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Have you ever planned your trip to your dream destination with a group of friends? Unfortunately, after making the reservations, one of your friends will not be able to make it and needs a flight change. In today’s time, all airlines provide their passengers with the facility of a flight change, and Delta Airlines is one of them that provides their passengers with hassle-free changes. Hence, here are all the essential details one needs to know about ‘How to Change Delta Flight for One Passenger?’

Is it Possible to Change Delta Flight for One Passenger?

Yes, it is possible to change a flight for one person. Thus, the passenger needs assistance from the airline’s customer executive to make the changes to divide the Passenger’s Name Record. Because according to the PNR record, all passengers should be on the same flight.

Therefore, to know how to change Delta flight for one passenger, one must understand the following methods and policies:

What are the Methods to Change Delta Flight for One Passenger?

Delta Flight has provided its passengers with multiple ways to make changes in the flight. Thus, given below are the methods customers can use in making Delta Airlines Flight changes for a single passenger.

Via Phone Call

There are situations when passengers can’t find solutions to their problems online and need assistance. 

So, to get answers, passengers must be aware of the customer care number. For that, one should know from where he can get the number to make a call.

Therefore, passengers can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, go to the official site of Delta Airlines.
  • Secondly, on the homepage, search for the option ‘Contact Us.’
  • After that, you will get connected to a call.
  • Further, you must listen carefully to the IVR instructions to get associated with a customer executive.
  • Now, give them the required details you want to make changes.
  • After that, make the necessary payment for the flight change if asked.
  • Then, wait for the confirmation of flight change from Delta Airlines on your registered mail ID or phone no.
  • Lastly, you will receive a new e-ticket from Delta Airlines.

Via Ticket Counter

Sometimes, it happens that the passenger isn’t able to get connected with customer assistance. In that case, he can visit the airport and get the changes done with the help of the agent present at the ticket counter.

Guidelines for How to Change Delta Flight for One Passenger

For a Refundable Ticket

In case of a refundable ticket, the fee for changing the flight will be waived if the seats are available with the airlines and the other terms and conditions are completely fulfilled. 

Thus, the passenger only has to pay a price difference if the price of the current ticket is higher than the last ticket.

For a Non-Refundable Ticket

Suppose a passenger has booked his ticket under a non-refundable policy. Therefore, they have to pay the service fee, which will fall from $200 to $500. Or, the cost will get finalized on the flyer’s destination. 

Therefore, the passenger has to pay the difference between the old & new flight tickets.

For the Award Ticket

Flyers with award tickets can change their bookings 72 hours before the flight’s departure. Therefore, a passenger has to pay the fee of $150.

In contrast, the passengers with diamond & platinum memberships didn’t have to pay fees for any changes.

For Tickets through Third-Party

The airline will charge an extra fee for tickets booked through Third-Party or via an agent, travel agency, or airline. However, passengers who have earned SkyMiles up-gradation, including military or government fares, will not be charged any additional cost.

Same-Day Flight Change

The airline provides its customers with hassle-free same-day flight change services. The passenger can make changes within 24 hours of the scheduled departure. Therefore, this guideline only applies to flyers flying within the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico & the United States.

Thus, the basic economy or international tickets are not eligible for the same-day flight change.

Whereas it also depends on the availability of the seats.

Therefore, the airline provides two options for the same-day flight change:

  • Same-day confirms changes: The passenger can change his ticket for a confirmed seat on a new flight on the availability of a seat at the last booked price. Thus, the service is complimentary for the Gold, Platinum & Diamond members.
  • Same-day standby: The passenger can opt for the seat on an earlier flight if he doesn’t find any option for surety of same-day changes. Thus, the passenger has to pay only the change fee to get a seat on the earlier flight.

What is the Fee For changing Flight on Delta Airlines?

So, now that you know how to change Delta flight for one passenger let’s discuss the change fee.

Below is the table for Delta Airlines, with the details of the price structure, including all other flight-changing costs.

PeriodBasic Economy FeeRefundable FeeNon-refundable Fee
Within 24 hours of booking,No charges.
Passengers have to pay only the fare difference.
No fees, only the fare difference, have to be paid. No fees, only the fare difference has to be paid.
After 24 hours of bookingNA.No extra charges.
Passengers must pay only the difference in fares.
The service fee is applicable starting from $200-$500.Plus the difference in fares.
Within 24 hours of the scheduled take-offNA.It depends on the availability of the seats, and the charges begin from $75.It depends on the availability of the seats, and the costs start from $75.

Delta Change Flight Policy

  • Passengers don’t have to pay any fee if they change flight within 24 hours of booking.
  • Passengers changing their flight after 24 hours of the risk-free window get over having to pay the flight change penalty charged by the airlines.
  • The airline allows one passenger within the group to change the flight.
  • The flight change cost depends on the time left in departure, ticket type, and cabin class.
  • Passengers can change the following data in their tickets: name change, date change, seat change, cabin change, and many more.
  • If a passenger is changing his seat, they shouldn’t forget that they can only upgrade their seat class.
  • Passengers changing their original flight tickets to new tickets must pay the difference in fare to get new tickets.
  • Passengers cannot make any changes in the flight once the flight has been take-off from its original destination.
  • If the new ticket amount is less than the cost of the original booking, then the airlines will transfer the remaining cost to the passenger’s original payment mode.

Lastly, now you know everything there is about how to change Delta flight for one passenger. However, if you still have some queries, let’s discuss some FAQs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The fee for flight changes before 24 hours of scheduled departure depends on the availability of the seats. Thus, the price starts from $75.

As I noted above, passengers can make changes to earlier or later scheduled flights by paying the fare difference. However, the flyers must make these changes 24 hours before the original flight departure.

In addition, passengers can also make changes to a single passenger’s fare in a reservation with multiple passengers. In order to know how to change Delta flight for one passenger, read the blog above.