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Are you facing problems managing or modifying your flight tickets with Hawaiian Airlines? Then, you are at the right place. With the help of the information provided on this Blog, you will have no issues modifying your booking via the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking option. Being a reputable airline with excellent customer service, Hawaiian Airlines offers a straightforward method for managing tickets online. To use the online manage booking feature, just go to the official website, and enter your booking code and last name.

Services Offered by Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking

People take trips for various reasons, including family vacations, business trips, and personal travel. However, things don’t always go as planned due to some inescapable factors that can appear from anywhere at any time. Passengers worry about the changes and the high fares they pay in this situation. However, Hawaiian Airlines offered a simple method for purchasing your ticket by supplying a page that allowed you to quickly continue with your booking for managing flights in the ‘My Trips’ section. In addition, some functions in Manage Bookings assist with modifying the flights, including:

  • Select your Seat: Passengers can select their seats in advance through the Hawaiian Airlines manage my booking option. 
  • Check-in: Hawaiian Airlines provides its passengers’ check-in facility. Passengers can quickly check in online through the manage flight option.
  • Change/cancel flight tickets: Do you want to make changes or cancel your flight? Passengers can easily make modifications or even cancel their flight with Hawaiian Airlines. 
  • Update reservation: If passengers want to travel in luxury, they can update their reservation. Passengers can go to the Hawaiian Airlines manage my trip option to update their tickets.
  • Check flight status: Check your flight status at the convenience of your home. Passengers can check the status of their flight before boarding. 
  • Add extra baggage: Are you traveling heavy? Don’t fret! Passengers can add excess baggage by paying a certain amount.
  • Select your meal: Add your favorite meal to your bookings. Enjoy delicious food onboard by adding it to your flight.
  • Get the trip details: Get every detail of your trip through the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking option.
  • Add special services: Are you traveling with a person with a disability? Add a wheelchair to your flight and fly comfortably.

How Does Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking Procedure Work?

Hawaiian Airlines allows its customers the freedom to book flights on their own with a few mouse clicks. In addition, customers can control the flights as they see fit and receive updates on the fines, expenses of adjustments, and cancellation fees. Here, we go over how to use the website on our own to manage flights.

  1. You must first access the Hawaiian Airlines official website and check in to your profile using the existing login ID.
  2. The next step takes you to the Hawaiian Airlines home page, where you can see the “Manage Flight” area. Simply go to this section and select the “My Trips” tab.
  3. The following step requires you to enter the requested information, such as your last name and the verification code (Ticket number). This step would retrieve the information about your ticket that you want to modify.
  4. You can view all of the choices connected to your change here after selecting “next” (ticket time, date, or destination, cancel a booking, add extra baggage, correct/change name on your ticket).
  5. If your ticket allows for adjustments, you can make the changes you want and use your cards to pay for them online if you are qualified.
  6. Finally, you will receive a confirmation email to your email address following the successful payment of your adjustments.

How Do Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking Process Help the Passengers?

Are you looking to make changes to your reservation with Hawaiian Airlines? Then, utilize the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking option and easily modify your reservation. Passengers must initiate the online Manage Booking process within 24 hours of the flight’s scheduled departure. After you open the manage booking tab on the official website, you will get various options.  

Here is a list of option that helps the passengers in modifying or managing their flights:

Check-in: Through this option, you can check in for your flight.

My Trip: With the help of the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Reservation option, passengers can edit, review, change/cancel their flight booking easily. 

Find Receipts: Passengers can locate their booking and flight receipts in this tab.

Ok Cashback: In this option, passengers can get information about their Ok Cashback, the Hawaiian loyalty program. Members need to provide their details and get important updates and information. 

Check-in Policy

Passengers can easily web check-in for their flight for their Hawaiian Airlines Flight. You can visit the official site of Hawaiian Airlines and the web check-in page 24 hours before their flight departure. Passengers need to provide the booking number and surname to start the process. 

Passengers can also download the mobile application of Hawaiian Airlines and finish the check-in process hassle-free. If passengers are not comfortable with their online check-in, they can visit the Hawaiian Airlines Airport kiosk to check in for their flight. 

