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Don’t want to take your scheduled KLM flight? Life’s plans can change unexpectedly at any point in time. For example, we are concerned about purchasing a plane ticket and cannot fly due to unavoidable circumstances. There could be a variety of reasons for missing a scheduled flight. At the same time, we must ensure that we are aware of cancellation and refund policies so that we do not suffer in any way. You’re probably looking for a refund on your ticket. This blog will explain the terms and conditions, the KLM refund policy, and how to claim a refund.

Terms & Conditions for Claiming a Refund on KLM

In the following scenarios, you can always ask for a cash refund of your KLM flight:

  • In light of your canceled flight, you did not book another flight.
  • Flight delay of more than 90-minutes, in case of a same-day return flight.
  • The flight’s delay of more than 3 hours made you decide not to board.
  • Due to a delay of over five hours, your connecting KLM flight wasn’t an option.

KLM Refund Policy for Cash Claims

  • You can ask for a cash refund for the portion of your trip you didn’t use through an online refund system.
  • This system determines whether you qualify for a full cash refund or just a portion of it.
  • You may also call KLM customer service, but be aware that you might have to pay a fee.
  • The airline will process your request within seven days.
  • However, keep in mind that if you ask for a refund, all of the flights in your reservation will be canceled.
  • If your flight is scheduled for the future, we recommend that you apply for a refund as soon as possible.
  • If not, the cabin crew might still anticipate your arrival, which might cause a delay in other passengers boarding.
  • If you booked your trip through a travel agent, you would be unable to use the online refund system.
  • We suggest contacting your travel agent first because they will all require this information to set up your refund.
  • On their website, you can find contact information.
  • To help set up your refund, you can also get in touch with us directly if you’d like.
  • Even if you have a non-refundable ticket, we advise always asking for a refund.
  • If you didn’t get on your flight, you could get your unused airport fees back.

How Do I Get a Refund From KLM? | KLM Refund Process

You can request a refund, additional options, or a travel voucher. You can also track the progress of your request.

  • Firstly visit the KLM airlines official website.
  • Secondly, you will see multiple tabs; choose information.
  • Thirdly, Choose the cash refund option on the left side of the page.
  • Furthermore, you need to scroll down the page and click the Request a Refund button.
  • Now enter your booking code and last name.
  • Press Confirm.
  • Fill in the information to complete the refund process.
  • Finally, you will get a refund request confirmation invoice at your registered email address.


Please carefully check if you are eligible for a full cash refund to avoid disappointment.

Need to cancel your flight

  • Within 24 hours of booking, you can always request a cash refund for your KLM flight.
  • Are you flying Economy Class or Premium Comfort Class, and how long ago did you book your flight?
  • Check your ticket type to see if you are eligible for a cash refund under the KLM Refund Policy.
  • However, the booking fee, reissue fee, and payment surcharges won’t be reimbursed (if applicable).
    • Standard or Light tickets are not refundable.
    • Flex ticket: refundable depending on the fare paid, either for free or for a fee.
  • The airline offers refundable fares for Business Class passengers.
  • Per flight, the conditions could change.
  • You will see the terms when you book your flight or in your confirmation email.

Extraordinary circumstances

You might need to cancel your flight due to unanticipated events. You may at any time ask for a cash refund in the following circumstances:

  • There was a denial of your visa application by the local government.
  • A medical condition prevents you from traveling.
  • Upon the death of a passenger or a member of their family.

Fare difference

  • You can request a refund if you are forced to travel in a lower class by booking a Premium Comfort Class or Business Class seat.
  • Furthermore, you’ll be refunded the upgrade fee if you upgrade at the last minute.
  • If you need this done, please contact customer service.

How to Claim Refunds for Extra Options/Additional Services?

Have you reserved any additional services but never used them? Make a refund demand! However, there are certain criteria that you must fulfill to be eligible for a refund.

How to request a refund?

  • You can easily ask for a refund for your extra options in an online refund system.
  • Using this system, you can find out if you’re qualified for a refund.
  • You can also call them, but be aware that there might be a charge.
  • KLM will process your request within seven days.

Booked flight via a travel agent and not via KLM?

If you booked through a travel agent, you could not use the online refund system. We recommend contacting your travel agent first, as they will all require the information to process your refund. You can contact them through their website. You can also contact us directly to arrange for a refund.


Please carefully check if you are eligible for a refund under the KLM Refund Policy to avoid disappointment.

Regular seat reservation

The airline will refund the costs of your regular seat reservation if:

  • Within 24 hours of purchasing the option, you request a refund.
  • Your KLM flight has been rescheduled.
  • Your KLM flight’s aircraft type has changed.
  • You were seated in a different location.
  • You booked a seat on a KLM flight but changed to a flight that KLM does not operate.

Extra baggage

If you were rebooked onto a flight that KLM does not operate, or within 24 hours of purchasing your extra baggage, you may request a refund.

Extra comfortable seats in Economy Class

The airline will cover the cost of your front-row seat, extra-legroom seat, or Economy Comfort seat if any of the following situations apply:

  • You ask for a refund within 24 hours of purchasing the option.
  • The time of your KLM flight has changed.
  • The type of aircraft on your KLM flight has changed.
  • With KLM, you changed your itinerary, choosing the same seat category for the new flight.
  • The KLM flight you were on was changed, but the same seat type wasn’t available.


You can claim a refund for your CO2ZERO fare, if:

  • In case you miss your connecting flight due to KLM.
  • Also, if KLM cancels your flight.

KLM Crown Lounge 25 access

You may request a refund for your KLM Crown Lounge 25 access if:

  • You request a refund within 24 hours after buying.
  • You did not enter the KLM Crown Lounge.

Inflight Wi-Fi

  • Reclaiming your Wi-Fi voucher money is easy.
  • You will receive a refund from the airline if you do not use the voucher during your flight.
  • The voucher code will be automatically refunded within a week if a voucher is successfully purchased but not received.

A la carte meals

Was your flight canceled or rebooked, and was your à la carte meal available on your new flight? You can then ask for a refund.


Flexibility can be refunded if you request it within 24 hours of purchasing it or if KLM cancels your flight. When flights are canceled or rebooked, the KLM terms of carriage apply. 

Read the KLM Terms and Conditions for eligibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people ask how long it will take to process their refund after applying for one. Therefore, the refund period will begin when:

  • The airline processes refunds within 7 to 10 business days.
  • You would receive a refund if you booked using a credit card within 20 business days.
  • However, it may take longer due to some complications, in case of a delay, contact the KLM customer assistance.

According to KLM Refund Policy, there are two types of vouchers – refundable & non-refundable.

You must use the online refund request system to receive a refund from KLM.

  • It also determines if you qualify for a complete cash refund.
  • Additionally, you can track the progress of your refund request.
  • Your refund could come in the form of a cash refund or a travel voucher.
  • You must complete an online form on the KLM website to receive a refund after canceling your flight reservation with the airline.
  • The amount of your refund is subject to KLM Airlines refund policies.

You can also contact KLM Airlines customer service, who will give you an update on the progress of your refund.