airline must provide other conveyance as early as possible if a traveler has booked all parts of their trip in a single transaction. Suppose the airline delays the initial flight and the traveler also has reservations for the subsequent flights individually with other airlines. In that case, little can be done to prevent them from missing their connecting connection.

Furthermore, they are not entitled to alternate flights arranged by the airline.

Southwest Missed Flight Policy

Depending on the cause of a missed connection, there may be more than one solution. The passenger may be at fault, although occasionally, the airline may be the one to blame for missing the flight.

Due to this, you will either be able to book a new ticket or receive a refund or compensation per the Southwest missed connection policies.

Use the information below to determine what to do if you miss your connecting flight:

  • You are eligible for Southwest missed connection compensation if you missed your connecting flight due to an airline error, such as a malfunction or technical difficulties.
  • Depending on the severity of the delay, this compensation may take the shape of services or monetary advantages.
  • If not, the airline will try to place you on the next available flight. You can also cancel or rebook a new flight if you miss your flights.
  • Passengers who purchased refundable tickets are eligible for full refunds.
  • You will have the choice to reschedule a new flight if your account missed a connecting connection.
  • Additionally, you will be assessed a service charge for this missed Southwest flight.
  • When passengers miss a connecting flight, they must notify the airline immediately. The government will help you escape the issue in the most significant way possible.

Southwest Missed Connection Compensation

Even though Southwest Airlines is not a European airline, you might be able to claim flight compensation for planes departing from within the EU. This is because of the EC 261 Rule.

This law protects all flights leaving EU airports. Therefore you are entitled to compensation from Southwest Airlines in the instance of disruption, cancelation such as delays, or missed connection. While departures are, regrettably, covered, it does not apply to landings. You are not covered by EC 261 if your Southwest flight enters the EU from an airport outside the EU.

How to Receive the Southwest Missed Connection Compensation?

You missed the connecting flight you needed to board due to Southwest Airlines’ faults, and you have already paid for your ticket. You must now cancel the reservation and agree to receive compensation for doing so. The next step is to either call Southwest or complete a compensation form. And the stages for Southwest Airlines’ compensation are shown below:

  1. Open the Southwest Airlines website in your browser.
  2. The next step is to select the “buying and refund” option.
  3. You must then select the choice for the refund & no-show policy.
  4. After you click on that, you will receive the reimbursement.
  5. You must now choose the compensation reason in the request form.
  6. You will need to enter your personal information and flight information. Then, click the submit icon once you have accurately entered all the information.
  7. Lastly, you will get the compensation number and phone number later in your email inbox.

Request Southwest Missed Connection Compensation via Call

  1. Go to Southwest Airlines’ main website.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this page. Locate the “Contact Us” link. Just click it.
  3. You can now find the “More Phone Numbers” option in the new section, just below the “Call” area.
  4. To find the numbers for your region, click the “Before or After Your Trip” links.
  5. Once you connect the call, the agents will explain what will happen if you miss your Southwest flight.
  6. As you speak with the air representative, take the following actions.
  7. Tell the agents why you are calling right away. This is because you need to get compensation for your missed flight.
  8. You’ll be required to give the required personal details.

What is the Compensation Amount for Southwest Missed Connection?

If the airline delays the passengers for more than three hours and misses a connecting flight due to its fault, it will receive compensation ranging from €250 to €600. The distance of the entire trip, from the departure airport to the final destination, determines the amount of compensation offered.

Please find below a table detailing the methodology used to determine the compensation totals:

CompensationDistance Traveled
€250Short routes (up to 1500 km)
€400Medium Routes — Between 1500 and 3500 kilometers
€600Long distances—more than 3500 km
Compensation Chart for Southwest Missed Connection

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A passenger has a right to compensation if a flight delay causes them to miss a connecting connection and the delay at their final destination is three hours or longer. For this to be applicable, the flight plan must be all in a single booking; however, it is unimportant if various airlines are in that booking.

Learn all you need to know about Southwest Missed Connection Compensation, by reading our blog above.

If the airline were to blame for the missed connection (a mechanical delay on the initial aircraft, for instance), the carrier would rebook you on the next trip. Southwest must either arrange for you to go on a different carrier or arrange accommodation and meals if the next outbound trip is the following morning.

No, the flight won’t wait for you; if the airline delays your initial flight & you won’t be able to make it to your connecting flight in time.