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The Lufthansa No Show policy allows customers to choose between multiple options in case they miss a flight as long as the specific circumstances and the company’s policy are taken into consideration. Now, no one wants to lose their hard-earned money & their vacation. Thus, to know more about the Lufthansa No Show Policy read the given blog thoroughly.

When is the Lufthansa No-Show Policy Applicable?

As per the Lufthansa Airline if a passenger fails to catch his scheduled flight, then he will be considered under the Lufthansa No Show policy. Under this, passengers are not allowed to retrieve the booking which they have missed. They have to directly contact the customer support staff or the ticket counter agent to find the next best step.

What to do if you No Show/Missed a Lufthansa flight?

Missing a flight is quite normal but there are several reasons why a traveler misses their flight. Sometimes for the missed flight, it’s the airline that is responsible, and sometimes you are the only reason for missing the flight and that is considered a ‘No Show’ under the airline’s policy. So, if you are looking for the next best step for Lufthansa no show policy and steps for missing the flight then carefully read the procedures given below:

Get In Touch With Customer Assistance Regarding No Show

First and the most important thing a flyer has to do is if he is aware that he will miss the flight then he has to take assistance from the customer support staff. Therefore, to take customer assistance you have to go through the given steps:

  • First, search for the official website of Lufthansa.
  • Then, search for the ‘Menu’ and click on the ‘Menu’ button.
  • Go to the ‘Help and Contact’ option.
  • Afterward, you will find the contact numbers of the airlines to connect with customer assistance.


  • After clicking on the ‘Help and Contact’ option you will find a tab for live chat.
  • Click on the tab and connect to the live agent to solve your query.
  • After clicking on the contact number listen to the IVR menu properly to avoid all the chaos.
  • Then, the customer support agent will connect to you on the call.
  •  Now, explain your query in brief.
  • In the end, the customer support agent will guide you in the best possible ways for your Lufthansa missed flight.

Can You Rebook Your Flight Under Lufthansa No Show Policy or Miss Your Flight?

The airline offers its flyers to rebook themselves on the next available flight for the same route by paying the rebooking fee and difference in fare in case they are aware that they will miss the flight. For, rebooking passenger can cancel their existing booking or can make desired changes to their itinerary.

But, in the case of No-Show flyers have to pay the penalty for getting booked themselves again and this is only possible via customer support or at the airport. At the same time, passengers who aren’t able to catch their flight either will get the same cabin class on the next flight or if the passenger gets the higher cabin class, then he has to pay the extra charges for the seat. Therefore, mentioned above is the method which you can use in case of a missed flight.

Procedure For Rebooking

Passengers who have missed their flight or weren’t present at the airport at the time of boarding are considered a no-show and can rebook their missed flight through the Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking feature or at the ticket counter.

Via Manage Booking

  • First of all, search for Lufthansa’s official site on any web browser.
  • Then, on the homepage look for the ‘My Booking’ tab.
  • Click on the tab.
  • Afterward, fill in the required details such as booking code, first name, and last name.
  • Now, the list of your itinerary will appear on the screen.
  • Afterward, either change your flight or cancel and then rebook it.
  • After making the desired changes, click on the Continue tab.
  • Make the payment if required.
  • In the end, you will receive confirmation from the airline’s side for the changes that you have made.

At The Ticket Counter

Passengers who aren’t able to show up at the airport due to any circumstances can rebook themselves on the next available flight at the airport via the ticket counter agent.

If a passenger isn’t able to find a seat on the next available flight then in such cases passenger can apply for the standby option.

Refund Request Eligibility Under Lufthansa No-Show Policy

Customers who are flying with Lufthansa Airlines can request a refund if they are aware that they will miss the flight. However, before claiming the refund one should know the policies in which case a passenger can request a refund.

  • In case a passenger misses the flight then the airline will count it as a No Show. At the same time, passengers cannot claim a refund for not showing up at the airport at the time of check-in.
  • In case a passenger is aware that he/she will miss the flight then, in such cases he can contact customer support or the ticket counter agent to avoid the No Show fee and can either claim a refund or can book himself on the next available flight.
  • If a passenger faces a delay for 5 hours or more then he can raise a request for a refund.
  • The airline provides a refund to its customers within 7 days from the date of a flyer who has missed the flight.
  • If a passenger misses a connecting flight, then he is eligible for a refund for the missed part.

As noted above, canceling the flight ticket is more worth it rather than not showing up at the airport. Because under cancelation, the airline offers a refund amount to its flyers. At the same time, in the No Show policy, no refund is provided to the passenger.

No show means if a passenger doesn’t travel on their scheduled flight then all connecting or returning flights stand to cancel from the airport end.

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