Last updated on October 20th, 2023 at 11:07 am

Do you want to modify the booking you made with Qantas Airlines? If you wish to make any modifications, you can easily do it using the Qantas Airlines manage booking option. Furthermore, most travelers tend to get worried when changing their existing reservations. However, with this option, an individual can complete this whole procedure hassle-free. Also, if you are a flyer of this airline, it is essential to know the process associated with managing booking. 

So, the information present here will allow you to know all about the manage booking procedure and various other things. So, firstly, let us know all about the Qantas Airlines manage booking procedure. 

Procedure for Qantas Airlines manage booking.  

Often, individuals have to make modifications in their booking due to eleventh-hour situations. Therefore, most passengers get worried because they do not know how to complete the Qantas Airlines manage booking procedure. However, it is not a complicated task to complete this procedure. The information below will help you know all about the steps to complete the modifications in your booking. 

If you wish to make any modifications to your booking, you need to follow this procedure in the same order. 

Qantas is an airline on which different types of flyers rely. So, this airline is aware that each flyer has its own needs, and they might want to use different ways to complete the booking procedure. Therefore, there is both online and offline method to complete the Qantas Airlines manage booking process. 

If you are a flyer who knows how to use technology, it’s better to rely on an online method of managing booking. So go through the information given below and learn all about the online method of making modifications. 

1. Online method

The online method of managing the booking involves the steps. An individual needs first to open the Qantas Airlines official website and then follow the steps in the same order. The steps that individuals need to follow are given below. Follow them and complete the managing booking procedure in no time. 

  • Firstly, open the web browser of choice and then visit the official website of Qantas airlines. 
  • As soon as the side opens up, you need to look for the option of “manage booking.” You will find this option only home page of the site. Click on the manage booking option here. 
  • Once you click this option, you need to scroll down and find the section “flight and flight credit.” Once you find the section, you need to input all the information associated with the reservation. 
  • In this step, enter the flight number or the booking ID with the passenger’s last name. Now click on the option of continue. 
  • In this step, you are eligible to make any modifications to your reservation. Therefore, make all the changes you wish to in this step. 
  • Moreover, here the passenger needs to choose from the payment option. Of course, one doesn’t have to pay the fee in all cases. But if you need to do so, you have to do it in this step. 
  • Ensure to re-check all the modifications you have made to your reservation and then click on the confirm option. 
  • Lastly, you will receive the mail from the Qantas airline confirming all the changes you have made. 

2. Offline method 

The offline method of Qantas Airlines manage booking includes getting in touch with the travel experts through phone calls. However, there are still individuals who might not feel very comfortable following the online method because they lack information on the use of technology and devices. So, if you are one such individual, complete the managing booking procedure with a phone call.

Furthermore, you need to find the phone number of Qantas Airlines on their official website. Once you have the contact number, use it to contact travel representatives. Moreover, remember to complete the procedure, you will have to provide the team of this airline with the last name and the booking code. 

Changes an individual can make with the Manage Booking option

From the information given above passengers got to know about managing booking. Now it’s time to learn all about the modifications one is eligible to make with this option. 

1. Redemption of flight credit 

If you have any flight credit present in your Qantas account, you can use it via the manage booking option. For this one, an individual needs to visit this airline’s official website. Then, one needs to click on the option of manage booking or completing the redemption procedure. 

2. The seat of your choice 

In addition to redemption, one is also eligible to select the seat of their choice with this option. Furthermore, you need to follow some steps by visiting the official website and getting your choice of seat. 

3. Add meal  

Moreover, add a meal of your choice to your existing reservation with the manage booking option. Then, visit the official website and follow the steps to complete the procedure to add Neil to your booking. 

4. Make changes in date and time. 

At times, individuals have to make changes in the date and time of their booking. This happens because of the arrival of some last-minute situations. So, if you want to make any changes to the date and time of your traveling plans, you can do it with the Qantas Airlines manage booking option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Flyers are unaware of this, but yes, one is eligible for canceling with the managed booking option. Furthermore, you need to visit the official website and follow the steps there.

Yes, there is a phone application that Qantas airline offers. So, if you wish to complete the manage booking procedure with it, then download the application on your device.

You are eligible for either using the online or offline Qantas airlines manage booking. Either visit the official website or use the phone number to complete this procedure.

With the Qantas airlines manage booking option, individuals can select the seat of their choice and make the booking accordingly.