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Every passenger loves to select the seat of their choice while flying with KLM Airlines. From extra spacious seats with more legroom space to seats with easy access to the aisle, KLM Airlines offers various options to suit your preferences. 

If you are someone who is traveling with KLM Airlines, then you must be aware of KLM Seat Selection policy. In this guide, we’ll not only discuss the KLM seat selection policy, but we’ll also discuss the types of seats offered by KLM Airlines, the benefits of seat selection, ways to choose a seat, and much more. But before that let’s learn about the KLM Seat Selection Policy.

  • As per KLM seat selection policy, you can select your seat online if you have reserved your ticket through the official website, app, or booking offices.
  • Also, you can select your seat 24 hours before the departure of your seat at the time of online/web check-in.
  • However, if you surpass all the deadlines to choose your seat, then KLM Airlines will allot you a seat. 
  • Moreover, if you want to change that allotted seat, then you must pay the seat change fees.
  • Furthermore, according to the KLM seat selection policy, if you have physical disabilities, then you can choose your seat only at the airport after the verification of your documents.
  • If you have selected a standard economy seat, then you have to pay additional charges.
  • However, no additional fees will be imposed for selecting a preferred seat while reservation. But to get extra space, you must pay some additional charges to KLM Airlines.
  • In addition, all the SkyMiles and Blue Elite members can book extra leg space seats without any extra cost.
  • You must wait to update the reserved flight seat an hour before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Note- If you don’t select your seats online, then KLM Airlines will assign you a seat based on your fares.

Types of Seats Available

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KLM Airlines offers different types of seats to its flyers. Here are the types of seat options you’ll see while selecting your seat on KLM Airlines.

  • Standard Seat: Standard seats are designed ergonomically. These seats have a legroom of 76 cm and they do a recline of 9 cm,
  • Economy comfort seat: Economy seat comfort seats are allocated on the front side of the Economy class so that you will be the first to board the flight. These seats have a legroom of 81 cm and they recline around 13-14 cm.
  • Extra Legroom seats: Extra legroom seats are located in the front of the emergency exit. These seats have 15 cm legroom (more than the standard seats of KLM flights) and they do a recline of 9 cm.
  • Front standard seats: The front standard seats are designed ergonomically and they have a legroom of 76 cm and a recline of 12 cm. Also, with front standard seats, you’ll get a  9-11 inch personal entertainment system in front of your seat. Plus, you’ll be the first to disembark the flight.

KLM Airlines Seats Size As Per Classes

Below is a snapshot of KLM Airlines seat size according to the different classes. In the table, you’ll get an idea about the pitch and width of the seats on KLM Airlines flights.

Economy Class

AircraftSeat TypeSeat Pitch Seat Width
Airbus A330-200(332) Layout 1Standard 3117.5
Airbus A330 -200 (332) Layout 2 Standard 3517.5
Boeing 787-10 (781)Standard 3117.5
Boeing 777-200ER (772)Standard 3117.5
Boeing 787-9 (789)Standard 3517.5
Seat Pitch and Width Chart for KLM Economy Class

Premium Economy Class

Aircraft Seat TypeSeat PitchSeat Width
Boeing 787-10(781)Standard 3517.5
Seat Pitch and Width Chart for KLM Premium Economy Class 

Business Class

Aircraft Seat TypeSeat PitchSeat Width
Airbus A330-200(332) Layout 1Flat Bed6020.25
Airbus A330-200 (332) Layout 2 Flat Bed6020.25
Boeing 777-200ER (772)Flat Bed6320
Boeing 787-10 (781)Flat Bed6020.25
Boeing 777-9 (789)Flat Bed4220.25
Seat Pitch and Width Chart for KLM Business Class Seat

How to Request for Seat Selection on KLM?