Baggage Policy

Hawaiian Airlines provides its customers with a flexible and friendly baggage policy. It allowed passengers one free carry-on baggage and one personal item with each ticket. Depending on the passengers’ ticket, the airliners offer a 23 kg-32 kg complimentary baggage allowance. However, if your baggage weighs more than 45 kg and exceeds 62 inches in size, the airline will not allow it for free. Passengers need to pay extra charges for exceeding the limit of baggage. The airline will charge you as per its policy. If you need more information on luggage, visit the official site of Hawaiian Airlines

Seat Selection Policy

Passengers can request priority boarding and book extra legroom through the Hawaiian Airlines Manage My Booking service. To do that, they need to log in to my Trip page. If the flight departure is within 24 hours, the passengers can select the seat when checking in for their flight online or at the airport. Remember that on Hawaiian Airlines or Ohona codeshare flights, preferred seats are not available. 

Passengers will get extra legroom, priority boarding, and overhead bin early access when looking for their preferred seats.

Cancelation Policy

Either way, you can change your plans and receive a refund. Furthermore, you might even be eligible for a refund to the source of payment for your ticket, provided you strictly adhere to the airline cancellation policy and procedures.

Additionally, you might get the refund even faster if you strictly adhere to Hawaiian Airlines’ return policy. However, cancellations must be made within 24 hours of the original appointment. In addition, the flight cannot leave within seven days of the booking time.

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How to Change Flights by Using Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking?

  1. To change your bookings, first, you need to go to the Hawaiian Airlines site. Then, locate the manage My Trip section and tap on the manage tab button. 
  2. Next, to log in, provide your 6-letter confirmation number with your last name. Then, click on the View My Itinerary button and click on the flight that you want to make changes it. 
  3. Afterward, click on the Change My Flight tab and make the required changes. 
  4. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to change your flight.
  5. Lastly, pay the required fee and also the fare difference if applicable.
  6. You will get the confirmation mail along with your updated ticket. 

How to Modify Seat Assignments Via Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking?

Here’s how to modify your reservation’s seat assignment:

  1. Log into your HawaiianMiles account at
  2. Tap on your name in the right-hand corner after logging in.
  3. Choose “My Trips” in the drop-down menu to Hawaiian Airlines Manage your trip.
  4. To alter the itinerary for the trip, click “Open Itinerary.”
  5. Click “Change Seats” in the Seat Assignments section of the Itinerary page.
  6. Choose the seats you want for every flight.
  7. Tap on the “Continue” tab to proceed with your seat changes.
  8. Click on the “Options” button in the top right corner and choose “Print” if you want to print the itinerary.

How to View Flight Details Through the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking?

  1. First, visit the homepage of Hawaiian Airlines’ official site.
  2. The “Manage Flights” option on their homepage is at the top.
  3. The Locate My Trips section will appear when selecting the My Trips option.
  4. Enter the passenger’s last name after the reference number or ticket number.
  5. To cancel, modify, or view your trip, click the “View My Trips” tab.
  6. Finally, a reminder that online modifications to canceled flights are not possible. Remember, though, that if you utilize Hawaiian Airlines’ service to cancel flights, the airline will let you know when a flight is canceled. 
  7. Therefore, continue to check your email for any updates you want to be aware of.

Passengers can select their seats when they check-in for their flight at least 24 hours before the departure. Alternatively, the airline will randomly pick your seat after you check in at the boarding gate.

  • First, visit & log in to the Miles account.
  • After you log in, locate your account with your name in the upper right corner.
  • Afterward, click on the “My Trips” tab from the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Trip section.
  • Then, tap on the “Open Itinerary” button for the flight you want to modify.
  • Next, select the “Update Flyer information” button from the top corner.
  • Then, tap on the “Edit” link and add a flight to your Hawaiian Airlines account.
  • Next, tap the “Save Changes” tab and press “Done.”

There are numerous ways to reserve a flight on Hawaiian Airlines. However, visiting the official website and making your reservation online is the most practical method for purchasing a Hawaiian Airlines ticket.

It is possible to book a Hawaiian flight in various ways. The easiest way to book is online, though. Additionally, you can quickly book a flight from the convenience of your home.