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Traveling on flights is becoming expensive day by day, and the price tag becomes heavier if you are a student only. However, scholars flying on Turkish Airlines can grab huge discounts and make their travel more affordable and comfortable. Turkish Airlines is generous towards its student passengers. Along with the discount on Turkish flight tickets, students also receive numerous perks. So, the next question that arises is how to get a student discount on Turkish Airlines. However, flyers can seize Turkish Airlines student discounts by fulfilling the eligibility criteria and registering on the Miles&Smiles frequent flyer program.  

Let us find out more about the privileges for students on Turkish Airlines.

Eligibility Criteria For Getting Student Discount On Turkish Airlines

Whether a flyer is an apprentice, a high school student, or pursuing graduation, they all are eligible. However, travelers need to be aware of certain qualifying criteria to enjoy the benefits of the student discount campaign. So, before getting the answer to our question about how to get a student discount on Turkish Airlines, let us first understand the eligibility criteria. Here are the terms and conditions for domestic or international flights to enjoy the Turkish Airlines student discount privilege. 

  • First of all, the student must be a member of the Miles&Smiles reward program.
  • Students between the ages of 12 to 34 are eligible for the Turkish Airlines student discount program for international flights.
  • On the other hand, for domestic flights, the Turkish Airlines student discount age limit is between 13 to 25 years.
  • The program is available for all students whether they are studying in Türkiye or abroad. Moreover, it is open to all students irrespective of their citizenship. 
  • The information provided by the student in the Miles&Smiles program, the online declaration form, and the student ID must be the same.  
  • Also, the flyer must remember that their Studentship status is valid for only one year. After that, they have to apply again.
  • In the case of international flights, flyers can get the advantage of a Turkish Airlines discount program while reserving Economy class only. 
  • Whereas, on domestic routes and flights from/to Ercan Airport, passengers can book both Economy and Business classes.

Benefits of the Turkish Airlines Student Discount Program

The discount program for students is not just about the lower flight ticket prices. It also includes several perks that make the travel more exclusive. So, before we know how to get a student discount on Turkish Airlines, let us have a look a the benefits of it. Here are the privileges a student flyer will receive on international and domestic Turkish flights.

Extra 1000 Welcome Miles 

When flyers register themselves on the Turkish Miles&Smiles program as a student, then they receive an extra 1000 miles as a welcome gift apart from the 1000 miles that a standard passenger receives. So, the overall miles students receive upon registering is 2000. However, it is only available for new members. Students will not receive welcome miles if they are already members of the Miles&Smiles program.

Earn 25% More Bonus Miles

When it comes to earning miles, members of the Miles&Smiles program with Student status have a better edge than regular members. Student members will get 25% more miles for every flight they take in the year 2023. But the flyer must remember that these miles will not contribute towards earning any status. They will serve only as bonus miles. 

One Free Flight Ticket Change

Another advantage of the Turkish student discount scheme is that it lets students make one free flight ticket change. But, if there is any fare difference on the alternate flight, then travelers have to pay it. The following privilege of the Turkish Airlines student discount campaign is only available on international flights. Hence, it gives more flexibility to student passengers. However, if the flyer makes further flight changes, then they have to pay the Turkish Airlines flight change fee. 

More Baggage Allowance

Turkish Airlines gives relaxation to students in baggage. Under the Turkish Airlines student discount program, flyers will get a 40 kg baggage allowance on international flights. If the route consists of a piece-wise baggage concept, then the flyer gets an allowance of 2 bags with a 23 kg weight limit each. 

On the contrary, for students flying on domestic routes, the baggage allowance is similar to that of a standard passenger. 

Discount on Flight Tickets

The most important advantage of signing up for the Turkish student discount initiative is to get flight tickets at a cheaper price. A passenger with a student status in Miles&Smiles program can grab flight ticket deals at a lower price compared to other regular travelers. However, there is a discount threshold for both domestic and international flights.

  • The student will get a 20% discount on fares for domestic flights. If the flight is to and from Ercan Airport, then the ticket is available at a 15% discount on the base rate. They can book a seat in Turkish Airlines Economy or Business class. The discount does not cover the taxes and administration charges. Also, the discount is not applied to promotion classes (V/P/W/U/F/G). 
  • On the other hand, for international flights, students are eligible for 15% off on ticket prices under the Turkish Airlines scholars discount program. The promotion does not apply to tax and service charges. It is valid for both round-trip and one-way bookings. Moreover, student passengers can avail of this benefit only if they travel in Economy Class. 
  • If the flight is between Türkiye and TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), then the student flyer is eligible for a 10% fare discount. 