You can request the KLM seat selection after reservation in various ways. These options are:

  • Online- You can request seat selection online using the manage booking option. For this, you need to visit the KLM’s official website and log into your Manage Booking Account.
  • Mobile App- Another method to select your seat on a KLM Airlines flight is through their mobile app. You can download the app on your mobile phone and request a seat selection.
  • Call KLM Airlines executive– You can select your seat on a KLM Airlines flight by calling the executive of the airline. The agent will assist you through the seat selection process.
  • Visit the KLM service desk – You can choose your seat on a KLM Airlines flight by visiting the help desk of KLM Airlines. All you have to do is request to go to the service desk and request a seat selection in person.

Through Call

If you don’t want to go with the online method for choosing your seat on a KLM Airlines flight, you can call the airline representative to request a seat selection. Follow the given steps to choose your flight seat over a phone call.

  • Call the KLM Airlines executive of your region. You can find the number on the official website of KLM Airlines or your ticket.
  • Once you are connected with the airline agent, inform them that you want to select a seat for your upcoming flight.
  • Also, share personal and flight details including your booking reference number.
  • Furthermore, share your seat preferences with the executive, whether you want a window or an aisle seat, or any other special need that you have.
  • The agent will check the available seat options and help you with the seat selection that meets your needs and preferences.
  • Once you get the seat of your choice, pay the additional charges for the seat selection.
  • Lastly, confirm your seat selection with the executive and ensure to double-check your flight information and seating arrangements before ending the call.

Through Online Process

You can follow the given instructions to select the seat on your KLM Airlines travel ticket online.

  • Firstly, visit the KLM Airlines Official Website.
  • Next, log into your ‘Manage Booking’ using your Flying Blue number or e-mail address.
  • Now, select the flight on which you want to select a seat and choose the option for selecting the seats.
  • After that, a new seat map will open in front of you with all the available seats.
  • So, select the most suitable seat for yourself and pay the additional fees to confirm your booking.
  • And that’s how you can select your seat online on KLM 

Note- You can follow the same instructions to select a seat on the KLM Airlines official mobile app.

At the Airport

If you haven’t selected your seat and reached your airport, you don’t have to perry. You still can choose a seat on your flight with KLM Airlines. Follow the given steps to select your seat at the help desk at the airport.

  • Firstly, visit your nearest airport, then go to the service desk.
  • Ask the available airline executive to help you out in selecting the seat for you.
  • The representative will ask you to share some details, such as your booking reference number and your last name.
  • This will help the agent to retrieve your flight details. 
  • After that, share your requirements related to the seat like if you want to sit right next to the window seat or want to go with an aisle seat.
  • The representative will share a list of all available seats on your flight. So, select the most suitable seat for yourself.
  • Next, pay the additional fees or charges for selecting the seat.
  • And that’s it. You have selected the seat of your choice on a KLM Airlines flight.

Fee for Seat Selection On KLM

  • KLM Airlines charges fees for seat selection. However, the fees depend upon various factors including the seat location, the ticket purchased, and the route as well. In simple words, some fare classes include free seat selection, while others don’t have to pay any kind of seat selection charges at all. 
  • Also, if you have an economy class ticket, you can select a seat by paying the $21 KLM seat selection fee.
  • KLM Airlines does not charge any seat selection as the airline offers free standard seat selection during check-in. 
  • Moreover, if you want to reserve an Economy comfort seat, front standard seat,  Extra legroom, or other seats and have a Blue membership, then you have the facility to select your seat 24-72 hours before the departure of your flight. 
  • Furthermore, if you have a platinum membership, you can select your seat anytime for free.

Refund For Unavailability Of Seat On KLM

Yes, KLM Airlines offers refunds to its passengers if the seat is not provided to them. Passengers can apply for a refund by filling out the ‘Refund Form’ available on the KLM Airlines official website.

