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Many passengers while traveling feel uncomfortable sitting on one seat as they do not get fit on the seat, especially economy class passengers. Thus, they often do not find flights a comfortable option to travel. However, passengers can now be relaxed during their journey, as many airlines offer passengers to book an extra seat along with their original seat. Frontier Airlines also offers the option to book an extra seat. But passengers may be eager to know How to Book an Extra Son Frontier. It is not a daunting task. Passengers just need to stick to a few guidelines before obtaining an additional seat.

What You Must Know Before Booking Extra Seat on Frontier?

With Frontier Airlines, passengers get the privilege of booking an extra seat. Travelers have the flexibility of obtaining an additional seat while booking or after booking the flight tickets.  A certain fee is applied by the airline to passengers for booking another seat. However, before knowing “how to book an extra seat on Frontier” here are a few necessary points that travelers need to know before purchasing additional seats. 

  • The airline only offers to book up to two seats. 
  • Passengers can book seats for both domestic and international routes. 
  • A certain fee for booking an extra seat is applicable. 
  • Passengers can book their extra seats up to 24 hours before departure. 
  • Frontier Airlines allows passengers to book an extra seat through online and offline methods. 
  • Also, there are no fare restrictions. Flyers can reserve the two standard or two stretch seats under any fare category. 

Types of Seats Available on Frontier Airlines

There are two types of seats offered in Frontier i.e., standard and stretch seating. Both the seats provide comfort and a relaxed journey, yet stretch seats have extra space depending upon the aircraft. 

Standard Seats

These seats on Frontier Airlines are the basic category seats that do not recline. Standard seats have a width of 16.5 to 19 inches and a pitch of 28 to 29 inches. It has less legroom space than stretch seats. Also, these seats are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Stretch Seats 

These seats recline and have an extra five to seven inches compared to standard seats. There are a total of five to six rows of stretch seats including the exit row seats. But, it can vary from one aircraft to another. The seat dimensions are 18 inches in width with 36 to 38 inches of pitch.

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Ways to Get Extra Seat on Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines offers multiple ways to book a flight ticket. So, whichever mode you are using to buy a ticket, the same you can use to obtain an extra seat. You can easily reserve an extra seat at the time of booking or later. But, passengers cannot ask a third-party agency to book an extra seat.


Online Method to Book an Extra Seat

Here are the steps that need to be taken to buy an additional seat on Frontier Airlines.  

  • Go to the official website of Frontier. 
  • From the flight section, enter departure and destination.
  • Choose the trip type and schedule of the flight.
  • In the number of passengers section, enter 2. 
  • Select the payment option between dollars and miles.
  • Click on the “Search Flight” option. 
  • On the next page, choose the flight from the list.
  • After that, click on the continue button. 
  • Now, enter the passenger details.  
  • While filling out the passenger details, remember to enter the same name and other details in both passenger 1 and passenger 2 information sections. In this way, you can reserve two seats. 
  • After that, pick the available seats.
  • Pay for both seats either with miles or cash to complete your booking.

Through WhatsApp

You can connect to Frontier Airlines through WhatsApp at 720-902-3969. The airline chat box will appear on the screen. Firstly, you have to choose between Spanish and English language. After that, the chatbot will provide you with the following options:

  • Booking.
  • Memberships.
  • Something Else.

After that, 

  • Select Booking > New Booking. 
  • The chatbot will provide the following link –
  • However, you can skip the link and ask for assistance from a representative. A live person from Frontier will join the chat. 

The live person will connect to you in a short while. Now, ask them to book a flight on your behalf with two seats on the same reservation. The agent will help you out and will book your Frontier flight with an additional seat after receiving all the details on the Whatsapp chat. 

Through Frontier’s Live Chat Option

Another answer to “how to book an extra seat on Frontier Airlines” is the Live Chat. Passengers can connect with the airline through live chat assistance where they can mention their concerns about adding an extra seat. Here is a process by which passengers can start the live chat.