Apart from all these benefits, travelers must remember that these rights cannot be transferred. Moreover, passengers cannot combine the Student Discount deal with any other Turkish Airlines promotions while booking a ticket. The above privileges are only available on flights operated by Turkish Airlines. The student discount program is not available for AnadoluJet flights, Star Alliance partner flights, and Turkish Airlines codeshare flights. 

How to Create a Student Profile on Turkish Airlines?

In the quest for the answer to the question “How to get a Student Discount on Turkish Airlines?,” the next step is to learn how to create a student profile on Turkish Airlines. We already know that flyer has to be registered on the Miles&Smiles program. But now, we will break down the process more precisely. 

Profile for Students Studying Abroad

If you are seeking the process of how to get a student discount on Turkish Airlines for abroad studying scholars, then you have to sign up for the program by following these steps.

  • Start by signing up for the Miles&Smiles program.
  • In the personal information section, the traveler must select the “Student” option.
  • Now, regardless of their nationality, travelers can fill out the Student Discount Application form on the official website. They can also visit the Turkish Airlines sales office to submit their request. 
  • They can visit the customer relations page of the website. After that, they can select the “I am a Miles&Smiles member.” 
  • Further, travelers have to choose the “New Feedback” option on the Turkish Airlines webpage and select the “Student Registration Form” from the Application menu.
  • In the application form, the flyer has to enter the following information:
  • Name and surname.
  • Miles&Smiles membership number.
  • DOB.
  • A short feedback within 2,500 characters. 
  • Also, they have to upload valid student IDs or official documents to support their request.
  • Students can submit an ID card, ISIC card, or certificate. They must ensure that the institution’s emblem, name, and birth are visible on the ID or document. 
  • After submitting the form, Turkish Airlines will carry out student verification checks in the next seven business days.
  • When the status is approved, the flyer can enjoy the benefits of the Student Discount program.

Profile for Students Studying in Türkiye

The requirements to create a student profile for scholars studying in Türkiye are similar to those studying abroad. Scholars studying in Türkiye are eligible for a discount program adhering to the age criteria. So, before knowing how to apply student discount on Turkish Airlines booking, Scholars have to follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the official website and log in or sign up for the Miles&Smiles program.
  • Enter the contact details.
  • Also, enter the personal details and choose “Student” in the discount type option. 
  • Now, press the save button.
  • Now fill in the Student Discount Application form and submit the necessary documents.
  • The airline will approve it within seven business days after verifying it. 
  • After the approval, travelers can book their tickets under the student discount program.

How to Apply For Student Discount on Turkish Airlines Flight?

Booking a ticket on Turkish Airlines is easy but grabbing it with a student discount is advantageous. Thus, if you want to know how to get a Turkish Airlines flight ticket with a student discount program, then here are the quick steps.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Turkish Airlines or open its mobile app.
  • Now, log in to your Miles&Smiles account.
  • Click on the ‘Book a Flight’ option.
  • Set the trip as a one-way or round trip.
  • Enter the departure and arrival airport. 
  • Also, choose the date of travel.
  • Now select the “Student” option from the type of passenger option. 
  • Hit on the search button.
  • Now, it will show the available flights on the route along with the discounted fare.
  • Choose the desired flight.
  • Click on the continue button to enter the passengers and contact details.
  • After that, pay the ticket fare to confirm your ticket booking.

Turkish Airlines does not permit adding any other promotions or deals with the scholar discount program. Students must carry their original ID or documents submitted in the Student Discount Application Form at the time of check-in. Moreover, if the PNR contains more than one passenger, then program benefits are only applicable if all flyers are approved students by the airline. Thus, passengers cannot use the discount benefits, if they book their ticket with a regular traveler. 

Other Airlines Offering Student Discount Programs

You are now aware of how to get a student discount on Turkish Airlines, but there are numerous airlines other than Turkish Airlines that offer deals on flight tickets for students.