Here are some of the important conditions under which KLM Airlines will offer a refund to its passengers if seats are not provided to travelers:

  • Passengers can request a refund for their ticket and extra comfortable seats within 24 hours.
  • KLM Airlines will provide a refund if your flight was canceled from the airline’s end.
  • If the type of flight or seat layout changes and the same seat type is no longer available.
  • Flyers did not use their extra comfortable seat because they changed their flight, but the same extra comfortable seat was unavailable on the new flight.

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Benefits of KLM Seat Selection

If you want your flight journey to be comfortable and hassle-free, then selecting the right seat before the journey is crucial. KLM Airlines allows you to select your preferred seat at the time of reservation to avoid the hassles at the airport and make your journey exciting and comfortable. 

  • There are several advantages of KLM seat selection beforehand rather than waiting to get a random seat during check-in at the airport. Some of the perks are mentioned below:
  • If you select your seat on KLM Airlines, you get the advantage of sitting with your group or family, as the airline has no issues providing you with the seats together. Therefore, it is better to select your seat in advance if you want to enjoy your journey with your family or friends.
  • KLM Airlines reserves some extra seats at check-in for operational and emergency purposes. Hence, you can reserve your preferred seats when booking a comfortable journey.
  • Additionally, KLM seat selection reduces stress while checking in at the airport. There are possibilities that you get an unfavorable seat at the time of check-in which might compromise your flying experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can pick a seat on a KLM Airlines flight. However, seat selection on KLM depends on a passenger's membership level. Passengers can select their preferred standard seat between 24 and 72 hours before the departure of their seats.

The fee for selecting a seat on KLM Airlines depends upon a passenger's ticket type and route. However, travelers can choose a standard seat during check-in at no additional cost. Flyers can reserve a seat on a KLM flight via the My Trip section on the official website.

Preferred seats are allocated in the first row behind Economy Comfort. However, these seats do not offer any extra room, services, or comfort. The only reason passengers purchase the preferred seat is that it offers quicker arrival and exit.

You can choose a standard seat during check-in without paying any additional cost. Using the My Trip option, you can also select a seat on a KLM Airlines flight. All you have to do is log into your account and follow the on-screen instructions to select a seat.

If you want a free seat on a KLM Airlines flight, you must be a Flying Blue Platinum, Gold, or Silver member. With this membership, you can select a preferred standard seat before check-in for free.

Economy comfort seats are in the economy class. Therefore, you'll be the first to board and disembark the flight. Also, compared to a standard seat, you'll get 5cm more legroom and 4-5cm extra recline.

If you want to sit on the seat of your choice, then selecting a seat on KLM is essential. However, if you are OK sitting in any seat allotted by KLM Airlines, there is no need to choose a seat in advance, as the airline will randomly assign a seat for you.

Yes, KLM seat selection is refundable. If a passenger requests a refund within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, the airline will refund the cost of their Economy Comfort seat.

Yes, the KLM Airlines Economy Comfort seats are worth it. These seats offer more legroom and recline than a standard seat. Also, economy comfort seat passengers get the facility to board the flight first. 

Yes, according to KLM Airlines' seat selection policy, business class passengers are allowed to select the seat of their choice. However, Basic Economy flyers are not permitted to pick or change their seat assignment.

KLM Airlines offers various seating options for travelers. When you select your seats on KLM Airlines, you will see the following options.

  • Standard Seat
  • Economy comfort seat
  • Extra Legroom seats
  • Front standard seats

You can call the KLM Airlines executive, who will help you with the seat selection process. You can also request a seat at the KLM service desk.

The fee for seat selection on KLM Airlines will depend on various factors, such as seat location, the ticket purchased, and the routes.

One can choose their seat for free and doesn't have to pay any fees if they have a platinum membership on KLM Airlines.

If you have an economy class ticket, you have to pay $21. This is the fee for passengers' seat selection, and after that, you can select a seat of your choice.

Passengers with blue membership can choose their seats 24-72 hours before their flight's departure.

Yes, if the seat is not provided by KLM airlines, they will offer a refund. Passengers can fill out the refund form to apply for a refund.