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Airlines have different programs for their frequent passengers that offer them miles and points every time they travel with them. Similarly, Air Canada has an Aeroplan program that allows passengers to book every available seat by redeeming the points without any restrictions. After traveling, passengers earn certain points that are reflected in their travel account. But what if points do not show up in an account? So, the next question that arises that how to Claim Air Canada Missing Points. The case of missing points happens very rarely on Air Canada. However, there are ways by which passengers can know about their missing points and can claim them back. 

Things to Remember Before Filing a Claim for Missing Air Canada Points

Air Canada usually credits the miles within 2 to 3 business days, but somehow if passengers do not receive the points they must wait for approximately 8 days before claiming missing points. However, one can see by checking their flight booking options from the official website. 

Here are a few points that a traveler should remember before making a missing points request.

  • Check if a passenger has mentioned the same name on the ticket as on the Aeroplan account. 
  • Air Canada does not allow to earn or claim points from another passenger’s tickets. 
  • Passengers can claim miles from Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge Flights.
  • Also, passengers of Star Alliance flights and codeshare partners, including Gulf Air, Jet Airways, Middle East Airlines, Central Mountain Air, Sri Lanka Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Vistara can make a request. 
  • Moreover, if the trip had multiple flights, passengers would claim points individually for every flight. 
  • When passengers are not registered for the bonus Aeroplan miles promotion, then they might not get bonus miles. 
  • To claim for missing points or miles on Air Canada passengers must mention all the related information. 
  • Also, at the time of claim, the passenger should submit a boarding pass, e-ticket, or flight booking receipt. 
  • In the case of cab bookings and hotel bookings, Air Canada credits the points after 90 days of the service. So, travelers have to wait for 3 months before making any request.
  • The traveler has 11 months to apply for the claim. 

How to Claim Missing Aeroplan Points Earned on Air Canada Flights?

Air Canada allows passengers to visit their official website or speak to the airline team if facing any issue with the flight or service of the airline. However, to claim missing points, passengers can log in to their Aeroplan account online and submit details for the same. 

  • Passengers can visit the official website 
  • Log into their Aeroplan account 
  • Click on Activity and continue with the dashboard button. 
  • Scroll down the page and the “Missing Something” box will reflect on the screen.
  • After that, click on the box option and a window will pop up, stating some of the points.
  • Passengers must fill out the missing Aeroplan points form.
  • In the form, travelers have to first mention the ticket number for which they are missing points.  
  • Secondly, they have to fill out the flight details including the name of the airline, flight number, departure date, and arrival and departure city. 
  • Lastly, press the continue button to submit the request. 

Details Required in the Missing Aeroplan Points Form

The process to claim for missing miles is quite smooth and efficient and if passengers mention the correct details on the form. They will receive their points within 48 hours of submission. Here are the necessary details required at the time of filling out the form.

  • Ticket Number
  • The number of flights.
  • Airline name.
  • Flight number.
  • Departure date.
  • Departure airport.
  • Arrival airport. 

Claim Missing Air Canada Points on Hotel Accommodation 

Passengers will have to claim missing hotel stay points to the hotel directly and cannot request at Moreover, ensure that the hotel loyalty program earning references are set conveniently. One can ask for a claim by calling or through email support. The appropriate method would be the online method. Flyers have up to six months to claim their missing points. 

Some of the support handles to email the brands:

At the time of requesting missing points keep the hotel invoice receipt handy. Also, provide the Aeroplan account number, name, address, and mobile number. 

Claim for Car Rental Air Canada Missing Points

Travelers can book a cab through Avis, Budget, or Payless. So, if there are missing points, travelers can contact the car rental company. 

Payless: Call at 1-800-729-5377. 

Avis: Fill out the form by clicking on the following link –

Budget: Fill out the form by clicking on the following link –

How To Get Missing Aeroplan Points with Air Canada’s Travel Partners?

Read further to know how to claim missing Aeroplan points in case of any of Air Canada’s travel partners.

Air Canada Vacations

Passengers must call Air Canada Vacations directly to know about their missing points or else can use the contact form.

You can visit the following link-

Flyers have to provide the booking number along with the departure date or check-in date to retrieve flight information. 

Hotels and Car Rentals Booked Via CXLoyalty

When passengers have a booking through Aeroplan for hotels and car rentals, they can drop an email to claim their points at

Mozio Missing Miles Claim

Mozio allows travelers to book transportation in any part of the world. However, passengers should call Mozio to claim the missing points at +1 855-980-7669.

Rocket Miles

Rocketmiles lets customers book hotels and stays across the world. However, to solve the issue and claim for missing points, passengers must mail to

Claiming for Missed Points with Air Canada’s Financial Partners 

Air Canada’s Aeroplan has three financial partners, including American Express, TD Bank, and CIBC. To claim missing points, passengers must contact the financial partners of their associated credit cards. Therefore, there are toll-free numbers that allow passengers to contact their respective banks. 

American Express: +1 800-528-2122.

CIBC: +1 866-525-8622.

TD Bank: +1 800-937-2000. 

Acquire Missing Points With Air Canada’s Retail Partners

Travelers with Aeroplan membership can earn points with every purchase on Aeroplan eStore, Starbucks, LCBO, Uber, and more. But, if points are missing, travelers can contact them directly.

  • Flyers have to fill out the missing miles form for purchases through Aeroplan eStore.
  • Travelers can call +1866 340 3717 for purchases through for points purchased, gifted, or transferred.
  • Starbucks usually transfers points within 6 to 8 weeks after the end of the promotion period. If the traveler does not receive their points, they can call 1-800-782-7282.
  • Passengers can call the following number +1 800 668 5226 to make their Air Canada missing points request to LCBO.
  • For points missing on purchases through Uber and Uber Eats, passengers can visit the Uber Help Centre on the Uber app. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get Air Canada missing points?

Passengers can contact the airline team to find out the issue and process the missing points to credit in their accounts. The airline asks passengers to request online by visiting their Aeroplan account and submitting the form. 

How far back can I claim missing Aeroplan points for flight bookings?

Passengers get 11 months to request the missing miles on Air Canada from the flight date. However, the passenger’s ticket name should be the same as in the Aeroplan account. Further details are available on the Air Canada website.

Can I claim points for previous flights?

It might be hard to get previous miles if a passenger was not a loyalty member when they flew. However, many airlines allow passengers to obtain a claim for the miles for previously booked flights. 

How to report missing Aeroplan points on Air Canada?

Passengers can raise a request through an online process and fill out a flight missing points request. For partner bookings like car rentals or hotels, flyers have to contact them directly to report their missing reward points. 

What details are to be mentioned on Aeroplan’s missing points form?

Air Canada asks passengers to fill out the missing points form to claim the missing miles. In the form, they have to mention some of the basic information, like ticket number, flight number, airline name, departure airport, and arrival airport. 

When can I get back my missing Aeroplan points?

Passengers can receive their missing Aeroplan points as soon as they mention the correct details on the form. Air Canada claims to return the missing points within 48 hours of submission. 

What is the deadline for claiming missing points for hotel and cab bookings?

You can claim your missing Aeroplan points up to six months after the hotel and cab services. You have to contact the partner hotel and car rentals directly for it. 

Can I claim my Aeroplan points on retail partner purchases?

You can claim your Aeroplan points for every purchase made with retail partners like Uber, Starbucks,, etc. However, you must apply for a request within the deadlines. 

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