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No plan is ever foolproof, least of all travel plans. So, it’s not that rare of an event where passengers are unable to attend their flights due to unforeseeable circumstances. Therefore, airlines like Lufthansa provide passengers with a possible solution.

Let’s discuss how to change the Lufthansa flight date.

How to Change Lufthansa Flight Date?

There are two ways for travelers of Lufthansa Airlines to change flights. You may learn how to adjust a Lufthansa flight date by reading the information below. Below are all the steps for changing the flight reservation online and offline. Depending on their preferences and level of convenience, passengers can choose anyway.

Steps – How to Change Lufthansa Flight Date Online?

Manage your reservation with Lufthansa Airlines easily. You can easily change your flight date. Please follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, open the Lufthansa official website.
  • Secondly, click “My Bookings.”
  • Thirdly input your login credentials, such as your booking reference number and first and last name.
  • Now press find bookings.
  • Choose the bookings you wish to change.
  • But if you bought a round-way ticket, you might have to reschedule the trip.
  • From the drop-down option, choose “Change date.”
  • You can choose a date here, but if the cost of the new flight changes, you must pay the difference.
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation email at your email address.

Steps – How to Change Lufthansa Flight Date Offline?

Lufthansa Airlines offers the option of purchasing tickets offline through its kiosk or booking center at the closest airport.

Calling the Lufthansa flight change phone number is another option for customers to buy tickets. Suppose you have questions about your flight change process or any other booking-related issue. In that case, the committed Lufthansa representatives and staff will support and assist you at the airport and on the phone.

The offline technique may be more practical and preferred for some travelers who cannot change their flights online.

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Lufthansa Change Flight Fee

So now you know how to change the Lufthansa flight date, then you need to know the change date fee. You will have to pay charges when you change your reserved flight tickets. Depending on the timing of your request and the nature of the change, this cost may vary. You can avoid the Lufthansa change fee if you make adjustments within the first 24 hours of making your reservation. If a traveler exceeds this limit, passengers need to pay additional fees. Read the information below:

  • On domestic flights, most changes are free of charge. So, for example, you can change your service class to Premium or Economy pricing.
  • For First, Business, and Premium prices, there will be no change fee for international flights on Lufthansa. However, changes to the other fares are subject to a $60 fee.
  • Your cost to change your foreign destination may be between $200 and $700.
  • Passengers need to pay a change fee if they want to change their flight on the day it takes off. Typically, this cost falls between $75 and $150. When you speak with the airline, you’ll learn the precise sum.
  • Based on this flight change policy, different fees apply to award tickets. The fees could vary depending on your ticket type. For Award fares, the typical same-day change cost is $150.

Lufthansa Flight Change Fee Waiver Policy

So now you know how to change the Lufthansa flight date, you also need to know about the change fee waiver policy. The terms “fee waivers” describe the situations in which you will not be required to pay a fee for changing your travel. For example, the Lufthansa change fee may not be paid by travelers who must rearrange their flights because of a medical emergency. Similarly, amid emergencies, you are allowed to make your changes. Other scenarios in which your fee will be waived include the following:

  • Flyers who initially booked their reservations in Business or First Class are eligible to make complimentary ticket adjustments.
  • Customers who hold Air Pass tickets are eligible for the charge waiver under the Lufthansa flight change policy.
  • Award ticket holders in First and Business Classes are eligible to make changes free of cost.
  • The change cost is exempt if you participate in this airline’s Miles and More frequent flyer program.
  • The US military’s active members may be eligible for fee reductions and waivers. You can avoid the cost of a flight change due to military orders.
  • You can also save money by making your changes well before the flight takes off, especially if you make changes during the risk-free time.

Terms & Conditions – Lufthansa Flight Change

So now you know how to change the Lufthansa flight date, you also need to know the terms and conditions. You must abide by the rules set forth by the authorities when flying with this airline. These guidelines apply to changing your flight and departure date. Passengers can change their tickets only if they comply with the rules of the Lufthansa airline. Read about the Lufthansa flight change rules below:

  • You can make changes easily using the Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking feature available on the official website, and if not, you need to speak with customer care to change your flight.
  • You can only adjust the date and time of your reserved flight.
  • There are restrictions imposed by the airlines regarding ticket transfers to additional passengers. As a result, you will only be able to change reservations made in your name. As a result, you cannot transfer your ticket to another passenger on this operator.
  • Passengers must pay a specific price to access the Lufthansa change flight. Depending on when you submit your request, there is a cost.
  • Additionally, reservations and award tickets made using miles can be changed. These tickets may be purchased for a variety of prices.
  • Same-day changes are changes to a flight on the day it is scheduled to depart. Depending on your fare, different passengers may be eligible for same-day changes.

24 Hours Lufthansa Change Flight Policy

So now you know how to change the Lufthansa flight date, you need to know the 24-hour policy. This airline has a 24-hour policy designed to simplify guest travel changes. Within 24 hours of making the reservation, travelers can change their flights in accordance with this policy.

  • The only flights that can receive these 24-hour changes are those whose departure is at least one week after the date of the change action.
  • If you change your flight during this window, you won’t have to pay a fee from Lufthansa.
  • The traveler will, however, be responsible for paying the fare difference.
  • The risk-free period is generally 24 hours.
  • Passengers can change their flights anytime during this time without paying any fees.
  • You may also change or cancel your flight without incurring additional fees from the airline.
  • Therefore, you can take advantage of the risk-free period and make the required changes without cost.

Lufthansa Same Day Flight Change Policy

So now you know how to change the Lufthansa flight date, you also need to know about the same-day flight change policy. When you need to make last-minute changes, the Lufthansa same-day change policy is helpful. In addition, changes are possible due to emergencies in life. If you want to change your flight to the same day it takes off, you must meet the requirements listed below:

  • If passengers make changes on the same day, they must submit at least one hour before the flight’s scheduled departure time. If you arrive after this time, you must either cancel your reservation or abide by the no-show rule.
  • The flight’s itinerary and arrival location should not change if you switch to a different flight.
  • It is impossible to make changes after you check in on the same day.
  • Fee for same-day flight changes. The traveler will be responsible for paying Lufthansa. This fee typically covers the fare difference. You will need to pay the exact costs when you ask for a change.
  • If your long-haul reservation includes a connecting flight, you might be unable to change your trip on the day of departure. However, you can speak with the airline directly to determine if you qualify.
  • You can access this option online or by contacting the customer care service.

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The diverse demands of the passengers are taken into consideration by the Lufthansa flight change policy. In terms of functioning, it is quite effective. The same-day adjustments are also made possible by this policy. Additionally, the availability of a variety of solutions makes it very accessible. Due to its low fees, this airline also offers cost-effective flight changes. As a result, you can apply this policy whenever it’s convenient for you.


On Lufthansa Airlines, it is possible to change a flight on the same day. But this circumstance is subject to a few restrictions. Look closely at the situations listed below:

  • You may switch flights the same day if Lufthansa Airlines cancels your original one.
  • Only if your flight was missed is it possible to rearrange your flight on the same day.
  • By calling the Lufthansa Airlines phone number, you can alter your flight on the same day if it is delayed.

  • Both over the phone and online, you can change the departure date.
  • To change flights online, go to the “My Booking” section of the Lufthansa website. Then, you can follow the on-screen instructions to reschedule the flight for the desired date.
  • You can contact one of the Lufthansa flight executives by calling the Lufthansa Airlines customer care service and requesting to change your ticket date.