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Changes may be necessary due to an emergency or for personal or professional reasons. Changing your holiday plans and worrying about cancellations and expensive costs might be irritating, but Jetstar passengers need not fret. Passengers can make changes easily using the Jetstars Manage My Booking section. In addition, you may use Jetstar Manage Booking to look for airline features and make changes to your ticket. Learn more by looking at the itinerary and booking details or by requesting special services.

This article will go through how to use the Jetstar Airlines Manage Booking feature and the additional services in detail.

How does Jetstar Airlines Manage Booking Feature work?

  1. Firstly, go to Jetstar Airlines official website.
  2. Secondly, sign in using your email address and password.
  3. Thirdly, select the Manage Booking option.
  4. In addition, to access the existing booking details, enter your last name and booking reference number.
  5. Now click the search option to retrieve your booking.
  6. Moreover, passengers may browse for flights.
  7. Select flights that meet your preferences and add-on services such as extra luggage, meal plans, etc.
  8. Make payments by the changes you make and the services you add.
  9. Finally, travelers may manage their flights in this manner.
  10. Furthermore, as a confirmation, passengers receive mail from airlines.

Benefits of Jetstar Airlines Manage Booking And Additional Services

Seat Selection

Standard seat selection is optional if you paid a Starter pricing. Regular seat options are included in the Starter Plus package. A Starter Max package consists of all choices, including standard, upfront, and increased legroom. If you choose a Flex package, you can choose between a standard or forward seat. Those who purchase a Business bundle, on the other hand, will enjoy complimentary seating in the Business cabin. Remember to purchase your seat in advance if you are picky about where you sit. If you don’t, you could be assigned a seat you don’t like or won’t be able to sit with your friends. All seating choices are subject to availability as well as limitations and conditions.

In-flight Entertainment

Movies, television, video games, and music provide something for everyone! In-flight entertainment is available on foreign flights. So, keep the kids engaged with their shows and activities. They can also listen to music from an extensive library. They may also view the most recent movies and TV shows from the United States, Japan, and other nations if they want to. If you are traveling in the Economy, you can buy in-flight entertainment when you book your journey or before you fly at Manage Booking. Business Class travelers also get complimentary in-flight entertainment. Jetstar Airlines’ Manage Booking tool allows passengers to add in-flight entertainment simply.

Meal Policy

The airline offers a variety of in-flight meals, ranging from wine and cheese to a kids snack and activity pack or a full dinner. Menus differ depending on the length of the journey, the type of aircraft, and the destination; short-haul international flights have two meal options. Although food is not included on our Starter tickets, certain flights allow you to pre-order a meal or eat from the onboard restaurant. Most of their bundles include food and drinks, in-flight coupons, or an In-Flight Meal Deal. In addition, the Jetstar Airlines Manage Booking function allows passengers to add meal alternatives simply.

Lounge Access

Before your flight, the Qantas Club and Jetstar partner lounges are fantastic locations to rest or work. Most lounges include bar service, internet access, and other amenities and food and beverages. On foreign flights with a 3K, JQ, or QF code, Business Max customers can access partner lounges & the Qantas Club lounge. You have access from the time your check-in opens until your aircraft takes off. When you arrive at your destination or have a connecting flight for which you have not booked a Business Class price with the Max package, however, lounge access is not accessible. Instead, passengers can enjoy the lounge using Jetstar Airlines Manage Booking feature.

Comfort packs

Arrive rejuvenated at your arrival thanks to their new, upgraded comfort pack, which is yours to keep. A reusable cotton tote bag, Inflatable neck pillow, Eye mask, Earplugs, Toothpaste and toothbrush, Hand cream, Lip balm, Wet wipe, Pen, and a Cozy take-home blanket are all included in our relax kit.

Cancellation Policy

Passengers can cancel their bookings with the airline. This, however, depends on the ticket price. For example, passengers in Starter, Starter Plus, and Business class cannot cancel their bookings. Additionally, the airline allows travelers on Starter Max and Starter Flex to cancel their bookings. The airline rewards customers with a credit voucher once again when a booking is canceled. Jetstar also enables travelers with Business Max tickets to cancel their reservations. There is, however, a cancellation fee. In the case of a flight cancellation, Jetstar will notify passengers.

Refund Policy

You will not be rebooked if Jetstar cancels your flight due to unforeseen circumstances, such as COVID-19 travel restrictions or a severe illness. Because your scheduled flights were canceled, you may be eligible for a full ticket refund. The total refund must be made in cash or by credit card. Only if you expressly consent to vouchers are they authorized. Due to their short expiration periods and possible redemption restrictions, we do not recommend using vouchers. For example, assume Jetstar gives you a similar-timed alternative flight, but you reject it. In that case, you can lose your right to compensation and a refund.


The Jetairlines manage booking feature is healful and beneficial. Passengers can easily make various changes and additions to their booked flights once they know how to use the feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may change your flight dates in the Manage Booking section. Call the Jetstar support center to change your flight dates. There may be some charges. However, if you make the changes online, you may be able to do so for free using the Jetstar airlines Manage booking link.

  • Jetstar travelers can reschedule their flight until the planned flight's check-in opens.
  • However, he will not be able to reschedule the flight once he has checked in for the Jetstar trip.

Jetstar will contact you directly to explore options if your planned flight is canceled. eCredit indicates the total amount of unused/unused tickets or cash refunds, depending on the fare type and cancellation circumstances, such as no-cost date/time changes.

In 15 business days, Jetstar processes the refund for the value of the passenger's tickets.

Call 1 (866) 397-8170 to speak with a Jetstar customer care representative.