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Has it ever happened to you that you took a flight but when you checked your SkyMiles account there were no miles there? You might forget to add the frequent flyer number at the time of reservation. It can be a confusing situation. You don’t have to worry as here you’ll get all the required details on how to claim missing miles on Delta Airlines.

How To Claim Missing Delta SkyMiles Points Online?

You can claim your missing miles on Delta Airlines by visiting their official site where you need to make a request to claim your miles. If you are still confused about ‘How To Claim Missing Miles on Delta’? Then, you can follow the given instructions.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Now, log into your SkyMiles Account using your valid E-mail ID & password.
  • After this, go to the ‘My Delta’ section.
  • Once you select the ‘My Delta’ option, click on the ‘Request Mileage Credit’ option.
  • Now, enter all the required details including your ticket details and your flight information.
  • And lastly, submit your request.

Once you submit your request to claim your missing miles, the airline executive will review and look after your details and will credit your missing miles to your SkyMiles account.

How To Request Missing Miles For Delta’s Partner Airlines Flights?

Delta Airlines allows passengers to request to claim the missing miles for partner flights & other SkyMiles partner activities. So, if you want to request your missing miles then you can follow the above-mentioned method. After completing the ‘Request For Missing Miles’ procedure, passengers need to fill out a form that is available on the official website of Delta Airlines. Once you complete the whole procedure your request for missing miles will be submitted.

How To Request Missing SkyBonus Points?

SkyBonus is a loyalty program which is started by Delta Airlines. If a traveler is eligible to be a member of Delta SkyBonus then, they get the opportunity to double their miles on every Delta flight. And miles will be credited to the traveler’s SkyBonus and SkyMiles account.

If you want to become a member of Delta SkyBonus, then your business must buy tickets of at least $5,000 and have a minimum of 5 unique employee travelers. 

After becoming a member of SkyBonus, you can request to claim your missing miles through the ‘Add Ticket’ page from your SkyBonus account. After receiving your request, Delta will credit your miles in your account within 6 to 8 weeks after travel.

Further Tips To Get Missing Miles On Delta Airlines

Here are a few tips that you can consider to claim missing miles on Delta Airlines.  

Keep your E-ticket number and Boarding pass safely

All frequent flyer program members must keep their boarding passes and e-ticket numbers safely. Until they get their missing miles back again in their frequent flyer account. This tip is helpful for all travelers as they might get their miles in their account late.

Add your SkyMiles number to your reservation

Another tip that travelers must keep in mind is to add their SkyMiles number in their bookings. Also, it must appear on their boarding pass before they fly.

Use Social Media To Inform Delta Airlines Regarding Missing Miles

If you have your boarding pass and ticket receipt then you can reach out to Delta Airlines on their social media handles. Delta Airlines is available on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So, they can connect with the airline by sending a text on any platform to share the details like booking class, ticket number, and boarding pass as well.

Keep an eye on when SkyMiles points are added to your account

As per Delta Airlines policy, the miles that you earned will be credited to your SkyMiles program within 8 weeks after you qualify for the missing miles criteria.

How To Know If My Flight Is Eligible For Claim Of Missing Miles?

It is essential to know whether you are eligible to request to claim the Delta SkyMiles missing miles. The airline offers a request form to its passengers which they can submit for ‘Delta Skymiles Redemption.’

  • If you have mentioned your SkyMiles number in your flight reservation then you can get your missing miles back in your account within 7 working days. 
  • But if you forgot to add your SkyMiles number and now you are unable to see your miles then you need your ticket number and your SkyMiles number from the claimed flight and the boarding pass.

How Late Can Missing Delta Airlines Miles Be Requested?

If you omitted the number of Delta SkyMiles in your reservation then don’t worry as Delta Airlines you to request to claim your missing Delta Miles within 9 months from the date of your flight to request for miles credits.

According to Delta Airlines policy, you must wait for at least 7 days before requesting for missing miles. Generally, it takes around 8 weeks to credit the SkyMiles in a traveler’s  SkyMiles account. Also, if your miles are still not credited to your account then you can contact Delta Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I claim my missing SkyMiles from my previous trip?

Yes, you can claim your missing SkyMiles from your previous trip with Delta Airlines. However, the airline allows travelers to claim missing SkyMiles within 9 months after their flight.

What should I do if my missing miles claim request is rejected?

If your request for claiming the missing miles is rejected by Delta Airlines then no need to worry as you can contact the airline executive for further assistance. You can provide all the necessary evidence as proof and the representative will solve your query.

How long does it take to receive missing Delta miles after submitting a claim request?

There is no specific time limit to receive your missing Delta Miles. In most cases, SkyMiles members get their miles within 6 to 8 weeks after submitting a request.

Is it possible to claim Delta miles for the flights on a partner Airline?

Yes, it is possible to claim Delta miles for those flights that have made a partnership with Delta Airlines in the Delta Airlines SkyMiles program. However, the procedure to credit back the miles in the account of a passenger can vary.

Are there any specific requirements for claiming Delta SkyMiles?

Yes, there are some specific requirements for claiming missing Delta miles such as:

  • The traveler must be eligible to request to claim Delta miles.
  • You must provide all the correct details like the date of your travel and the flight number etc.

Can I claim my missing miles if I forgot to mention my SkyMiles number during my flight booking?

Yes, you can still request to claim your Delta miles if you forgot to provide your SkyMiles number at the time of booking. To request claiming the missing miles you need to visit the Delta Airlines website and make a request.

Can I claim the missing miles if I didn’t purchase the Delta ticket?

Yes, you can claim missing miles even if you did not purchase the flight ticket. Delta allows travelers to claim their miles for the flight they have taken, regardless of who paid for the flight ticket.

What should I do if I am not eligible to claim Delta miles?

Unfortunately, if you are not eligible for earning Delta SkyMiles then you can not claim Delta SkyMiles.So, you must check all the terms and conditions before requesting Delta Airlines for claiming Delta Airlines.

Is there any time duration to claim the missing Delta Miles?

Yes, there is a time limit to claim Delta SkyMiles.Travelers have a time limit of up to 9 months from the date of the flight to submit their request to claim the SkyMiles.

Can I claim the missing miles for flights I took several years ago?

The answer is NO. As per Delta Airlines policy, Delta SkyMiles requests must be submitted within a specific time duration. After this time limit you can’t make a request.