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Not sure about the workings of JetBlue Same Day Flight Change? JetBlue offers two alternatives to standby, both of which are limited to flights that change on the same day – meaning you must purchase a JetBlue ticket before requesting the standby. You’ll have to pay $75 regardless of the option, except for specific fare categories and elite-status passengers. 

Option 1, which JetBlue calls the same-day change, can be done over the phone. The second option, day standby, must be done in person at the airport before your flight is scheduled to depart. No fare difference applies, which means that if the new flight you choose is more expensive than the original flight, you won’t have to pay the difference – this is true for both options.

What is the JetBlue Same Day Flight Change Policy?

  • All fare types on JetBlue are open to same-day changes starting at midnight the day before your intended departure. 
  • Unlike JetBlue tickets on partner airlines, which require a phone call to JetBlue customer support, modifications are possible online or using the JetBlue app. 
  • You must travel to and from the exact locations as your initial reservation, though you are free to swap to a later or earlier flight and even change airports.
  • There would be no charge for same-day flight changes if you paid for a refundable fare. In addition to removing the cost, customers can start changing their tickets up to 24 hours before their flight’s scheduled departure time.
  • All other customers are subject to the $75 flight switch fee. However, flights purchased using TrueBlue points are eligible for same-day flight switches.

How Does JetBlue Same Day Flight Change Work for Different Classes?

Typically, customers purchase Basis Jetblue tickets. However, based on the fare class, we have indicated if you will be able to alter your JetBlue trip on the same day for your convenience & complete information. Go through these details:

Basic, Blue Plus, and Mint fares: Travelers with these tickets can switch their JetBlue flights on the same day. You can choose flight switching rather than paying the difference between two flight fares.

True-blue Redemption: Travelers holding a True-blue Redemption price ticket may not avail of the opportunity of same-day flight change. They must cancel the initial reservation and make a new one from scratch.

How to Make the JetBlue Same-Day Flight Change?

Online Method

  1. First, go to your browser and search for JetBlue’s official site.
  2. Next, tap on the link to log in and fetch your bookings.
  3. Now, provide your confirmation number and your surname.
  4. Next, visit the manage trip section.
  5. Then, make the required changes to the JetBlue flights
  6. Now, select the most suitable flight from the available list.
  7. Lastly, make the required payments for the alteration to your flights. Passengers can pay the fees online and then confirm their new bookings.

Through the Mobile app

Through the JetBlue official mobile app, passengers can easily change their flight. First, follow the given step-by-step guide:

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the JetBlue app, log into your account.
  2. Then select the JetBlue Airways Manage Booking option.
  3. You must now enter your credentials to make changes to JetBlue Flight.
  4. For the utmost customer convenience, dial the JetBlue phone number, which is open around the clock. In addition, you can easily make the modifications you require for your trip by contacting the JetBlue Flight Change phone number and chatting with the office directly.
  5. Choose the modifications you want to make, such as the date, time, seats, and preferred flight type.
  6. Get verification of your same-day flight change on JetBlue by following the instructions as they were given and performing the procedures.

To get more details on changing your flight, visit JetBlue Airlines Flight Change.

Important Things to Remember Regarding JetBlue Same Day Flight Change

Using the JetBlue Same Day Flight Change service, you can alter your flight on the same day. Before your flight’s scheduled departure, you may visit the airline’s booking office or kiosk to change a JetBlue flight the same day. In addition, you can speak with a JetBlue Airways person at the counter.

  • On the same day, passengers can take a later or earlier flight.
  • Only trips within the same bookings or approved airports are available.
  • The option of a same-day change is not available for cities with one direct flight per day.
  • Beginning a total of 24 hours well before initially scheduled departure, passengers can verify their same-day adjustments at the airport.
  • For same-day alterations, there is no charge.
  • Same-day flight change is available for all types of fares.

Check out the following part carefully if you want to learn more about the JetBlue same-day flight change cost for changes made the same day.

JetBlue Same Day Flight Change Fee

The fee for the JetBlue flights same-day change will vary on so many factors, for instance, date change & time change, and fare type. The passengers of Jetblue who are not eligible to make the JetBlue Same Day Flight Change must pay a certain fee. The change fee can vary from $50-$75. Thus, it is always beneficial to purchase a refundable ticket with JetBlue.

JetBlue Standby

Passengers can request JetBlue standby at the airport on the same day as their original flights and cannot change over the phone or online. All passengers must be at the terminal in time to check in for the substitute flight. However, only one passenger from the reservation needs to be there to seek standby.

You may request standby on every sold-out JetBlue flight on the same day of the week and between the same hubs as your original flights. In addition, as the departure & destination cities stay the same, connections can be modified, allowing passengers with non-stop tickets to request to standby for routes with connections and vice versa.

JetBlue Standby Fee

You’re out of luck if there’s only one JetBlue flight per day at the airport you’re going to or from because JetBlue only provides standby service on the same day as the planned initial flights. For JetBlue flights, a $75 standby fee is refundable if you choose to take your initially planned trip. In addition, customers of Mosaic and travelers on refundable or Blue Extra prices are exempt from paying the taxes.

In addition, you won’t be eligible for a refund if you purchase an Additional Space seat and choose to travel on standby. You won’t be assured a place on the revised flights if you prepaid for Mint and decide to travel on standby, and you won’t be entitled to a refund either. Mint customers need to pay the $75 as a standby fee.

How to Fly JetBlue’s Standby?

With JetBlue Airlines’ same-day flight adjustment service, you can alter your itinerary on the same day. Visit the airline’s kiosk or reservation center before your flight’s departure time if you need to change your JetBlue trip on the same day. You can talk to a JetBlue representative at the desk.

JetBlue customers can request same-day guaranteed modifications for a fixed cost of $75. (no fare difference). However, you can only change time zones on the same day of the trip after midnight in the time zone of the outbound flight.

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If you pay for your flight in the form of a travel certificate/JetBlue Voucher as payment for your flight, then the airline will not let you change/cancel your bookings online.

If your flight tickets was booked 7 days before your scheduled departure date, you could do it within 24 hours from the purchase. This way, you can cancel or make changes to your booking for free.

Yes. If passengers wish to change their reservation at no additional cost, it must come under the same-day change policy. And also, the substitute flight should depart within 24 hours of your initial scheduled departure (later or earlier).