  • Visit the Frontier Airlines website.
  • Go to the Contact Us feature.
  • There a tab of live chat will appear, click on it to start.
  • A chat box will pop on the screen. It will provide you with multiple options for Booking, Inquiry, Refund, Membership, and more.
  • Choose the booking option and request live assistance.
  • An agent will respond to the traveler shortly. 
  • Here, travelers can ask the agent to make a reservation with an extra seat.
  • Share the travel details, and the agent will process the request. 
  • In the payment stage, flyers have to share their card details. Frontier accepts only Mastercard, Visa card, or American Express for online payment methods.
  • After the payment, the traveler will shortly receive the confirmation email.

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How to Buy Extra Frontier Seats at the Airport?

In the quest to know how to book an extra seat on Frontier, visiting the airport is the last resort. You can simply go to the sales office of Frontier at the airport and request to book a flight with an extra seat. The executive will make the reservation on your behalf and will ask you to pay the ticket price for both seats. You can take the printout of your ticket from the sales office then. 

Does Frontier Charge Extra Fees for Seats?

Passengers can book an extra seat for better comfort and convenience on Frontier Airlines. However, for any extra service, an airline charges a certain fee. But there is no extra fee for buying an extra seat. Frontier Airlines tickets do not include seats. Therefore, passengers have to pay for the desired seat.

Travelers willing to purchase an extra seat have only to pay the ticket price plus the seat selection fee including taxes. There are no extra service charges for buying an additional seat. Passengers must pay a fee depending on the route and type of seat. Thus, the price of obtaining a reservation with an additional seat may vary from destination to destination. 

If the passenger chooses to book their tickets through the assistance of the agent either at chat or at the airport then, they have to pay $35 more compared to online booking. 

Is it Worth Buying an Extra Seat on Frontier Airlines?

Since Frontier is a low-cost airline, passengers get to buy extra seats at a very reasonable price. Here are a few more advantages of obtaining an extra seat.

  • Passengers get more space and comfort.
  • A designated overhead bin space is allotted for both seats. 
  • Health-conscious travelers might feel more comfortable with more space between them and other passengers.
  • Solo, couples, or families might want the space that business class provides but not want to pay for business class. In those instances, booking multiple economy seats might be less expensive.

Thus, considering the price factor it is worth booking extra seats on Frontier. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the extra seat fees on Frontier Airlines?

The ticket price on Frontier does not include the seat assignment fee. Thus, passengers have to pay an extra amount to select their seats. 

How do I buy an extra seat on Frontier Airlines?

Passengers can book extra seats through the booking option on the official website or the app. They can also use the live chat or WhatsApp number of the airline to make a reservation for an extra seat. 

How many extra seats I can purchase on the Frontier?

A single passenger can purchase at most two seats under a single booking on Frontier flights. To get more comfort and space, passengers can book an extra seat along with their original seat, by paying an additional fee to Frontier. 

What are stretch seats on Frontier Airlines?

These seats provide five to seven inches of width as compared to standard seats in economy class and have a reclining option too. The seats are 18 inches in width with 36 inches of pitch.

Will I get an extra space with an extra seat on Frontier?

When you buy an additional seat on Frontier, you get extra legroom space. Your seats become wider by removing the armrest. Moreover, you will be allotted an additional overhead bin space along with the particular seat. 

How much do I have to pay for purchasing an extra seat on Frontier Airlines?

You have to pay only the ticket price plus the seat assignment fee while booking a single seat or double seat. There is no extra service fee for buying additional seats.

What is the benefit of an extra seat on Frontier Airlines?

Passengers who cannot sit in one particular seat and want more space and comfort can book an extra seat by paying an additional fee. Moreover, it also provides safety for passengers who are health conscious or those traveling with family or spouses who want space and do not feel comfortable with strangers.  

Does all Frontier fares are open for additional seat purchase?

Whether the passenger is purchasing Classic, Classic Plus, or Economy fare, all of them are open for additional seat purchase by a single passenger. Travelers have to pay the price of both seats to get it.

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