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Nowadays, every airline is in the business of providing their customers extra benefits to have a good value in the market. And not only Qatar Airways but many other airlines are also providing their flyers with Award Points or many different vouchers to attract more travelers. If you plan to travel with Qatar Airways using your Qmiles or Avios points and you are unaware of the procedure of How to book Qatar Award Flights, then this blog is for you with all the crucial details on ‘How to Book Qatar Award Flights?’

How To Book Qatar Award Flights Using Points?

After knowing the guidelines for redeeming award points or Qmiles, it’s also essential to know the booking procedure. Read the steps below:

  • Firstly, go to the airline’s official site.
  • Secondly, go to the flight booking section and log in to your account.
  • Then, search for the Book Award Ticket tab and click on the tab.
  • Afterward, the passenger has to fill in the required details.
  • Now, a new page will pop on the screen, and passengers can search for seat availability to select a seat of their choice.
  • After picking the seat, the passenger can make the booking.
  • Thus, the passenger has to make the payment by redeeming the award points.
  • At last, you will receive a confirmation on your registered mail or phone no for your booking.

Guidelines To Book Qatar Award Flights

Award points, also known as the Qmiles, are a specific amount passengers get by making any reservations with Qatar and its partner airlines. Hence, flyers can redeem those points while making their future reservations.

Passengers can book their tickets using the official website’s Award points named ‘Qmiles.’ Unfortunately, the airline doesn’t publish any award point charts for their flights either. Instead, they ask their passengers to check routes using ‘Qcalculator.’

Now you know how to book Qatar Award Flights. So, given below are the basics one should know before making the usage of Qmiles at Qatar Airways:

  • Passengers on Qatar Airways can book their award ticket using the phone or website.
  • Passengers can’t make reservations for their infants in business or first class.
  • If you have booked your ticket using award points, then you’re not allowed to take any stopovers & open jaws.
  • On Award tickets, passengers are not charged with any fuel surcharge. But they have to pay standard fees and taxes.
  • In addition, passengers can’t book their first-class flight ticket using Award points between London & Doha.
  • Airways only provides its passenger to redeem Qmiles with economy & first-class seats to travel within the Middle East.
  • Passengers can use their Qmiles points on first-class Airbus A380.
  • Suppose passengers will not have enough miles in their airways account. Then, they will not be able to see the option of award redemption online.

Benefits of Booking Qatar Award Flights

One should learn about its benefits for knowing better use of Qmiles on Qatar Airways. In addition, every tier of Qatar has its own benefits under Award Tickets. 

Passengers can read them below:

Award BenefitsBurgundy TierSilver TierGold TierPlatinum Tier
Discounts on Online Redemption5%5%
Fee waiversYesYes
Better availability of seatsYesYes
Flexi AwardsYesYesYesYes
Travel PartnersYesYesYes
Shop & Pay at Qatar DutyfreeYesYesYesYes
Preferential Shop & Pay at Qatar DutyfreeYesYes

Cancelation of Award Tickets on Qatar Airways

Passengers can cancel their award tickets. Still, they will be charged with cancellation fees depending on the membership tier and the timings. If a passenger has a platinum or gold membership. Then, he/she can pay the cancellation cost on the award ticket by using Qcredits or reward benefits.

For example, if a passenger cancels his flight before 3 hours of the scheduled departure, then he’ll be refunded with the government taxes only. At the same time, if the passenger is a platinum or gold member, then he can pay award ticket cancelation fees using Qmiles or Qcredits.

Cancelation Fee

Passengers have to pay the cancelation fee under the given terms & conditions. Thus, passengers can check the table below:

Change or CancelationTiers
More than 24 hours before the scheduled departure$25$25$25$25
Between 3 hours to 24 hours from departure$100$100$100$100
Within 3 hours or after releaseNot Allowed. Only government taxes will be refunded.
Frequently Asked Questions

No, you cannot exchange your Qmiles for cash. Instead, you can redeem them at various services Qatar Airways, and its partnered airlines provide.

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