Air Canada: Student flyers can purchase the Air Canada flight pass with a valid student ID and active Aeroplan membership. They will get packages of four to six one-way flight credits making their travel affordable. 

United Airlines: The airline does not technically offer promotions for students, but it offers a 5% discount to adults between 18 to 23 years of age. The flyer can book only economy class fare with this promotion. 

Air France: It offers special fares to students enrolled in an institution. The age limit to avail of this benefit is 18 to 29 years. Student fare is only available for Economy class. However, Air France does not specify the percentage of discount on fares. 

Lufthansa: The airline offers special discounts to its student passengers. It is available on multiple routes. If the Lufthansa flight is originating from the USA, then student fare is available only in the Economy cabin. 

Emirates: It provides the most exclusive discount program for students. The flyers can enjoy a 10% discount on Economy and Business class tickets. It offers one extra piece of baggage in addition to its two complimentary checked bags. The age limit to avail of this offer is between 16 to 31 years.

Etihad: The airline offers discounts to students between 18 to 32 years of age. Under the program, students can book an Economy fare at a 10% discount and a Business fare at a 5% discount. However, Etihad does not offer student discounts on flights to the USA and Canada. 

Air India: The scholar discount offer is available for students studying in India. Students traveling to India to study can grab up to 25% discount on Economy fares.

Is Turkish Airlines Student Discount Worth It?

Turkish Airlines stands in a different queue in terms of giving special discounts to students. The airlines like Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, Southwest, Alaska, and American do not offer any active discount program for scholars. So, compared to these carriers Turkish discount program is worth giving a shot.

However, airlines like Lufthansa and Emirates set the bar high for discounted student fares. However, Turkish Airlines’ effective ticket pricing plus the student discounts make it a more affordable choice. Moreover, with a pre-defined discount slab planning for a trip becomes easier. Under the Turkish Airlines student discount scheme, the traveler will get a 40 kg baggage allowance which is better than many other airlines. On the grounds of reward point earnings, it is unmatchable. Students can earn up to 25% extra miles on flights to international or domestic routes. Above all, the generous age slab makes it worth using.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Turkish Airlines offer student discounts?

Yes, Turkish Airlines offers huge discounts to its student flyers. However, to avail of this offer, the traveler must be a member of the Miles&Smiles frequent flyer program. 

How do I add student information to Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles?

Firstly create your Miles&Smiles account. After that, in the personal detail section choose the discount type. From the list, select the “Student” option and hit the save button to add your student information. 

How much student discount does Turkish Airlines offer?

The discounts offered by the airlines vary according to the routes

  • For domestic flights, the discount is up to 20%.
  • In the case of international flights, the airlines offer a 15% discount. 
  • On the flights between Türkiye and TRNC, the discount is up to 10%. 

Do I have to fill Turkish Airlines student discount form to book international flights?

After signing up for the Miles&Smiles program, travelers have to fill out the Turkish Airlines student discount form for verification. So, whether you are planning to travel domestically or internationally, the form is compulsory.

What details do I need while filling out the Turkish Airlines scholar discount form? 

You will need to provide exactly similar details as on your Miles&Smiles account and institution documents. You have to enter the right name, DOB, and Miles&Smiles membership number along with a valid student ID.

What is the age limit for the Turkish Airlines student discount program?

Student flyers traveling to international destinations should be between 12 to 34 years old. On the other hand, the age limit under the Turkish Airlines Student discount program on domestic flights for students is 12 to 25 years. 

Can I book a Turkish Airlines student discount ticket with a multi-city trip option?

No, you cannot book a multi-city flight with a student discount option. The promotion is only available for one-way and round trips. 

Which cabin class I can book with the Turkish Airlines scholar discount scheme?

Students can utilize the discount program while booking an Economy class for flights to international destinations. On the contrary, students flying to domestic cities can book Economy or Business classes. 

How long does Turkish Airlines take to verify the flyer’s student status?

After submitting the declaration form, Turkish Airlines takes up to seven business days to verify the credibility of the flyer as a student. It was validated by going through the flyer documents and confirming the same with the institution. 

Can I use a student discount fare while booking with other passengers?

Turkish Airlines states that flyers can use the student discount only if all the passengers in a single PNR are approved students by the carrier. Therefore, you cannot use the discounts while making a reservation with another regular student. More details are available on the Turkish Airlines website.

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