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After making all the reservations to your dream destination on Emirates Airlines, the unexpected situation can lead you to make a cancelation request for your flight tickets. Although you don’t want to cancel your thoroughly planned trip at the last movement, passengers can choose the ‘Emirates Reschedule Flight’ option. Passengers should be aware of all the terms, conditions, and policies of ‘Emirates Reschedule Flight’ before making any request. Read this blog thoroughly, and get all the details regarding flight rescheduling.

How to Reschedule Emirates Flight by using Online Method?

Several customers and passengers prefer Online Method for changing their original flight tickets.

Passengers can also reschedule their Emirates Flight using the Online Method known as the ‘Manage My Booking’ feature.

To access this service, Passengers need to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • Secondly, click on the ‘Manage’ tab.
  • Then, select the option ‘Change Your Bookings.’
  • Afterward, enter your ‘Booking Confirmation Code’ and your ‘Last Name’ on the new page.
  • Now, click on the ‘Retrieve Booking’ tab, which will provide you with all the details regarding your original flight tickets.
  • Then, click on ‘Manage Booking’ to get all the new details of flight tickets.
  • Click on your preferred flight.
  • Afterward, fill in all the required details regarding the date, time, and destination.
  • Then, fill in all the required passenger details.
  • Make the payment of fare differences if required.
  • Then, click on proceed.
  • Wait for the confirmation message or mail of your Emirates Reschedule Flight.
  • Lastly, passengers will receive a new E-ticket from the airline.

How to Reschedule Emirates Flight by Using Offline Method?

There are two types of Offline Methods by which passengers can reschedule their Emirates Flight.

Via Phone Call

In case passengers are not able to make any change in their Emirates Flight through the online method or are unable to Reschedule their flights by using the online process.

 However, following the given steps, passengers can opt for the offline method.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • Secondly, click on ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Helpline Number.’
  • Then, you will be connected to the Airline Representative.
  • Afterward, ask the Airline Representative to help in your Emirates Reschedule Flight procedure. 
  • Please provide them with all the required details of your new desired Flight.
  • Make a payment of fare differences if required.
  • Wait for the confirmation message or mail of your Emirates Reschedule Flight.
  • Lastly, passengers will receive a new E-ticket from the airline.

Via Ticket Counter

Nowadays, airlines provide passengers with the ‘Airline Ticket Counter’ service. Through this service, passengers can directly talk to the Airline Agent by visiting the Ticket Counter and asking them to help in their Emirates Reschedule Flight procedure.

Emirates Reschedule Flight Policy

Passengers should go through all the Terms and policies before requesting to reschedule their original Emirates Flight.

Below are listed some significant policies of Emirates Airlines which will help passengers reschedule their flights quickly.

  • Passengers can reschedule their Emirates flight to only once.
  • If the rescheduling request is made within 24 hours of ticket purchase, it will be done free.
  • Passengers can reschedule their flight up to 11 months after making the reservations.
  • Passengers can request to reschedule their original flight seven days after the initial departure.
  • Airlines also reschedule flights before 24 hours of departure in case of emergency.
  • If passengers request for Emirates Reschedule Flight after 24 hours of purchase, the airline will ask you to pay an extra rescheduling fee.
  • The airline will ask you to pay the fare difference if the rescheduled flight price exceeds your original flight price. On the other hand, if the flight price is lower, the airline will return your remaining credits. Passengers have to pay rescheduling fees in both situations.
  • Emirates Rescheduling Flight fees depend on the different fare classes.
  •  If passengers booked their original flight with the help of a third-party agent, they need to contact the agent for their Emirates Reschedule Flight.

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Emirates Reschedule Flight Fee

As noted above, if passengers make the Emirates Reschedule Flight request within 24 hours of ticket purchase, they don’t have to pay any extra reschedule fee to the airline.

Moreover, if passengers request after 24 hours of the risk-free period, the airline will ask them to pay an extra fee along with the price, which depends on the new fare type selected by passengers. 

Note: If passengers have purchased a flexible ticket, the airline allows them to reschedule their flight free of cost.

Cabin ClassFee
Economy ClassUSD 75-200
Business Class USD 300-400
First ClassUSD 250-400
Economy SaverUSD 200
Business SaverUSD 400

How to Reschedule Missed Emirates Flight?

There are several situations where passengers miss their flights due to the fault of Airlines. However, in such cases, passengers don’t have to make any moves to rescheduling. Therefore, Airline will reschedule a new flight for the passengers without charging any further fee. 

If passengers cannot reach the airport on time for some reason before the flight departure, they can contact the airline’s customer care service and ask to reschedule their seat for the next flight. 

Note: The airline will keep passengers on the standby list if there are no available seats on the next flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As noted above, airlines allow passengers to reschedule their Emirates Flight only once. Hence passengers should be careful while making the Emirates Reschedule Flight.

Passengers can visit the official website of Emirates Airlines and click on the customer care or helpline number. Therefore, you will be connected to the Airlines Live Agent.